Destination Trail: Tasmania with Troy Brosnan

Feb 25, 2016
by I Am Specialized  

In this episode of Destination Trail, we follow Troy Brosnan to the remote island wilderness of Derby, Tasmania. Jungles, pine forests - this corner of the world checks all of the terrain and flora boxes, and with only a handful of cafes and pubs to keep the isolated locals occupied, an epic trail network seemed only natural. Join Troy and Specialized Australia employee, Patrick Young, as they leave the stress of the professional DH circuit behind in pursuit of loose singletrack, insights into trail building, and all-around good times.

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DT Tas Social 1.jpg
The cabin leads to the trails.
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DT Tas Social Cliplite 3.jpg

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DT Tas Social 2.jpg

MENTIONS: @Specialized


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 I Like seeing videos like this. It reminds me that even at the highest levels of the sport they're still real people who ride because they love it.
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 how can you not invite matt for non-competitive rides.
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 Tasmania is a must ride destination. If you're heading that way and can't bring a bike with you check out Vertigo Bikes. They had really well maintained Norco Sights that were pretty affordable to rent. They also provided great shuttle service and guides. Can't recommend them enough.
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 I approve this post!
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 Looks like a blast.
Couldn't help but notice it looks like they are having fun on. . . Gasp 29ers?????
I kid I kid.
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 They sure look like two nines to me.
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 Wait I thought that 29ers could not turn?
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 They were working hard :-)
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 Cannot wait to ride Derby this weekend! I wrote and shot an article from the Blue Tier a year or so ago documenting the old pre-existing trail that Derby is going to be aligned with. If you're ever in Tassie, let me know and I'll tee you up with some rad trails. YEWWWW
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 Hey man can u like show me some gud trails in tasmazia okay thnx
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 Wicked video really wasnt expecting the inside of the cabin to look like that, defiantly adding Derby to my must ride list
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 Nobody even try to stop this guy from defiantly adding Derby to his must ride list.
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 Believe the hype this place is the business. Had a blast on all the trails .............Hot tip this is the only place to stay 3 minute ride from the trail head and everything you need ......... #Gossygetsitdone
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 Love Derby and North East Tassie! I wrote about our December visit to Derby, unfortunately Blue Tier wasn't finished then. Stacks of fun, really recommend checking it out Smile
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 That was actually pretty rad. His cornering is amazing.
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 I've heard this from so many people, Tassie could be a Mecca.... I can't believe I've never been
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 I live here in Tassie and LOVE it.....
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 Tasmania is so hot right now. So many great trails to ride and more on the way.
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 So much stoke in this video. Now specialized, next stop Toowoomba, with Jared Graves and other South East Queensland trails.....
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 Yea there's so many amazing trails in SEQ, people just flock here to ride them!
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 new specialized kit looks good! those trails look mega fun
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 loose fitting helmet @0:20 :-\
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 yes, saw that! but like seeing him in that matching trail riding kit, looking sharp (at least the first day of filming). vs his sometimes awkward color combo'd dh kits at world cups (and second day of filming).
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 Awesome video! The riding and scenery looks incredible. I would love to check this place out one day. @theminsta you down to join? Smile
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 Sailing for Tassie in 2 weeks- fuckinpumpd!!!!
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 Well damnit. Another place to ride on my bucket list. Gotta work some OT!!
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 I need to visit good ole tassy. Never been in my life even though it's right next to me.
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 I swear it sounds like a jet is passing over them at certain points.
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 Awesome lads. If I won the lottery this would have to be one of the places I visited!
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 The scene when two guys sing in the car is a no no. Too much feels.
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 The stoke is high on this one! Rock on Troy!
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 Planning hitting up Tassie for some trail goodness?
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 wish i had this nice weather right now!
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 Those Tasmanian Devil's!
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 just the dream
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 why is there English subtitles when he is speaking English
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 Coz mate no one understands Straylian cobber.
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 looks so fast.
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 29 or 650b?
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 29 stumpy
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 한국어 자막 감사합니다
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 Nice clips. Haven't seen good edit clips for awhile.
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 Awwww, cute bromance ;-)
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 S works ...
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 Some of the best use of drones Ive seen in a bike vid...usually not a fan
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 Tassie looks sic
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 thats what its all about!
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 Well done to Pat for keeping up with Troy... Fair effort!
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 Troy's a monster.
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 love you ryan
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