Details Announced for 2019 DVO Nevada State Gravity Champs

Jan 1, 2019
by Downhill Mike Scheur  
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PRESS RELEASE: DVO Nevada State Gravity Championship

You may be a mountain biker if the words Downhill, Enduro and Dual Slalom are in your vocabulary. If sunshine, infamous trails and racing in the winter is in your dreams, you may have stumbled upon your picture-perfect news story. The DVO Nevada State Gravity Championship will be one of the first of three race events for the 2019 DVO Winter Gravity Series, Enduro presented by GT Bicycles.

Series event poster by Bryson Martin Jr.
Series event poster by: Bryson Martin Jr.

GT Bicycles will be sponsoring the Enduro race with a $1,000 Pro/Open cash purse. Yep, the Pro and Open has been combined meaning....... No pro license needed to win some GT Enduro cash. All that are racing will also receive 1 raffle ticket for each race they enter for a 2019 GT Sanction frame valued at $2,000!

GT's, Joey Foresta approves!

Youth Discounts
* With the NICA scene just starting to blossom in Southern Nevada, there will be a 20% discount offered for all local NICA racers that pre-register.
* Racers in the 6-10 age bracket that pre-register will receive a 50% discount off of any full price race(s).
* See event WEBSITE for details and unique discount code.

Photo taken by Jim Black during the 2018 DVO Nevada State Gravity Champs.
DVO racer, Ryan Rodriguez with his eyes on the prize. Photo by: Jim Black

Prices increase on January 3rd at midnight. Register HERE for the lowest ticket prices.
GT's Max Shepherd on some typical Bootleg terrain

At all DVO races at Bootleg Canyon, amateurs receive a medal and choice of prizes for placing in the top 3. All pros get cash and medals, with cash going 5-deep and medals going 3-deep. Category choices are Pro, Open, 1 (Expert), 2 (Sport), 3 (Beginner) and with the age brackets, there is competition for every level and skill set.

2018 DVO Nevada State Gravity Championships
Photo by: Jim Black

Race Courses
In past years the race courses were not released until just before the event. Racers wanted that changed and this year all courses are being released asap.
Downhill course is Sidewinder to Snakeback (Poop Chute for Cat 1,Pro and Open) to the newly improved jump park and finishing in the race village.

Stage 1 Enduro course is Boyscout to Inner Caldera counter clockwise ending before major climbing (about half way through Inner Caldera).
Stage 2 Enduro course is West Leg over the Saddle to Mother back towards the bathroom to Desert Cruise finishing at Lazy Man's connector.
Stage 3 Enduro course is East Leg to the race village finish. The Juniors, Cat 2 and Cat 3 will be skipping the last section on East Leg and dropping down to Girlscout and re-connecting to share the finish with the other categories in race village.

Race courses for the 2019 DVO Nevada State Gravity Champs
The 2nd half of stages 1 and 2 have never been raced on before!
Prices increase on January 3rd at midnight. Register HERE for the lowest ticket prices.

Starting on Friday January 18th with shuttles, open practice on all race courses and even a DVO sponsored Happy Hour from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, organizers hope all take advantage of the extra day of fun. Yep, a Happy Hour on Friday is included with this year’s registration. All 21 and older can have their choice of beer and those under 21 will have several non-alcoholic choices.

2019 DVO Nevada State Gravity Champs

Friday's are perfect for checking out the race courses slowly and inspecting every inch of trail, or just hanging with your buds on your bike, in the winter, on a mountain.

Racing starts at 9:00 am on Saturday with a 3-stage Enduro presented by, GT Bicycles. The Pro and Open categories will be combined, so if you want to try to win some cash, no Pro license is required. $1,000 goes to the pro cash purse with equal pay-outs for women and men as well as a USA Cycling State Championship medal. All amateurs that place in the top 3 will receive prizes and a USA Cycling State Championship medal.

2017 DVO Reaper Madness Enduro
Start times, cut-off times and distances are approximations and may have to be adjusted.

The Dual Slalom race starts immediately after the Enduro race at approximately 2:00 pm. Award ceremony for Saturday’s races will be held just after the Dual Slalom race ends and all in the top 3 will win USA Cycling State Championship medals as well as cash, or a prize. With shuttles running until 4:00 pm, we hope you have saved some energy for the 7:00 pm Supercross party at the host hotel, The Hoover Dam Lodge.

By popular demand and the use of online polls, shuttles start at 7:30 am for day of open practice and the main Downhill race will start on Sunday at 10:00 am. There will be a $2,000 pro cash purse provided by DVO Suspension that will offer equal pay-outs and pay 5-deep. This early start will allow for awards to be finished before 2:00 pm for all that wish to get a jump start on their drive back home. For the hard-core racers, shuttles will continue until 4:00 pm.

Photo by: Jim Black

We hope this gives you an idea on anything but a typical and always improving DVO Bootleg Canyon gravity weekend. We almost forgot to mention the free on-site camping, your favorite sponsors and food vendors all weekend long!

Photo by: Phil Beckman

Prices increase on January 3rd at midnight. Register HERE for the lowest ticket prices.
Please visit the Official Event Website for more details on this event and the rest of the series
(DVO Mob n Mojave and the DVO Reaper Madness).

GT's, Joey Foresta

A huge thanks goes out to the late Brent Thomson for having the vision, passion, strength and friends for making these mountain bike trails. Also, not possible without the Boulder City Parks Department, DVO Suspension, GT Bicycles, All Mountain Cyclery, MJT Designs, ODI Grips, Box Components, KHS Bicycles, BikeFlights, Trucker Co, Fly Racing, Deity Components, Kore North, Ford Motor Co and Kali Protectives.

MENTIONS: @downhillmike


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 I don't like it.... I LOVE it. If you can be fast there you can be fast anywhere and it's definitely the place i make sure I put on my big girl panties before i ride..... See you boys and girls in 2 weeks!
  • 6 0
 Who doesn’t like riding in a cheese grater?? Especially one that looks like mars... bootleg is epic
  • 5 0
 Interesting thing will be to see how many pros Foresta & Suetos beat when they're battling for the Jr crown.
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  • 3 2
 This is an honest question. I rode girl scout, inner caldera, west leg, and mother. I found none of them to be enjoyable. Are the dh trails fun or something?
  • 8 0
 It sounds to me like they would be way too dangerous for you.
  • 3 0
 You might like riding at southridge this winter
  • 4 0
 You answered your own question. Something. I have a question- why is everyone into big fake boobs? Are they fun or something?
  • 2 0
 The Enduro stages should start from the top or at least one stage, Bootleg only has a max vertical of 800ft
  • 1 0
 Top?? Boyscout top? Or top-top?? Snake back??
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 We do have some stages planned down the front side for the DVO Mob in February and for the DVO Reaper in March. We may even have a 4th stage that would be Pro only for the finals? The February course map is on our website now.
Thanks everyone and we hope to see you soon.
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 @downhillmike: this was a ? For logan. Just curious if he s gonna go full-enduro or half-send? Wanted to make sure I’m on the right hill w my bullhorn so I can do full play by play in real-time.
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 Yes!!!! Agreed 100%
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 The Max Sheperd picture - I can't even count how many people I've watched tip over off of that off-camber section.
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