Details Announced for Ard Dales Enduro

Jan 23, 2020
by ArdEvents  


Ard Rock has built a reputation for delivering some of the best enduro events around, and we are proud to announce a brand new location for 2020. Launching on April 25-26th, the new event, Ard Dales, will kick start the season with totally new trails and terrain, but the same legendary atmosphere and fun back at the event village.

The event is based in Nidderdale, an area with a rich history in mountain biking and one that’s hosted both National and Regional level DH races in the past. The area’s steep valley sides offer a good mixture of terrain, and riders can expect everything from virgin loam to steep, rocky woods and flow trails. The Ard Dales trails will be purpose-built or tweaked especially for the event by some of the country’s best trail builders and feature access to private land with big height drops.

Top notch stages will feature a mix of man-made and natural terrain

The brand new event is open to all and will dish out a challenging course that’s not so technical or difficult most experienced riders can’t totally enjoy their weekend. Plus, once riders survive the Ard Dales steeps and physicality of the long loop, there’s the chance to enjoy live music, DJs and the best beer and wicked street food back at base.

Varied terrain and expertly built tracks.

Ard Dales is family-friendly too, with the Nidderdale Showground that's open to everyone from the local community and beyond offering cool activities for all ages like the Hope Academy Kid’s Track and an inflatable airbag and jump opportunity. The site has superb camping facilities with proper toilets, and we’ve handpicked brands to deliver the best food and drink as well.

Survive the Ard Dales steeps and the physicality and enjoy live music, DJs and the best beer and wicked street food back at base.

What can riders expect?

• Virgin loam and steep, rocky woods mixed with flow trails. The trails purpose-built or tweaked especially for the event by some of the country’s best trail builders.
• One-off access to private land. Big height drops. A mix of rocky, wooded and open terrain.
• A challenging course that’s not so technical or difficult most experienced riders can’t enjoy the weekend.
• Hope Academy Kid’s Track and family entertainment.
• Evening entertainment, bike activities and fun races.
• Fully signed top-quality timed enduro stages.
• Industry-leading SportIdent Air timing with real-time results.
• A challenging loop in beautiful Dales’ countryside.
• Superb camping facilities with proper toilets and the best food and drink at the Nidderdale Showground

Just outside the event base, there’s plenty going on in the picturesque market town of Pateley Bridge (we’re honoured to have hosting the event) for friends and family who might not be racing as well.

Full information is over on the Ard Dales page


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 As good as it sounds, that's £80 plus £20 for weekend camping. £100. Have a word.
  • 13 1
 Agreed, think I'll spend that on a couple days uplift instead
  • 5 1
 Not cheap but amazing trails, alot on private land that can't be ridden outside of the events. Always felt like the events offer good value for money.
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 @AidanWilson: I'm not disputing the quality of trails and that they can't normally be ridden. I did the first 2 ard rocks and I think it was £50 to enter and now that's up to £80. I'd rather pay £50 and do without a Foo Fighters covers band on the Saturday night
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 My thoughts exactly, way too expensive for what it is
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 I agree, it looks to be like we are paying for a festival rather than an Enduro, but I guess that's what they are selling. However other big races are around £20 cheaper and do also provide entertainment (including a free beer) in the evening and camping facilities included.

Not one for me I'm afraid.
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 @JosHan: never been, but from experience the food and drinks won't be cheap either, captive audiences always get ripped off.
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 @pigman65: I hate the Foo Fighters. I'd rather have a Biggie Smalls impersonator.

Anyway I've got a question. On the map just near here there is a place called "Darley Supersonic Bike Park". Just behind the Menwith Hill Intelligence Gathering Facility.

Does anyone local know anything about that? I can't find anything about it on the internet and when I went, it looked like it was down a gated private road on the other side of a truck depot.
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 @jaame: My guess is it's private land, certainly looks like it.
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 The early Ard Rocks very brilliant small scale intimate affairs. Now it's big bucks with way too many people and too much money behind it. Not for me.
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 Ard rock was great for the first few it's just a big corporate event.
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 Interesting to see the comments here. I have a new small enduro/downhill mini event in Yorkshire which was only launched last year, more of a mates race but with some good local sponsors and low rider numbers, result was an intimate chilled out day with an awesome vibe, feedback from all couldn't have been better. Tongduro will be on Saturday 13th June, entries are limited to 100, price is £40 but that also includes free camping on the Friday and Saturday nights. The 'Ard' guys have created a great brand and series of events so hats off to them for doing that, everyone speaks very highly of them, problem with growth comes increased overheads which obviously needs to be recovered, so long as there is value at the event and everyone enjoys then its the individuals measure of what is worth paying for!
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 They are epic events, you get what you pay for....
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 Virgin Loam...for the first man through maybe, but nobody else....
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 Good one. I didn't think of that. Sloppy seconds, sloppy thirds, sloppy fourths etc...
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 Pricey but get to the Shimano/SRAM stands for a free service and start making your money back!
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 April in Yorkshire for £100? No thanks.
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 Am I reading that right?Practice Saturday,party Saturday night,then ride/race Sunday?
  • 8 8
 2 weekends before my wedding, couldnt get a pass for this one to make it all three 'Ard events this year.

1 like = 1 prayer
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 How come it hasn't sold out yet?
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 I agree about the price but if it's as good as ard moors then it's fine by me.

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