Details Announced for GraVity Card - Access 21 Parks in 6 Countries With One Pass

May 27, 2020
by rasoulution  
Bike Republic S lden Photo by Wayne Reich


The Mountain Bike season is finally picking up speed! Most bike parks will open their gates during the upcoming days and weeks and riders are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to start their hunt to collect descents. In a number of bike parks, riders can already battle the Corona blues with some much-needed riding. When asked about maximum variety and endless shredding, there is only one answer this year: the GraVity Card, with more than 170 trails in 21 bike parks and enduro areas across six countries. The season ticket for Europe's leading bike parks also takes into account the special situation we are currently in and responds with a special Covid-19 regulation for summer 2020.

Bikepark Schladming Photo by Dagmar Gressenbauer

“May makes everything new,” goes an old saying. This is particularly true for the Mountain Bike community this year, because the silver lining on the horizon is within reach: just in time for the Pentecost weekend, you can once again shred to your heart’s content in the Austrian bike parks. And while the Swiss parks follow a week later, German bike parks have already opened and guarantee first-class biking pleasure in conjunction with the GraVity Card. But that's not all: with the GraVity Card you have access to fast flow trails, technical downhill tracks and big jump lines in 21 parks and enduro areas in Germany, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Bikepark Wurbauerkogel Photo by Roland Haschka
Bikepark Petzen Photo by Leopold Hermann

In order for the bike season to be a complete success under the given circumstances, there will be a special Covid-19 regulation for summer 2020. Tickets purchased in advance can be canceled and fully refunded if they have not been used. In addition, there will be a graduated discount on the purchase of the Gravity Card if less than 50 percent of the bike parks are open by the end of June, or the end of July. You can find details regarding the special regulation at:

Kornel Grundner, spokesman for the GraVity Parks, is convinced of the success of the 2020 bike season: “Now that we have a clear roadmap for summer 2020 and the great uncertainty of the past few months has disappeared, everyone within the GraVity Card team is very confident about what’s in store for the mountain bike season – given that everyone within the bike sport follows the government health guidelines. With the special arrangement for a possible refund, we have found a good solution that suits all Gravity fans. The run on the bike shops in recent weeks shows that the bike industry is on the upswing again, which will surely be transferred to tourism, the bike parks and of course the GraVity Card.”

Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Photo by Richard Bos rasoulution

170 trails in 21 bike parks and enduro areas in six countries – here are all the parks:

The Epic Bikepark Leogang

Saalbach Hinterglemm

Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis


Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

Bikepark Brandnertal

Bike Republic Sölden

3 Länder Enduro Trails Reschenpass

Bad Kleinkirchheimer Flow Country Trail

Bikepark Innsbruck

Bikepark Tirol

Bikepark Winterberg

MTB-Zone Geisskopf

Bikepark Spicak

Bikepark Wurbauerkogl

Bikepark Semmering

Bike Park Kranjska Gora

Bike Park Krvavec

MTB-Zone Bikepark Willingen

MTB-Zone Bikepark Petzen

Bikepark Pohorje

Bikepark Maribor Photo by Jo t Gantar

For more information about the GraVity Card, please check out:
GraVity Card Facebook
GraVity Card Instagram

Photo Credits by ©Wayne Reich, ©Dagmar Gressenbauer, ©Roland Hascka, ©Leopold Hermann, ©Richard Bos/raoulution, ©Jošt Gantar


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 If it's anything like what happened to the ski industry out in the US - this may not be a good thing? Ski resorts have essentially gone to a sort of "disney world" or "six flags" model where they really realllllly want you to buy the multi-resort annual passes so they price the single day lift tickets super high. A single day lift ticket at mammoth mountain in california for ski is $150. You can get an annual pass that included mammoth and maybe 12ish other mtns in the US for somewhere around $650 a year. hoping this doesn't mean that single day ticket prices are going to start spiking...

Also - this makes me want to fly with my bike aboard even more! Would be incredible!
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 US and Canadian lift tickets are skyrocketing since Vail started buying up the resorts and pumping ticket prices. Comparatively European resorts like Portes Du Soliel are still €45 per day for access to waaaaay more terrain that north American resorts. I think it's a cultural difference, with a lot of the towns and resorts existing in Europe long before mountain sports were popular so the locals still have a large influence on how they are run and pricing etc
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 I feel for you. My $99 epic pass keeps me warm at night. I just need vail to incorporate it into their summers and then I’ll be set
  • 3 0
 We've had mtbParks for a few years now in the states, and that hasn't happened yet...

I was wondering what happened to skiing though; I got out of it for a couple years, then tickets were like 4x what they were when I left even for local hills that no one would bother making a trip for.
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 @Weens: 3rd generation kids is what happened to my local hill. No passion for the sport besides the income
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 Day ticket prices in the U.S. reached the point of extreme long before the Epic pass.
  • 7 0
 You can thank the practice of Revenue Growth Management for the brilliant insight that most one-time visitors will *think* they’ll visit enough times to pay for a basic pass that “pays for itself” with 1-2 more visits. The buyers who will not use passes multiple times will far outweigh those who get value from the bundles.

Amusement parks have known this for awhile, most destinations are now onboard (museums, zoos, heck even Legoland!) and discount airlines were starting to really push all-you-can-fly packages pre-covid.

The next trend will be Uber-stratification of packages to up sell further a la subscription software... cheapest passes exclude peak holidays, premium passes incl parking... in the long run heavy users get marginal value and occasional users spend more.
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 That’s crazy expensive!!
  • 3 0
 Actually, daily ski pass prices at mammoth vary depending on conditions and time of the season, and can actually run upwards of $200.
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 @lloydyb: 45 euros is about 68 cannuck-bucks, so directly comparable to a full-price lift ticket in the Whistler bike park. Not familar with Euro bike parks but a quick scan shows that the 4 resorts linked up total about 50 DH tracks; that's similar to WB, and while I bet there are some great tracks I'm skeptical that they are as consistent as Whistler. TBH I don't have any first hand experience and could be blowing smoke so YMMV...
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 @plyawn: That's for winter pass. Whistler is probably double that, 130-ish?
  • 2 0
 @pourquois-pas: You mean, like my gym membership?
  • 2 0
 @void: walk up to ticket window in winter at whistler and its over $200 per day. It was headimg that way before vail was involved though.
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 @plyawn: daily ticket for portes du soleil (les gets, morzine, avoriaz, chatel, champery,...) is 29€ (44cad).. The trails are probably not as consistent as Whistler (you should also notice each of these resorts has its own crew) but then you get variety... and there are some epic lines like 2 WC DH tracks, vink line, pleney etc... weekly pass is around 130€ i think, so overall not too bad of a price
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 @plyawn: Those are winter prices mate. Summer is about €29 per day and a PDS season pass is about half that of Whis. Been lucky enough to ride both quite a lot and unfortunately PDS isn't a touch on Whis - especially when you take Squamish and Pemberton into account - but it has improved a lot in the past 10 years since the French realised there is good money to be made from the summer season. Think this is the first year lifts (were) scheduled to be open past mid August into September
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 @plyawn: Whistler used to be about $100 for a winter day pass back in 2010, now its closer to $150
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 @lloydyb: When you consider inflation and the investment in the park that really isn't that bad.
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 @lloydyb: Niseko Japan resorts were $50/day for lift tickets. Nice hostels were $75 a night and included breakfast.. full meal on the hill and a beer about $12. 4 days of Japow total cost incl travel vs 4 days in a CO or CA resort it is an absolute no brainer..
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 @bulletbassman: The only (winter) difference I can tell in 10 years is the Symphony lift on Whis and few of the clapped lifts on Blackcomb have been replaced. Oh and the Blackcomb gondi that always breaks. Not sure that equates to a $50 per day increase in price, but Vail think so
  • 1 0
 @lloydyb: Not trying to imply they haven't raised the price but several lifts definitely aren't cheap. Speaking it's their primer location I would say vail is gouging Whistler a whole lot less than they are gouging some of their other acquisitions. Atleast when it comes to lift passes.
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 @void: no it's the other way. ski/board day pass is way more expensive than biking.

>> opps we're talking mis-matched seasons. The only one I care about is summer bike park prices!!
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 @winko: 130 for a week is a good deal. a 5-day Whistler bike park is 350+ so more than 50% more after exchange
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 @lloydyb: my bad. Thought we were both talking summer time (ya know the right time). Winter lift tickets are re-donkulous; after you factor in the full cost I have no idea how families afford to ski.
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 @plyawn: he's talking about a winter lift pass.

Summer passes are between 15 and 25 euros usually, which is still way cheaper than Whistler.
However for the quality of the trails I would choose WBP or Silver Star over any French bike park any day (I haven't been to Switzerland Germany or Austria so I can't include them).
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 499 Euros. 83 euro per country, 24 euro per park, 3 euro per trail. Seems a good deal if you have enough weekends to go riding!
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 It kind of doesn't, though, if you take closer look.

Day ticket is €45 in Saalbach/Leogang, €41 in Soelden, €39.50 in Serfaus, same in Lenzerheide and even less than that in most of the other places: €34 in Semmering, €27 in Kranjska Hora, €26 (!!!) in Spicak. So given the average of 35-40-ish it'll take 13-14 trips to make it barely a deal.

Now, how many of us go over dozen times a year to go biking in Alps? Unless you live next door to any of those places this doesn't sound realistic(((
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 @Toutacoup: I think it's primarily aimed at people from central europe like myself, rather than riders from other european countries, and with the recent gain in popularity of mountainbiking, I think they'll sell quite a few
  • 2 0
 @Toutacoup: A season pass at Whistler is about the same ~ dozen days to break even. Unless you're a local or from Vancouver and live to bike there in the summer it's a wash. Skiing is even worse
  • 1 0
 @Toutacoup: and 27 euro in portes du soleil, alpe d'huez, etc...
  • 1 0
 @Toutacoup: Plus for many of these places a 2 or 3 day trip makes sense further lowering the day rate
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 Until last year Saalbach was free BTW. This is only for folks that go riding in these parks every weekend, and still it leaves questions as some of those are very boring.
And: most are closed end of September, and travel to CZ is still not allowed from Germany.
But for sure it might suit some and it helps the parks.
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 I want a good guide of good bike parks. Places like chatel, morzine, evo bikepark...And how to plan your roadtrip with tips is welcome too. My biggest concern is wasting days driving to next bikepark then getting there just to find out is full braking holes and not taken care like andorra. Swiss parks like chur are amazing but tiny and expensive to get there then drive back again to french alps.
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 Schladming seriously upgraded their trails, huge overhaul.
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 There is a similar pass for NA. One free trip per park and 50% off after that.
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 Begging for a road trip!!!
  • 2 0
 Where's Fontucky in the list??
  • 2 0
 POOR ARTICLE// Not even the Price mentionned?????
  • 1 0
 Am I the only one wondering why the price remains unchanged, even though the season is cut by a third or so?
  • 1 0
 Road trip sounds great, though I wouldn't hold too much hope of being able to cross all the borders this summer
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 Good to see this type of cooperation [thumbs:up]
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 big mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • 1 0
  • 1 3
 Valid from 04.04.2020 - 08.11.2020 .. meaning 8th of october or 11th of august? Could be a dealbreaker
  • 5 0
 October as it’s will be a European date format
  • 15 0
 Maybe 8th of November instead Smile
  • 1 0
 @citrushelm: thank you for the nice correction here....
  • 7 9
 Never had a desire to live in Europe...until now!
  • 8 0
 best thing is we can eat shit in the bikeparks and still have enough money left over to buy a new bike after we're out of hospital Wink

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