Details Announced for Gravity Enduro Series 2021 - Carrick, Wicklow

Aug 31, 2021
by Yaroslav Alpizar  

PRESS RELEASE: Vitus Gravity Enduro Series 2021

Welcome to Vitus Bikes Gravity Enduro Round 4 to take place in Carrick Mountain. This is our last event for 2021 but hey, it's been really great to be back at it! A big shout out to our title sponsors Vitus Bikes who have been so supportive again this year.

Carrick Mountain is not an unknown place to Irish riders and neither for international riders, it was the selected location of 3 straight EWS races in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and is where the local hero Greg Callaghan won back to back events cementing his name on the list of the EWS winners and into the Irish mountain bike scene. This event is also an EWS Qualifier for 2022, any rider hoping to collect EWS Global Ranking points will need to have an EWS membership. Points will not be assigned retroactively if riders purchase the membership after the race.

Most of the main riders that you find on the local Irish podiums will not be present on this race as they will be racing in the EWS in France. So is a good opportunity for the underdogs to grab some good points for the EWS2022 and climb to the top of the podium. Past year race was under perfect conditions but weather predictions seems to be the usual rainy summer so be prepared! This weekend race will follow a similar race structure as the one adopted in Djouce Woods. Three stages, any order, ride them as many times as you like within your allocated time of 4.5 hours. Your fastest time on each stage is added together for your overall race time. The route is approximately 15km long. Find the route details on the competitors note.

Let's have a good craic lads! photos Adrian van der Lee

When on location please follow some basic rules so we are allowed to come back the following years to this great place. Leave no trace in the parking field, there will be animals grazing in it on Monday morning.
- Driving to race village: Please drive extra slow to and from the parking field, its a narrow lane with lots of nice neighbors. We want to come back next year so lets make a statement and take extra care.
- Please follow the transition signs to the stages, do not take alternative routes, the transition route has been chosen in the interest of safety to minimize the number of stage crossings.

As per the race, you will have bellow the full competitors note but be aware of:
- Mandatory Kit: First aid kit, spare tune and multi tool are being checked so please don't chance turning up without one.
- You will receive your number plate, timing chip and lunch at registration, 5 minutes before your start time. There is no need to arrive any earlier. Please remember to wear a mask at registration. Your time starts when you depart the race village, so be ready to ride!

We've decided to stop printing out the notes and maps, so save the link for reference on the weekend.

Wishing you all the best, enjoy the event!
The Team

COMPETITOR NOTES: Vitus Bikes Gravity Enduro Ireland Round 4
Venue: Carrick, Wicklow Date: 4th & 5th September 2021

Safety Carry your mobile phone when riding. Please save the following mobile phone number which you can call in case of emergency.
Calling with an Irish phone 0834173899
Calling with a foreign phone 00353834173899
You are considered a travelling marshal, so please do your best to assist an injured competitor.

Event Schedule: Saturday and Sunday
- Registration: 09.25 - 11.55
- Race Depart: 09.30 - 12.00
- Cut off: 4.5 hours from your start time

Racing and Results The route is approximately 14km long. There are 3 timed stages; competitors are not timed on transition sections.
- Warning: there are some very steep descents on the route.
- Competitors are set off at 20 second intervals. If there is no major queue at the top of the stage, relax, take your time and go when you like.
- In the interest of safety and to reduce queues, you will have a maximum of 4.5 hours to complete the event.
- There will be no results screen at the Finish so that we can avoid folk crowding round the screen. Mobile signal permitting, your result will be uploaded to the web within 5 minutes of you finishing and by scanning the QR Code on the splits print you are given, you will see live results on your phone at: Saturday and Sunday

Race Depart
- Please ensure you are at the start area 5 minutes before your departure time. There is no need to queue up earlier.
- You do not need to ride as a group.
- Please keep your distance from each other during the event

Registration and Timing
- Please select your start time and sign-on online, see separate email previously sent.
- You cannot ride the course without a number plate.
- Timing chips will be given out in the morning after bike scrutiny.
- Your timing chip should be worn on your left wrist.
- At the start and finish of the stages there is an exclusion zone. If you enter this point the timing chip will be activated and the clock starts ticking. Only enter this zone if you are ready to start your stage.
- The event organizers accept no responsibility with respect to lost timing chips.
- The timing system is accurate to 1 thousand of a second. In the event of a tie, the competitor with the fastest final stage or preceding stage is the fastest.
- Please wear your face covering at Registration, carry your face covering during the race so that you can put it on between the Finish and collecting your splits print. As cases of COVID-19 increase, it is quite possible that someone at the event will have contracted the disease. It is essential that we protect the SPORTident Timing Team because if they are legally required to self-isolate, the success of forthcoming events will be placed in jeopardy and some of the events they support will not be able to take place

Bike Scrutiny In the interest of safety bikes must be in perfect working order and will be checked on race day before depart. Bikes that do not meet the minimum standard will not be allowed on course. This will be enforced by the Commissaire.
- All bikes must have bar plugs
- Brakes- firm lever and good pad condition
- Wheels- true with no loose spokes or holes in tires
- Headset tight and suspension in good working order

Time Penalties
- Changing bike or major part of bike. 5 min penalty
- Not wearing, strap not buckled or removal of helmet. 1st offence 5 min penalty, 2nd offence disqualification
- Failure to adhere to practice bans. 5 min penalty
- Outside assistance e.g. receiving food, clean goggles etc. 5 min penalty
- Outside assistance from an e-bike rider e.g. Towing etc. 5 min penalty for both riders
- Use of uplifts. 5 min penalty
- Course cutting. 5 min penalty
- Exceeding cut off time limit. 1 sec penalty for every minute over limit.
- Rolling start. 1 min penalty
- Failure to carry mandatory kit. 5 min penalty
- Not displaying or modifying number board. 5 min penalty
- Aggressive riding or trick acting in race village. 1st offence warning, 2nd offence 5 min penalty
- Foul or abusive language towards race officials. Disqualification
- Failure to obey marshal's instructions. Disqualification
- Interference of the track layout by removal of rocks, branches etc. 5 min penalty
- Use of a second e-bike battery. Disqualification.

Mandatory Kit List
- You must wear a full face helmet on the stages. A full face or standard helmet should be worn on the climbs. Gloves, knee and elbow protection are recommended but not compulsory. A five minute time penalty applies if you are reported not wearing a helmet.
- You must bring all mandatory equipment with you throughout the race. Pre-race, during and post races checks will be undertaken. Time penalties will be imposed for missing mandatory kit so please ensure you comply in the interest of safety and fairness.
- Mobile phone
- Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); bandage, plasters) and survival bag or foil blanket
- Energy food and drink
- Wind/ Waterproof Top (weather permitting)
- Bike repair kit (tube, pump or CO2 canisters, allen keys, chain tool)
- It is advised that you use a small rucksack or suitable bag to carry above items. You may also secure items to your bike

Lunch, Food and Drinks
Please respect the environment and other mountain users and do not litter. Lunch will be given out at registration and you should carry this with you where possible. It contains a wrap, chocolate bar, fruit and water. This is included in your entry fee. There will be toilets provided in the race village only.

Rider Etiquette
- Respect other forest users.
- Slower riders must give way to faster riders coming behind them. A polite shout by the approaching rider and the slower rider must pull in and leave a clear line for the faster rider to pass.
- If you have a mechanical failure during a stage, please carry out the repair off track.
- All roads and trails are open. The public have been informed with notices but bear it in mind that you may meet other forest users on transition stages. We are sharing the mountain so please be polite and respect their day out.
- Leave no trace in the forest and in the parking field.

By entering the event you agree to abide by the rules of the event. This document is not a copy of the rules. See full rules on

Finally we would like to thank Coillte for granting permission for the event, all the local riders and clubs who have developed the trails over the years, without them this event simply wouldn’t be possible.

MENTIONS: @VitusBikes / @trailforks

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 Enjoy all who race, ride her like you stole her, keep it rubber side down.

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