Details Announced for Shotgun Kids MTB Seat

May 31, 2019
by Dan Necklen  
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PRESS RELEASE: Shotgun Kids MTB Seat

With Danny Mac recently going full-send with a kids trailer in tow, there seems to be renewed interest in the whole concept of mountain biking with kids – minus the backflips.

The first thing you'll notice about our Shotgun Kids MTB Seat is that it has no harness. So rather than transporting your little person around like a piece of luggage, your child will actually need to be alert and engaged in riding with you – which is why they need to be at least 2 years old.

The shotgun seat is fully adjustable to fit all mountain bikes, and has moulded rubber padding to protect your carbon dream machine. And it's quick release. You can fit and remove the seat without leaving a clamp or adaptor on your bike. Perhaps a bonus for MTB Mom and Dad's who want to share the duties.



And if you’re looking for the full experience, there’s also a set of mini-handlebars available – otherwise your kid can hold onto the middle of your bars, or fight you for your grips.

However you slice it, there's an increasing number of options for riding with kids – meaning there's (almost) no excuse not to hit the trails with your little person.

The shotgun seat is now available in North America and Europe. More info at

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 I dig these kinds of products. My 2yr old daughter rides with me often and we head up to fun flow trails, find a cool log and have picnic at the top of the trailheads before heading back down and she loves it. Beats getting a makeover every time. The concern I have with the brand I bought is that she will grow out of it soon - legs are getting cramped and then a 45mm stem means she is right on the bars. This one seems to have the reach sorted.
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 Looks like a Mac Ride, but worse.
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 I agree. I have the Mac Ride and it is awesome. This looks like dents and scratches on the frame for sure.
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 @n8dawg82: I like your engineer attitude. You immediately see dents and scratches just from pictures Smile
I've got him over a year and no marks on my bikes at all. Had few troubles fit it on Patrol (different tube sizes and shapes) but on my steel frame with round tubes it's perfect. Even pumptrack and smaller drops are no problem at all.
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 @Kubajz84: The problem with these frame mounted seats is exactly what you described. Square, oversized, ovoid, odd shaped tubes someties don't work well for them.

I run Mac Rides because I can still use them with my dropper and it doesn't matter what shape/size/material my top tube is. I can still confidently toss a 35lbs child onto my bike to ride with me w/o wondering if the seat will hold.

The only knock on the Mac Ride (aside from price) is inability to change the angle of the kid's saddle.
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 @Kubajz84: That's where the Mac Ride excels. Since it doesn't touch the frame at all, there is zero chance of damaging the frame plus it's rock solid. I can swap it between any of 3 bikes in about 15 seconds. This thing though is only as secure as how tight you're prepared to clamp it presumably...

I totally agree with hirschmj, it just looks worse. No way on earth would I strap this to my Patrol Carbon. The Mac Ride however? No wozzers mate!

But where both Mac Ride and this fail, there is no provision for 35mm bars. Mac Ride mini grips won't go on mine, plus the Shotgun mini bar looks ace, but alas no 35mm option!
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 @veero: Hi guys, Dan here from Shotgun – thanks for your comments above. Mac-ride is a great product, I created the shotgun seat because it wouldn't fit my bike as I'd cut down my steerer. We now have thousands of customers with carbon frames, and have had no issues – but appreciate it's down to personal preference and what everyone is comfortable with. @Kubajz84 we have 35mm handlebars available shortly. Cheers, Dan
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Thanks for chiming in. I'm in need of a second seat for my other bike, so I might consider the shotgun.

It does look better than the Doolittle.
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 @kidsrideshotgun: Sure thing, I don't doubt it. I already have the Mac Ride before seeing this, but I still think I would have gone for the Mac Ride, I'm sure it would be fine, but I just couldn't tolerate any wear marks at all on my frame. You guys nailed it with the mini-bar though, as soon as the 35mm one is available it'll be on order. Also you guys nailed the distro, free UK P&P. It does still cost an arm and a leg to get the Mac Ride over here.
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 @veero: Thanks mate, appreciate that. Will announce on FB and IG once the 35mm's are available. Great to hear the free UK P&P is a winner. Cheers, Dan
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 I know back rack child seats are a bad idea and this seems only slightly less bad.
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 cool name though love the Mac Ride
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 what if he sends x-ups?

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