Details Announced for MTB Equity Coach Coalition Webinar

Oct 16, 2020
by Kat Sweet  
Coach Morris photo by Cole Gregg


Goal: increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the mountain bike world
How: fundraise and commit to inviting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to mountain bike programs in 2021
What: informational webinar
When: Monday, October 26 - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM PST
Where: Sign up here!

The MTB Equity Coach Coalition is inviting all mountain bike coaches to join us to make mountain biking a more inclusive sport. There aren’t a lot of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) included in or represented in mountain biking. By uniting the network of mountain bike coaches from around the world, we can make some real social change in each of our communities.

Our goal this year is to assemble a group of coaches to fundraise and invite 1,000 people who are BIPOC to try out mountain biking in 2021, through participation in skills camps, clinics, and other programs. Each coach that chooses to join will receive a toolbox for action, including fundraising support from the Be Good Foundation, written templates, programming ideas for professional coaches and business owners, advice on other DEI efforts, plus an amazing support network of like-minded MTB coaches working towards real change. We need each other and our communities need us!

On Monday, October 26 we will be hosting a webinar via Zoom for anyone interested to learn more. Sign up here!

bigquotesI’m thrilled to be uniting our coach friends across the globe to make social change. Mountain biking has brought so much to my life; the beauty of the outdoors, the adrenaline of pushing limits, the strength physically and mentally to overcome barriers, a community of amazing people, and the pure necessity of fun. I would love for more people of color to have the opportunity to be a part of this great sport.Kat Sweet, founder of Sweetlines and head of the MTB Equity Coach Coalition

bigquotesThe MTB Equity Coalition’s efforts are directly aligned with the Be Good Foundation’s goal of enriching communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution. As such, I am thrilled to be providing a fundraising platform and support to the inspiring coaches who are stepping-up to make a difference.Rebecca Rusch, Founder, Be Good Foundation

The mountain bike has PROVEN it can bring people together from all different backgrounds, ages, interests, skills, abilities, and wheel sizes. Let's do more to keep inviting everyone.

If you want to make change in your community, come to the webinar.

Coach Morris following Collin down Honey Badger at Duthie. Photo by Cole Gregg


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 If you're a young person trying to figure stuff out and you don't see anyone who looks like you in a sport I have to think a lot of the time you're going to assume it's just not something for you. This is especially true if you're not seeing older siblings, friends, kids on the block participating in it.

It's not a 1:1 comparison but look at the growth of women riders in the last 7-10 years for example (look at the whistler opening day statistics collected by PB)- this has to be at least partially related to the equal coverage that women riders receive in the media, as well as aspiring women riders seeing other ladies out there enjoying it. Yes, anyone has the option of going to a store and buying a bike and getting out there, but a lot of people are missing out on this. It doesn't hurt to get more people riding.
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 This times 10000.
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 You have heard it here - People who are not white can't do anything unless they see other not white people doing it. This thinking is white supremacy with a truck load of guilt hauled along with it.
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 @JoshieK: Dude. Stop. Grow up.
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 @LA-Law: I can't here you over all your racial supremacism.
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 Since I am person of color, do I get free bike or lifetime access to all the parks... the diversity is due to economic status which impacts and applies to all races. Your focus should not be on POC, but out reach to low poverty areas.
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 Simply promoting the sport to other human beings is all that is needed here. If cultures with low participation rates show interest in cycling, there's nothing stopping them from riding. Most could care less about skin colour.
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 It sounds like you think equality is better than equity??? If we don’t have equal representation of every race, gender and non-gender in mountain biking then the “smart” white people will have failed in their goals of getting everyone to do what they think they should be doing. We can’t let people decide for themselves what they think is the best way to enjoy their free time, not when there are over-educated people without real jobs fully capable of thinking for the “less fortunate” among us. One day we will live in a perfectly equitable society where every race, gender and non-gender will be represented in every possible sport, job and income bracket whether those people want to participate or not...that’s what we call freedom!
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Here’s a fun article about why we need equity over equality, in the most gender-equal countries women choose not to work in STEM fields, we cannot have women choosing whatever types of jobs they would like to Work in, can we???
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 I am going to get downvoted to oblivion, but I appreciate these comments on Pinkbike. Society is too quick to blame everything on racism.

As someone of Asian descent, there are no Asians in:

WC DH - but I enjoy it and follow my favorite riders who are all not Asian
American Pro Sports - but I enjoy it and follow my favorite athletes who are all not Asian
Pinkbike Academy - but I enjoy it and I am rooting for someone to get a pro contract even though none of them are Asian

I don't look at those items above and see anything wrong. Asians are not represented because we are simply not qualified yet or choose to do other things. I want my daughters to be WC DH racers, but at the end of the day, I know they have the opportunity to do whatever they want to do, and that is the most important thing.
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 @retswen: If the answer to a question isn’t obvious then why not blame it on racism? It’s just like how members of my family can’t understand the most basic scientific answers to their questions, so they just attribute the answer to god or satan...
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 That should be, Couldn't care less. What you put means they do care, at least a little. Although I agree with the sentiment. I think the biggest barrier is cost and that wealth disparities are going to be a larger factor at stopping people trying than race. Most of the races/cultures that don't participate as much in MTB also have lower attendance to just about all countryside sports. Maybe the countryside has the problem, not us bikers, or maybe it's just down to cultural trends. Same reason we don't see many white European NBA players!
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 Great initiative!
Just one question: why only focus on racial background? Why not make it about everyone that has a smaller chance of engaging in our sport, like people with low-income?
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 You must be a real racist to bring up something that makes so much sense!!!!????
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 @unrooted: How dare you!! Please provide your name and place of employment so I can start a petition on to have you terminated for unequivocally being a W.S.
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 @Canieto1: sorry, I cannot figure out what a W.S. Is...I’m not Western Samoan
...or into “Water Sports”...or a white statue...
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 @unrooted: it's what the woke thought police call anyone that doesn't adhere to the approved prejudices. I don't want to say it on here. A Certain group in the US led by a Hispanic man that has been in the news a lot lately are called this.
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 @Canieto1: I’m still lost, the only Hispanic man I ever pay any attention to is Luis J. Gomez...
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 @Canieto1: How dare you use an acronym he doesn’t understand! You are making him feel unintelligent and uncomfortable in this safe space! You both deserve to be purged!
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 @unrooted: that’s a real a*s dude comment right there.
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 Go Kat! She is an amazing asset to the mtb community, seeing her coaching groms that can shred harder than I ever will is awesome. She's been a wonderful advocate for getting girls into the sport and stoked she's expanding her efforts. Mountain biking is awesome, would love for everyone to get to enjoy it!
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 More people introduced to and welcomed into our sport? Yes! More diversity of people and ideas in MTB? Sign me up!

But race-based equity (not to be confused with equality) pushed through ideological DEI indoctrination trainings? Hard pass. Keep your racial guilt to yourself.
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 This is well intentioned but ultimately horse shit.

Address the real problem of inequality, education, reading, abolish the war on drugs too please cycling community... Oh you can't buy feel guilty and need to do *something*.
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 I stop at even good intentions. There is an increasing amount of white supremacists and racists who are just guilty about it. And their supremacy is so great they think they need to fix people of other races.
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 @JoshieK: Yeah it's really ironic.
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 Seems like there's a lot of white people in the comments talking about how racism doesn't exist because they've never seen it. If you're really wondering why we need things like this, go to the seminar. Maybe you'll learn something.
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 Racism exists and is a problem, but equity is not the answer...Equality of opportunity is. I fully believe that if every child was offered the exact same level of education we could get away from the levels of disparity we see in the USA.
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 @unrooted: the idea is equity now for the goal of equality.
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 According to you, is it impossible for someone to believe racism is a real problem, but also believe it isn't the reason for differences in specific sports participation?
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 @LA-Law Literally where? Strawman argument.
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 @atestisthis: Until when exactly?
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 @JoshieK: Juneuary twenteenth
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 People are unable to partake in an activity unless they see enough people who look like them do it. It is not enough to see another bipedal rational being doing it, it must be a bipedal rational being who has a skin color that resembles their own to a satisfactory degree. If someone desires to do something, they are unable to do what they desire until a deemed appropriate number of other people of a resembleing skin has been winessed doing it. If you do not agree with what I said you will be down voted in order to lower the likelihood of your differing opinion being confronted and criticized; or, in a far worse possibility, it influencing others to think something other than what has been stated here. Keep being virtuous pinkbike, I cannot help but notice it.
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 Seems like a tick box exercise. people don't ride bikes because they are not interested; their friends don't ride; they can't afford a bike. it has nothing to do with skin colour or the chromosomes you have.

I have three kids two (girl and boy) like riding their bikes with me one (boy) does not. My wife has no interest in riding on trails.
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 I'm having a hard time processing all the animosity over this. I'm assuming we all love to ride, and so would assume we'd support any effort to bring more people into the sport. You might question whether BIPOC is the perfect target audience for that effort, and that's fine, but why would it be so offensive to some people?

I just finished listening to a very interesting "Downtime" podcast from Singletrack on this topic, and their Facebook feed was similarly enflamed with outraged subscribers.

I believe there are deeply-ingrained reasons why BIPOC representation at all levels of MTB - and other cycling disciplines, and other outdoorsy stuff - isn't close to representation among the population as a whole. It's not my fault. Can't say I feel guilty about it. MTB'ers aren't racists. And I doubt that BIPOC people are suffering greatly from a lack of MTB in their lives. But I applaud those who want to make an effort to shift it, because there's a large population of BIPOC people who might find joy riding MTB .... or bike mechanics .... trail builders ... professional coaches ... road cyclists, BMXers, whatever...
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 Is this what Bill Burr was talking about on SNL?
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 Interesting to see where people head first, one of the massive barriers to entry in mountain biking is cost, and with 90% of bikes being race focused in terms of design, performance is prioritised over durability, meaning that service intervals for expensive services (Even just for oil/parts if you do it yourself) are too close together for the average user to afford.

Most people aren't racers and never want to be, the trickle down effect of technology really isn't relavent for the average rider these days.
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 This recent move to the term BIPOC is an interesting one...
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 why just not to build a perfect communism??
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 Because there is no such thing.
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 They tried numerous times. The results aren't pretty...
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 +1 for a free bike if there's any going. Brakes UK style, thanks.
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