Devinci Announces Oton and Wright as 2018 EWS Riders

Jan 13, 2018
by Cycles Devinci  

EWS Switzerland 2017

Devinci Riders Bring Speed, Skill to the Enduro World Series Stage.

With a new Enduro World Series (EWS) season in sight, Cycles Devinci is proud to present this year’s team roster, ready to dominate podiums while piloting the latest iteration of the race-winning Spartan.

Frenchman Damien Oton, the “Catalan Eagle,” once again leads the charge—entering his fifth year as a pro and celebrating his fifth year with the Devinci family. Oton snatched a trio of podium finishes in 2017, capping a remarkable season in Finale Ligure, Italy, by landing on the highest step of the box.

EWS Announcement.
Damien is more than ready to attack 2018
bigquotesI’m stoked to continue with the team, and I’m looking forward to kicking off the season with a talented and highly motivated teammate.Damien Oton

Alongside Oton, 21-year-old Kiwi phenom Keegan Wright joins the Devinci ranks—with impressive results in tow. In 2016, he won the New Zealand Enduro overall title. And riding that momentum, last year Wright captured overall honors at the Downhill National Cup. He also pocketed podiums at the New Zealand Elite Downhill National Championship and in front of a riotous home crowd at the Crankworx Rotorua Pump Track Challenge.

bigquotesI’m absolutely over the moon to be racing for such an amazing bike brand. Ever since I hopped on a Spartan last fall, I’ve felt right at home. My ultimate goal is to be on that podium, and I can’t wait to blast into the international season with all cylinders firing.Keegan Wright
EWS Announcement.
It's a match!

The EWS season kicks off March 24-25 in Lo Barnechea, Chile. Stay tuned for more team updates as we get closer to the start line.

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  • + 26
 Yeh, DH is the F1 of mtb, where Enduro is rally. F1 will always remain the showpiece.
  • - 31
flag bonfire (Jan 13, 2018 at 10:26) (Below Threshold)
 But F1 has a steady decline of viewership. Formula E has seen huge fan and viewership growth and it’s only in its infancy. F1 like DH is dead, people don’t care to watch the same 3 people win on the same tracks over and over. Especially when the sport has become to far removed from any mortal.
  • + 5
 @bonfire: so you think pro Enduro racers ride at "mortal" speeds?
  • + 12
 @bman33: it’s a sport that far more mortals can relate to and can even enter an EWS.

Worked in the bike industry for plenty of years, used to stock and sell lots of downhill bikes and a couple of years ago (and I not only moved countries but continents) we just stopped stocking them all together. Order a few here and there, but the customer is voting with their dollars and they’re buying 160mm “enduro” bikes. Because they can survive a weekend at a bike park but can be pedalled around elsewhere. DH is too specific of a sport, that requires too much investment to both get into and to actually participate in. Thousands into the bike, then you need to either buy a lift ticket or shuttle to actually use it. Riding a V10 would be rad, but what would you really gain from riding a nomad V4?

Wish it wasn’t the case, grew up riding downhill bikes. Still have one in the garage, but no chance I’ll ever buy a new one. Maybe if a zerode g1/g2 pops up.
  • + 7
 @tremeer023 Thats a really good analogy

People who crap on about how Enduro is the future of racing are ignorant of the fact that there are some practical constraints to the racing format of Enduro which are going to make it very for it to ever be the racing spectacle of DH.

How long is the average DH track? An average of 4 minutes for the fastest riders? Compare that with Enduro where certain individual stages can be as long as 30 minutes, and where a single say might cover as much as 60km of terrain with very limited access; and that racers may be out on the field all day long. That's going to be very challenging to ever broadcast and create the sense of drama which DH can.

I agree that as a racer/rider, Enduro is an awesome racing format. Personally I love it! It's the type of riding most comparable to what most (advanced) mountain bikers choose to ride these days. But I do think the logistical challenges of its broadcast will mean that it will always be more for enthusiasts rather than the mainstream.
  • + 1
That’s not going to be an issue soon, I see better drones coming to take care of that
  • + 3
 @RollinFoSho: Good luck getting a drone down some of the EWS tracks round here in one piece! Also in a lot of places there are 'line of sight' laws governing drone use.

Drones also ain't gonna turn a 6+ hour stage race into a 4 minute time trial.

No everyone is gonna wanna ride/race DH but its unquestionably a better spectator sport.

DH is dead... long live DH!
  • + 2
The way drones work and the way we will be able to deploy drones will change drastically. The big adjustment will be in the amount of editing.

In saying that, I still agree that DH will very likely always be the most entertaining
  • + 1
 @bonfire: agreed that modern enduro bike sales will reduce DH bike sales to a huge extent (they already have as you say).
But going back to my analogy, how many petrolheads or car racing fans own or want to buy an F1 race car? In the future I see DH as pushing the technology boundary that then trickles down to the masses in a more practical (for most people) form. DH racing will remain the spectacle though as it pushes the limits of what an off-road gravity bike can do.
  • + 3
 @tremeer023: The EWS riders that are on the top step are some of the most talented in the world but we think of them as riders. Sam hill is a good example, there is lots of talk about how great of rider he is , not about how great his bike is. On the other hand how much internet gossip has there been over the years about how Spec was crap because Gwin couldn't win on it and now on YT he has a great bike.
The purpose of sponsorship is marketing your product to sell more bikes. I think when we watch enduro we don't identify with the product as much because there isn't enough difference between bikes.
The bread and butter of mtb sales is probably the 1-2k bikes and does Enduro or DH sell more of those?
  • + 5
 Who cares.... !!! Stoked for WRIGHT !!! KIWIS on stage ~ go kick some a** bro ! Yeeewww !
  • + 20
But what about Global Racing in DH?
Who will stand for Steve's DHéritage?
  • + 8
 no devinci DH this year.
  • - 32
flag Zebraman (Jan 13, 2018 at 6:18) (Below Threshold)
 There's no money in DH. That would be a terrible business decision.
  • + 22
 The union tools team will switch to devinci bikes this year.
  • - 22
flag St1234 (Jan 13, 2018 at 6:44) (Below Threshold)
 @Zebraman: so true
  • + 27
 So it seems that everyone thinks that YT doesn't sell bikes because of Gwinn. I think a proper DH team lends a lot of credibility to a brand and that means sales.
  • + 11
 it's very hard for any rider to continue his legacy.. it's got to be a new chapter for the team
  • + 3
 You will know soon Wink
  • + 2
 @RLEnglish: totally agree with you.
  • + 9
 They need some young Canadian talent. Finn iles maybe ?
  • + 3
  • - 1
 @RLEnglish: I wasn’t interested in YT before Gwinn, but after winning his 1st DH race on it was the proof I was looking for!
  • + 1
 @Reignrob: That rumor has been kicking around PB for the past three months. I truly hope this happen..
  • + 0
 Enduro was never a race, it was just a marketing push by the stagnant mt. Biking industry! Riding trails and drinking beers, partying with your buddies is the spirit of enduro!
  • + 3
 @drivereight: he would have won on any major brand, you are just drinking the marketing juice.
  • - 7
flag drivereight (Jan 13, 2018 at 15:24) (Below Threshold)
 @Alain2: Which coolaid? I hate the term Enduro in Mt. Biking! It does not even make sense unless the whole race is timed along with the transitions! The transitions not timed are stupid cause they part of the ride!
  • + 6
 damien is so fast on the bike. always amazed with that "french" brake lever position..
  • + 3
 @Misteur-Mont-Sainte-Anne: most top french riders have adopted a horizontal BL position for racing
  • + 2
 I remember on my first visit to NZ and Roto sitting waiting for the lunchtime shuttle with a local kid who was hoping to get out to Cairns for a WC, humble, stoked and friendly to the new visitors to the forest. Good Luck Keegan!
  • + 2
 I guess enduro can be compared to xc ski racing where they will be skiing for 20 - 50k and the networks are able to broadcast that. There is a way to film everything. I agree though, DH is pretty exciting to watch!
  • + 6
 So where is galy ?
  • + 1
 He didn't announced yet wich brand he will be riding for in 2018. Waiting for a surprise. A partnership with Radon maybe ?
  • + 2
 So Keegan won the "New Zealand Enduro overall title"? That's not even a thing in NZ... Maybe your mean NZ dh title... Bloody good to see him on a team
  • + 10
 Love the direct quote has a kiwi saying "...hopped on a Spartan last fall"... yeahhhh right.
  • + 2
 Nz Enduro overall title is most certainly a thing.
  • + 1
 These two guys are both podium contenders on any given day. EWS is gonna be super competitive this year. So fun to watch the progression since it began.
  • + 2
 No rider can fill those shoes!, but seem like pretty awesome guys who will make their own story
  • + 2
 Is Damien going "full-coil, bro" in 2018?
  • + 3
 Who isn't?
  • + 2
  • - 2
 Stevie would lose it all over you frenchies if he knew what you’d done to his team.
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