DH Fantasy League: Pick Your Team for the FINAL Round - Val di Sole World Cup DH 2022

Aug 30, 2022
by Pinkbike Staff  

We're heading into the FINAL round of the Fantasy DH Presented by Specialized. So far over 22,000 Pinkbike readers have picked their dream World Cup DH team to be in the running to walk home with a Specialized Demo Race in the size of your choice!

Read on to see the prizes up for grabs, learn more about how the league works, and increase your chances of taking home a prize.

There are prizes for each round, so it's not too late to get a team on the line!

Grand Prize
Season Overall

At the end of the season the overall Fantasy Downhill Champion will get a Specialized Demo Race worth $7,000 USD in any size of your choosing.

All-out speed has always been the Demo’s target, and with the Demo Race it’s no different. Introducing a new flexible wheel-size frame design that allows riders to take advantage of a 29-inch front wheel and a 27.5-inch rear wheel, it’s a special blend that’s long been tested by World Champ Loic Bruni looking for the perfect balance of traction and maneuverability, but only just green-lighted by the UCI this past year. Not that it stopped the Demo Race from racking up both the Downhill World Championship and overall World Cup titles in its very first season... Learn more about the Specialized Demo Race here.

Round 9 Prize
Val di Sole, Italy

Specialized never rests when it comes to innovation and they've cooked up a good prize for the lucky winner of this final round!

3-Day Blackout Period

In order to avoid players copying each other's teams, all rider selections will be hidden for 72 hours before each race. Start playing mind games with your friends that you know are shoulder-hopping your choices.

Unlimited Trades

You're allowed unlimited trades after each round. You can stick with what's working, or change your whole team out after every race.

Office Leagues

Employees at Pivot, Muc-Off and more are battling it out behind closed doors in their Office Leagues.

Offices can set up private leagues in addition to playing the main public league. Let the trash talk begin!

2022 Race Schedule:

March 26-27: Lourdes, France
May 21-22: Fort William, UK
June 10-12: Leogang, Austria
July 8-10: Lenzerheide
July 15-17: Vallnord, Andorra
July 29-31: Snowshoe, USA
August 5-7: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada
August 24–28: UCI Mountain Bike World Championships – Les Gets, France
September 2-4: Val di Sole, Italy

Good luck!

Pinkbike Fantasy Downhill League in Association with Specialized


  • 16 1
 I need just over 1000 points in order to win the league, and for everyone else to stop playing. This should be easy.
  • 1 15
flag moutnbiker (Aug 30, 2022 at 9:14) (Below Threshold)
 nobody this season has made a 1000 points, the highest this year so far is 961. But good luck with that.
  • 11 2
 @moutnbiker: wooosh
  • 1 0
 It's insanely hard to stay consistent the entire season. Lots of luck too. Last year I was 11th or 13th overall. This year I'm like just barely under 5k.
  • 1 0
 Never Mind......
  • 12 1
 This was the first year I played and it has been good fun. Of course, lots of mistakes and bad choices on my part so I'm nowhere near the top. Not the last one though! Good luck to all!!
  • 2 1
 same here. great fun. My 2 main riders were Finn and Cami, solid choices but I failed on my choices for the other riders and then Cami getting injured did not help my cause
  • 3 1
 @Bitelio I can assure you that you’re not last, because that’s me. 0 for 8 so far, spending my full budget every race. #TeamFail
  • 2 0
 @stretchza: Finn has way too good of value in this league, $325,000 or something is super cheap. But it seems like no matter what, you gotta pick the winner...
  • 13 1
 Pinkbike, Is there a way you can show us what the "Perfect team" would look like after each round? Would be interesting to know how many points we are all missing out on.
  • 5 1
 I always wonder this
  • 1 13
flag moutnbiker (Aug 30, 2022 at 9:16) (Below Threshold)
 just take the top 4 male and top 2 female of each round, and that would be the perfect team for that round.
  • 16 1
 I actually just wrote a script that does something similar to this... I'd have to go grab data from each round but it could be a fun project.

@moutnbiker that ignores the team budget.
  • 1 17
flag moutnbiker (Aug 30, 2022 at 9:37) (Below Threshold)
 @bkm303: reguardless, its still the perfect team.
  • 18 0
 @moutnbiker: no it's not because you can't actually build that fantasy team
  • 2 0
 @bkm303: I've gone down that road with excel. It's a tough road.
  • 6 1
 I hope there’s only 1 tire to win! I prefer to run mismatched tires on my bike. When I win, I’ll just have to decide if I’m going to run the white on the front or the back? May be time for a poll!
  • 2 0
 Is it just me or is the Fantasy cut off for Val di Sole much earlier than usual. According to my math, the final roster cut off is like an hour after the final entry confirmation at the event, and before training rides even begin. The cut off has been after training but before Qualifying in previous events.
  • 2 0
 Don't know if you've already noticed but they've seem to have fixed this and extended the cut off to be again after the timed training. Was thinking the same myself last night but happened to notice this today.
  • 3 1
 They bought the rights to the Onza Octopus and they are bringing it back!?!?!?
  • 4 1
 is that white tire the ONZA Porcupine tire in White? ;-)
  • 2 1
 Or my old panaracers... www.pinkbike.com/photo/7706220
  • 1 1
 Here’s to some chaos for those of us making some bazar, last ditch picks going into the last round!
  • 1 1
 I'ma swoop in from p.38 for the overall!
  • 2 0
 @CarbonShmarbon: you never know, it could start raining halfway through mens finals and the first half ends up having the winners
  • 2 1
 That tire looks like it'll get dirty really fast
  • 2 1
 Are they giving us a pair or a single tyre again? haha
  • 3 0
 They gave away the tire already, you win the bike without the front tire.
  • 1 1
 is it just a sharpied minion?

jk I run butcher/eliminator, not a spesh tire hater
  • 1 0
 I'm on P82 right now... Do the Top 100 win something? Big Grin
  • 2 0
 In the States we might call that a "participation trophy". At a minimum, suggest you add it to your PB bio. : 0
  • 1 0
 @garrettstories: Maybe I should put it in my next application...
  • 1 0
 My Guess, Cannibals.

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