Lenzerheide DH World Cup - Team Videos

Jul 8, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
Norco Factory Racing

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CK Racing

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Inside Specialized Racing

MS Mondraker Team

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Radon Magura Factory

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 Fairclough got pretty wild on the final run, he had a huge manual out of a turn that they got on the livestream. dude is a savage on a bike.
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 also loved stevie giving it all...pedal wheeling over the line...
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flag Lagr1980 (Jul 6, 2015 at 5:05) (Below Threshold)
 yes he got wild, fun to watch but you could see some parts he could have pedaled and he coasted..
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 Wait wait wait, was that claudio playing the drums??!! What the f*ck. Claudio 2016 presidential campaign begins here
  • + 33
 Brendon seems to be in much better shape and a lot hungrier for podiums this year. Hope he nails one. I'm sure having Neko on the team didn't hurt. He's a another podium in the making. Great team all around.
  • + 25
 The syndicate video ... fucking hell what was that with Josh's fingers. His reaction after he could move his fingers again - priceless!
  • + 2
 Not as baller as the Mat Hoffman version, but racing with a finger like that is definitely bad ass nonetheless Wink

  • + 23
 absolutely loved this one! Nice music and editing. Claudio is such an awesome guy
  • + 19
 Scott edit was on point. Great tunes, awesome angles and good vibes.
  • + 17
 Love it! The Scott team is clearly getting things right. Having a great time!
  • + 8
 Yeah GSTAAD-SCOTT team are my favourite team! Claudio, Brendan & Neko!!!
  • + 3
 that final scene, Claudio and Greg jamming, too fucking awesome. Lenzerheide must have been a hell of a track, so many riders going down hard!
  • + 3
 Lol yes Claudio rocking it on the drums!!!!
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 Awesome Syndicate video. Love the tech insight on Greg's frame and breaking in the hubs. Could barely watch Josh's finger getting pulled back into place though. Insane that he still managed 12th place.
  • + 2
 Yeah! Brilliant video from SC, and out so quick! What a performance from Minnaar and Josh bagging 12th after getting his finger sorted, phew! Camera stayed slightly too long on the girlies nether regions but I'm not complaining..hahaha
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 Hot chick working on Ratboy's thumb...How the f*** did he keep his composure? Well...he is a DH racer, keeps cool when the heat is on.
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 Oh la vache - Josh's finger! :o

So chuffed for Greg though, always seems super humble and down to earth.
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 Looks like some good times! Cheers
  • + 5
 Roc Vtt team at Lenzerheide : www.pinkbike.com/video/414491
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 Can Claudio get anymore awesome?
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 Josh Bryceland - the Nigel Tufnel of MTB. Huge respect for Minnar, low key, business like attitude.
  • + 3
 I'm sorta surprised that Claudio listens to Wavves. But I guess I can't blame him because they are awesome!
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 Dear CRC, RAW, please! Sincerely everyone on pb
  • + 3
 Team GSTAAD-SCOTT wins!!!!!!!!
  • + 2
 9:11 Ratboy - That's what she said
  • + 2
 man i hope ratboy has a win this year!! what a boss with that finger tho
  • + 1
 Big props to josh b for getting his finger back in its socket whilst other teams are bitchin about track. Got 12TH awsome
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 Второе видео. Как много сказано в кадрах на 1:50 минуте.
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 Isn't Gwins brake disc mounted the wrong way at 26s?
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 Roc-Vtt 's video at this world cup : www.pinkbike.com/video/414491
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 I have the biggest crush on Carina Cappellari
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