Diablo Freeride Park: Bust-a-rhyme Poetry Contest WINNER

Aug 12, 2009
by Karl Burkat  
Source: Diablo Freeride Park

After a week of throwing down some wicked poems, haikus, ballads and sonnets we narrowed it down to a few and picked our fav. Check out the winner inside and the honorable mentions.

and the winner of the Atomlab Wheels is...bikerbuddy661

The US Open brought to you by Diablo Freeride Park,
Unload the lift, get ready, take your mark,
All you hear is the tick of an atomlab hub as you embark,

Pushing the limits on the downhill course,
Using my race run as a source,
For a new bike, because I learned that out of business, goes Ironhorse,

On the Jamis, there are Saint brakes, derailleur, and drivetrain,
The quality of these parts make this picture worth the pain,
If I could just take first place, not only would I have the fame,

But a new pair of atomlab wheels to make me faster,
Maybe next time, won’t result in this disaster,
I should take some tips from the masters,

At Diablo was, Gee Atherton, Cam McCaul, and Sam Hill,
Who took home the check far from nil,
I now have the cork from his champagne on my window sill,

I really want this set of atomlab wheels,
I want them more than the 3-a-day I get meals,
Winning this prize, it would be such a steal,
The man in this picture, I can’t imagine how he feels,

Also in this picture, are the fans that look on,
There mouths open so wide, way bigger than any yawn,
Too bad for the rider, no kids is he going to spawn,

Looks as though he’s going to hit his nuts on a big rock,
This will teach him, Diablo is no boardwalk,
And also, it is nothing to mock,
The caption is right, “Thou Art About To Fall,”
If I had a wreck like this, due to pain, I would bawl,
However, downhill racing is a man sport, unlike softball,

If you compete you always run the risk of injury,
That ends with a big, fat hospital fee,
Hit your kidneys, and you may see blood when you pee,

Not to mention the parts busted on your bike,
Always ends with the feeling of dislike,
Handlebars so bent, it could be used as a railroad spike,

On the other hand, if you win, the rewards are immense,
Even if your run had a moment so intense,
Had the crowd, looking on in suspense,

You could shake the hand of The Iron Sheik,
Next to him, even Andre the Giant feels meek,
When wrestling Andre has no technique,
And it stands no chance for the Sheik’s physique,

I feel sorry for the dude in this photograph,
And I must say on my behalf,
One should not laugh,

Because this could happen to anyone,
When racing, all is in the name of fun,
Although, at the end of the day everyone wants to say, “I won”

Honorable Mentions:

by highoctane2
I've flown these wheels a hundred times
Dropped hills seeking thrills - nearly been killed
So pity me not as I meet rock today
We've met before, in roughly the same way.

Acquaintances as ours are hard to come by
Every minute hated, each moment spent separate
Reminding me that I am indeed alive.

So pity me not as I meet rock today,
The pain I suffer is going to be repaid

For one to fly, he must earn his wings

by chainrxn
Losing. My Mind.

This is fast, too fast, going waaayyyy too fast.
Come on, you pansy, you don’t wanna be last!
No no, gotta slow. Gotta stay in control.
Idiot! If you slow, then you’ll kill your flow!
Who’re you?!

I’m you!
Who, me?!
Yes! The racing three!
I’m trinity of tight corners, long jumps and high speed!

What are you doing in my mind? I thought I kept you down.
I’m here to ensure you don’t get killed, you clown!
I’m here for the ladies, big checks and bright crowns!
I mean, where would you rather be? Fishing off your dock?
Or atop that podium, the proudest cock!
Actually, I’d rather not hit that rock.

Which rock?
The big one.
But which?! There are so many!!!
Well if it’s the same to you, I’d rather not hit any.

Aw crap.

by foxfrederik
I wanted to go fast,
Now I'm last.
I fell on rocks,
That really sucks.
I thought i would win,
but i landed on my chin.
It was meant to be godlike,
and now look at my picture on Pinkbike.
If you didn't get it at the start,
this was all at the Diablo Freeride Park.

by g-monster
Thou art about to fall
Thou hast the crowd enthrall
Their mouths agape before you scrape
Your faceplant seen by all

Is that Naish? About to crash?
No Leatt brace in sight
Arms outstretched, this fall looks wretched
Bike's not designed for flight

With thoughts of winning he sure was pinning
Until those rocks said "NO!!
You will not pass, we've got your ass,
Now off your bike you go!"

Pedal, shreddle, test your mettle
Cross the finish line
In one piece, Diablo's east
Do I have the fastest time?

Was not to be for this poor rider
Guess back he goes to his first strider
Next time might be the charm
But for now that's all she wrote
He went and bought the farm.

by sorbet
These trees I pass,
The shadow I cast,
The faces the same,
As I collide with the rock,
A mistake,
My mistake.

As I fall,
My dreams do the same,
My hope,
My time,
Wasted because of one,
My mistake.

Physically I may be fine,
Emotional healing with take some time,
My number one desire,
Burned up like wood in a fire,
Is gone.

I shall not win,
I shall not place,
My mistake has ended my race.

by riskyb1985
i hit the corner all eyes on me
next thing i know there's my seat pushing past my knee
handle bars near what i use to pee
my knees are were my hands should be.
i'm falling hard better try something to avoid the scars
so i put out my arms in a hope to glide
but i fall to the ground like a bird who's never flyed.
in this moment the pain is near
the crowd continue to geer.
but i know i'll be back again
and on my feet, i'll ride this corner like the f*cking street !

Big thanks to Diablo Freeride Park for putting on this poetry contest.


  • 12 0
 to hell with 50 cent, bikerbuddy661 is a real rapper
  • 3 0
 hahaha thanks bro!
  • 1 0
 no problem lol
  • 5 0
 cant belive i got a mention buzzin !!
  • 4 0
 I liked yours more than the winner lol Razz . Sweet poems guys. I'm surprised no one really went with the feel good deeper side of freeriding.

I really liked the winners poem! Good job.
  • 1 0
 thanks man apreciate it !
  • 1 0
 sounds like the streets
  • 2 5
 my poem was better... Oh well lol congrats dude! You just got yourself some SICK new wheels!!!
  • 3 0
 all these were great in their own way! nice to hear different mediums praising the sport.
  • 1 0
 my wondering got my ass wandering
now me and my bike is
in full crisis
epic fail
may i fall where it's nicest
(paraphrasing chuck d)haha
  • 1 0
 ass broken
& broke is
3 jobs & out for the season
while i add my own ass
to the parts list
  • 2 1
 CHEEEEEESE , the winning poem was pain-stakingly long and I dont see how they could have chosen it as the winner..... there were so many better ones
  • 2 0
 im thinking that whyy they chose it..
bikerbuddy probly put the most time/effort into his,
but they were all awsome IMO
  • 2 0
 Hahaha all of them were great, props to everyone!
  • 2 0
 sorbet's poem is a bit grim... Wink
  • 1 0
 Hahaha those were epic. tup I smell Schizophrenia in the second runner-up, though. Eek
  • 1 0
 Nice, i'm on the list. didn't think it was that good Big Grin
  • 2 1
 high octane's poem should have won imo
  • 2 0
 the words flowed a lot smoother than the winner's. That being said, the winner's clearly had a lot of thought put into it.

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