Race Report: Digging for Silver in Idaho - Sturdy Dirty Women's Enduro

Jul 23, 2018
by Chris Mcfarland  

Round two of the 2018 Sturdy Dirty was held at the incredible Silver Mountain Bike Park in Kellogg, Idaho. Just coming down from the buzz of Oakridge, the ladies were geared up for another heater of a race. If you’ve never ridden this park, just know that the terrain is serious. In fact, I would compare it to some of the better known spots in British Columbia. With over three thousand feet of decent, razor-sharp scree and tech that will make even the highest of caliber riders squeamish. The ladies were not going to get a break on this one.

The course was comprised of six stages. Each with its own personality and challenges. The Stage one transfer didn’t waste time. It was a burly 1800 foot climb up rocky and loose double track. At the top, you were rewarded with an excellent aid station with bacon, mocktails, and these delicious little sandwiches all put on by Liv Bicycles.

Many of the volunteers and spectators, in true Sturdy Dirty fashion, donned costumes and heckled the riders. Some costumes were subtle, others were over the top. Come for the race, stay for the bacon, mermaids and luchadors.

Wildlife is a common sight in Kellogg. And I’m not taking about the kind you encounter at Dirty Ernies on a Wednesday night. Moose are common sights up on the hill. In fact, the organizers had to do a course hold on Stage three and four because of two separate animals that didn’t have any intention of leaving. I was actually pinned down by one of those moose, a cow with two calves, for about 45 minutes during the race. I had gone down stage four to locate a rider that had been knocked off their bike by the animal. The cow was lunging at riders as they passed. When I came down, she lunged at me. I immediately jumped off the back of my bike, letting it come to rest right in front of her. As she was spomping and snorting, I had to figure out how to get my bike back, and go around her. After a while, I started to try and distract her by throwing large sticks over her to make noise. This eventually worked as she went to go check it out. When she did, I ran down there, threw my bike on my back, and charged back up the trail to safety. From there I was able to bushwack out to an adjoining ski run, and ride down to the finish line. I have never been more scared in my life. That mamma moose turned out to be the Sturdiest Bitch of them all. Not to be tested, and not to be taken for granted.

Eventually, the organizers chose to have the pros and experts run Frank n Beans as their stage four instead of Snake Pit. They were given one practice run as many of them did not pre-ride that trail. In the end, things went well, everyone was safe, and fun was had.

Round three will be at Tiger Mountain on August 18th in Seattle, Washington. This venue seems to be the rowdiest, and attracts the most hecklers. The terrain is also challenging. Can’t wait to see you all out there.

The weather couldn't have been better.

Wake me up when its time to race.

The Sturdy B's are always creative with their awards.

Andi 'ZoCast' Zolton with the one plate.

Enduro Libre!

Grom with poms.

SRAM and Shimano were both there to lend support to anyone with bike ailments.

Organizer and Sturdy B Angela getting those raffle tickets in peoples hands.

Club Ride Clothing was there showing off some of their cool clothing.

Dana Wolf was crushing the first climb. I think she smelled the bacon.

Andi, Dana ate all the bacon.

Many riders chose to ride with both lids.

Discussing politics, or line choices.

Adam Andrande of Giant Bicycles always hosts the best feed station.

Sorry, bacon porn.

Michelle Warner laying down her numbers.

Watch out for Enduro Libre!

Andi opting for the pro line through Snaggle Tooth.

The chairlift, always a great place to meet new and interesting singles.

Not everyone was laying down fast times. Sometimes, you just get layed down.

I had a caption for this, but really no words is better.

Local artist and shredder, Kristina Wayte laying down a heater of a run going off the Hammer drop.

Jettrell Stetner will never look at the Little Mermaid the same now.

Fresh off a year long break from riding due to injury, Deni Schwend was back cutting her chops.

Dana Wolfs little billy goat has the best seat for this show.

Katie Newhall couldn't pedal fast enough from that scene.

Despite the heat, some of the wild flowers were still blooming.

The four inches of talcum powder in this corner got quite a few ladies.

Kindahl Reed, although exhausted, soldiered on to the bitter end.

Dugan and Jeff delivering lunch to the volunteers. Jeff (right) was actually the rider that made contact with the moose.

Course hazards come in many forms. The Sturdiest Bitch of them all, Mother moose and her spawn, on Stage four. This is how the majestic beast and i negotiated the safe return of my bike.

Just beyond my bike, in the brush, was a very disapproving mother bent on making me walk home.

Organizers Katie Jackson and Any Bee jumping into action after learning that there was a moose on course. Great work ladies, on keeping the race running smooth.

Alicia Leggett knows she wants a piece of that purse.

Mid 90's temps brought dusty conditions in some sections.

Who knew you could get deep powder turns in Idaho, in July.

Pre awards there was a huge raffle give away. So much nice gear from the sponsors below.

Alicia Leggett. Montana girl, shredder, and owner of the lowest numbers of the day.

Nailed it.




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 Silver mtn. was an awesome venue to have this fun ladies race at. It's clear that Silver is trying to position itself as a great destination to ride bikes and it's clear they want to host more of these events. The staff at the mountain, were accommodating, gracious, and generous in their support of volunteers and racers. The parking lot is set up for camping, complete with porta potties, those lunch deliveries that got sent to the volunteers were provided by the resort restaurant simply cause the chef in the kitchen thought we needed it, the patrollers were knowledgeable and helpful during the stages with disagreeable wildlife (if you ever get cornered by a moose, get between it and a tree and circle the tree to keep it on the other side), and the lifties put up with all the hecklers and random shit we brought up the gondola.

Silver mountains trail system is also pretty amazing and worth a visit. You get steep and rocky up top but by the half way point of your descent it turns into forrested single track.
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 The world needs more races like this.
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 These races are so rad! Their beginner racer experience is so welcoming and chill - it's a great way to get introduced to enduro racing.
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 Do you remember that one time when everyone was shouting my name? Enduurrooooooooooo
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 So awesome! It’s great that Pinkbike supports womens racing!

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