Dirt Surfing in Oregon - Video

Dec 2, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  

If this doesn't make you want to grab your bike and head to the trails, then we don't know what will? Tyler Horton gets groovy on the new Kleeway trail in Post Canyon, Oregon for Lance Koudele's lens and does so in memory of Matt Klee, who the trail was named after.

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 For my beloved friend who loved biking. May you rest in Peace Klee!
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 First off, Matt we miss you, and we love you! You have forever touched our community! Second, Lance and Ty great video. Matt would be stoked! Third, Kleeway has been a challenge on many fronts. Making a trail that is fun for ALL abilities is a tough task. Making this situation even tougher was the fact that the Northwest had one of the hottest and driest Springs on record. This means the iteration process that makes trails great never got to happen. Now, that there is moisture in the dirt this process has already begun, and will continue. Finally, Kleeway represents the spirit of Matt Klee. So as a community we will work together to make a trail that is fun for ALL! Bear with us as we work out the kinks, in fact, come help us, and experience people that knew and loved Matt well! We as a community of Mountain Bikers are small. So as Matt modeled so well for us. Let us work together to better the places we love!
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 Sorry, Mike! I tried to hit the Green button, and I hit the Red one, and it won't let me change it.. Miss you buddy. Would love to go ride this trail with ya sometime soon! Hope you're well!
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 Once I get a trail bike- we shall explore all the good new spots @MtHood-G
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 Proper trail etiquette demo at the end there.
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 I absolutely agree. This isn't skiing/snowboarding. The person going down shouldn't have to stop. They have earned their turns by doing the climb already and thus their "flow" shouldn't be interrupted. That's why we climb right? To enjoy the downs.
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flag cmi85 (Dec 3, 2015 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)
 @Jetbenny I was specifically told when I first started MTB that uphill always has the right of way. Always. They're in the climb.
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 @chrisingrassia I was told that girls got pregnant by peeing in their buttholes. Always.

Things change, I guess.

Climbing a trail that the builders recommend going double mach speed to ride properly seems less than ideal. This looks like the kind of trail that should be one way.
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 @owl-X you gotta get to the top somehow!
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 Your correct, unless on a designated bike trail up has the right of way.
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 @chrisingrassia is that trail right next to it climbable?

I think climbers having right-of-way is a throwback to old narrow roads. Wagons, cars, right? I love it when I know I'm on a one-way trail, or at least one where descenders have right-of-way. Way more better.

I dunno. Physics and opinion seem to have shifted to the descending rider these days, especially with speederbike trails like this. I'm onboard.

Go ahead and assert "climbers' rights!" as you wag your finger from the stretcher though. No way I'm climbing up this thing!
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 Courtesy has the right of way. We don't need a binary rule, we just need to communicate, smile and nod. Sometime the climbers will the most polite, other times the descenders. I've never really had an issue figuring this out.
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 I agree on the courtesy rule- it's not one or the other (one way trails aside). I'll also say that most of the time neither has to stop, you just have to be aware and make a little room. I'd guess that generally I default to giving the downhiller the right of way because they are going faster, are doing the more fun part of their ride, and me getting in their way introduces more risk to the situation.
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 Just so you all know- Tyler was merely hiking up a section for the shot. Kleeway is a DH-Only trail. There is a climbing trail that used to handle both directions but as you can imagine with popularity- that got harder and harder to enjoy.
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 Living in Central Oregon I get the pleasure of riding these trails. Compared to most flow-trails I've ridden I actually thought Kleeway was very poorly constructed. The tables and gaps are very inconsistent when it comes to the speed of the trail. However, out of all the trail systems I've ridden in Oregon, Post Canyon is definitely one of the best. The actual trail "Dirt Surfer", is one of the best trails there. Definitely recommend checking this place out if your in the vicinity.
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 Totally agree with you. Some spots you'd have to go warp speed to clear, which would send you dangerously far past the landings on others. Haven't tried Dirt Surfer yet - have to give it a go next time I'm there.
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 @nvonf Hahaha precisely, I almost died several times doing that exact thing. Gotta check out Dirt Surfer, It's Primo.
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flag jlfern (Dec 2, 2015 at 19:00) (Below Threshold)
 kleeway poorly constructed? just because you can't clear the jumps doesnt mean you gotta smack! sack up, pedal harder, and send it! as for the two (of the about 30 jumps) on the trail that are shorter than trail speed, they were put in place for less advanced riders and an advanced feature is being created to have a trail speed option. Its the only "flow trail" in washington and oregon that doesnt get boring after the first three rides down it. Its a challenge to clear all the jumps.
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 Kleeway doesn't flow well was very disappointed b also. It is poorly done
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 @jlfskibikesail - Come check out Alsea Falls! Sure, it's early in it's life as a trail system, but what's there is rad! And more coming! Www.teamdirt.org
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 It's been on my radar will definitely check it
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 I have to agree, I moved to south east Washington in the early summer and went to all the places I could, as far down as bend, and post canyon is easily one of my favorites, And the dirt surfer trail is probably the best, although getting there makes for quite a day on the saddle. I wonder if it's still rideable, might make for a nice weekend.
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 Kleeway flows a lot better now that we've had some rain to settle the trail. A couple of work parties have also taken place to smooth out some kinks- once you dial it in, it actually has great flow- having to pedal a bit to maintain that flow is just part of the fun! Its a challenge....
Post canyon used to be a lot more challenging and stunt specific on every level- we've made them as "all around" tourist user friendly as we can without sacrificing too much fun, but of course folks still gotta bitch. I personally think we should bring back the skinnies and the tourists can just deal.
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 I agree with everything above. I also appreciate the effort that went into constructing the trail, but at the end of the day it's not a flow trail at all unless you're the top 1% rider. Not only are the jumps ridiculous to clear for the average rider, they're all "half-gaps"—meaning if you do come up short (which most will) you're likely to hit the lip of the landing and go flying over the handlebars. Why weren't all the jumps made into tables with just a little more fill?

For me, it's just poor planning / construction that will ultimately lead to injury. Rock Crusher at Steven's Pass Bike Park is a flow trail that everyone can ride and enjoy. Templates for true flow trails are everywhere, it doesn't take a genius to know the difference.
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 Jumps are too committing and too hard for you to clear? Go ride some beginner trails and come back when you have skills. Thats a problem with your riding not the trail, I know plenty of Hood locs that have no problem shredding Kleeway. Making sure soft weekend warriors could clear everything first time down was not at the top of the builder's list.
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 Interesting. I thought the trail was to be constructed as a tribute to Matt? But what you're saying is it's clearly a trail for expert riders only—anyone else can suck it. Cool…at least I know the real story now. Also interesting that this is supposed to be the "downhill route" of the trail system. Why make a trail that's only truly rideable by experts that everyone is expected to ride to get back to their car?
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 You can roll every single feature on that trail, which makes it ride friendly for all skill levels. I personally don't clear the doubles, but if you play it right, can still land with smooth transitions if you're hitting it at a good pace. You obviously need to tap into some trail reading skills here too, if you can't, you can still ride the old way down, its not one way, or, go to Bend, OR so you don't have to worry about your tires leaving the ground. (captain-spaulding not referring to you specifically, but folks in general). The trail still has a rating, which should be respected, so you need to treat it like you would any trail system or ski hill and ride it within your skill limits and speeds.
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 For the record I don't feel like I'm being attacked nor am I attempting to attack anyone else. Merely stating my opinions…

I agree, clearly you can roll every feature on this trail. My point is this trail doesn't offer much progression for those looking to learn to jump (further or with more style). Coming up short on 99% of the jumps could very likely result is injury. Given this trail was created as a tribute to such a rad guy (who self admittedly I didn't know)—who tragically lost is life in a bike accident—why wouldn't the jumps be filled in to limit the likelihood of injury when riders come up short in an attempt to progress?

I realize this is a new trail. Clearly it's a starting point and much can be done to improve it and I'm sure that will be the case. In 10 years when the entire trail is under the canopy of trees I'm certain it will be the crown gem in Post.
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 My friends and I built a pretty rad little jump line here in WA. It was a nice tweener line, in between a fun flow trail, and a truly big hit line. Nice for progression and all that. People who only ever rode the flow trail soon complained that they couldn't clear our jumps, they complained loudly enough, and long enough, that they were all torn out. If you can't ride something, find a line that takes you up to that level. Don't demand that they retard what they built, that was on their level. Not only that, but the Kleeway is goddamn awesome. It's a new trial, that will get a lot of attention and only get better. Attend work parties, help them develop it and shape it into Matt's dream.
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 @jlfskibikesail AFAIK, the meaning of flow trail is that you are not required to pedal hard or use your brakes much - you just flow the speed the trail dictates and once you're dialed, the rhythm works and feels natural. For this, the trail needs to be intuitive and consistent. Glad to hear the iteration process is underway with the new moisture in the dirt. I'm sure the Kleeway will get there.

But there are countless flow trails in WA and OR that are absolutely amazing. Tyler's Traverse in Bend, wow! As mentioned above, Alsea Falls is excellent, a worthy weekend destination even. Also, flow trails don't have to be smooth and wide as a car lane - Thrillium in Battle Ground, or Dry Hill in Port Angeles for example, some of the best flow you'll find.
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 New trail looks great, especially in fall colors. It's an amazing tribute to Matt. Nice work all around.
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 RIP Team Tobot
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 Awesome video unreal place. Hood River and its surroundings are all time. I spent years driving up from Central Cali as part of my annual migration to Hood River aka Mecca. Now it's a trip I make every few weeks when I am looking to mix up my riding in Bend. Don't forget to keep bombing into town from Post Canyon For a great brew at Double Mountain brewery or check out the rad view of the River from Full Sail Brewery 10 min ride from the trail.
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 I find it funny how critical some people can be. At the end of the day, we should all be greatful we are able to ride bikes. For fun! The trail was built with Matts vision in mind and for all abilities to enjoy. That said, our building season has been limited, hence minor tweaks and adjustments whenever we can. If you can't clear a particular table, maybe you should try again and progress or learn the trail. Better yet, pick up a shovel and stop complaining. Live like Matt
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 Haha you all are spoiled. If you really want to complain come on over to Kentucky and test our trails. And we love what we have here. I have never commented on posts but its a shame as a young rider seeing so many "soft" bikers. I was brought up learning to ride anything and everything and this sport isnt for the weak. As the most followed website i know of for biking i hope it doesnt breed goons. Sick trail. much respect.
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 I thought you were supposed to knuckle all the jumps on that run. No? Well shit I guess that's just me then
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 Shouldn't the Kleeway be a One-Way trail? I don't see folks riding up. There are other routes up and I don't see that being a safe practice on the trail. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think we should promote up hill traffic.
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 Its downhill only- uphill traffic rides the 'Seven Streams' trail. Just to clarify.
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 Anyone who says this trail is slow obviously isn't riding fast enough. Kleeway is sick after riding it a couple times.
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 The flow is strong in this one.
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 Live in Portland for A year now and I still haven't checked out post canyon, probably should get on that....
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 Mitchell's, dirt surfer, and top are definitely fun and worth checking. Mitchell's is all time favorite
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 I miss Oregon, I left and regret it...gotta get back! Try riding trails around Minneapolis and then you'll realize how sweet it is out there!
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 Trail is closed probably for the remainder of the winter (hopefully ) unfortunately people were still riding it when it was getting frozen at night and caused some bigger ruts and damaged the lips of some of the jumps. Trial crew was out fixing it but it was blocked off.
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 ive seen that trail in my dreams, glad to know its really exists
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 Wow, that looks like an awesome trail... looks more well done than a lot of bike park stuff, really nice. Looks like a lot of fun!
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 This trail is so hard you really need to work for it after riding all day you def dont ride it like this Smile
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 Why isn't this trail or Dirt Surfer on trailforks, is it meant to be semi-secret?
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 trail looks like a blast.
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 wished there was more footage
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 I love this state. RIP Klee
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 Dear Oregon, I'm on my way.
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 A more chill A-line.
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 This trail is actually pretty slow and the jumps are a bit awkward when you actually ride it
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 I agree
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 Tyler is a ripper and represents the top 1% of riders in Hood River. Few can ride that trail to it's potential.
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 Love seeing the hood river trails on here! And yeah Tyler makes Klee way look easy
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 Well.. guess I'm packing up and moving to Oregon.
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 Wow I haven't seen this video in a long time. Fun memories!
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 Live like Matt!
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 I like dirt surfin' too! That trail looks super fun
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 Where is this dirt surfing trail any one know.
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 I like
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 What bike is he riding?
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