Dirtlej Releases a Kids' Version of its Dirtsuit

May 18, 2020
by dirtlej  
When your legs grow, it can also grow a bit.

Press Release: Dirtlej

With regards to playing in the dirt our kids definitely lead the way and with Dirtlej’s waterproof and breathable bike one-piece they now finally can recklessly rip through the rain. Now you are ready for playing in the dirt together.

“No more excuses” is not just a slogan but exactly the right attitude when bike trails beckon. With its bike one-piece suits, Dirtlej provides the ideal clothing for those wet and muddy days. For the first time ever available in May 2020, the Dirtsuit kids' edition is the smallest member of the collection and impresses with its tough materials and high-quality finish.

Thanks to its 10,000 g/m2/24h breathability, this waterproof one-piece ensures good air permeability, two large vents can be opened to ensure that fresh air circulates. In contrast, waterproof zips and sealed seams keep the suit securely dry on the inside – no matter what’s happening outside on the bike.

No matter if long, longer or short, kids will be prepared for any weather. And when the legs grow, it even also grows a bit with them. The hood fits over the helmet and can be easily stored when not needed.

Snacks can be stowed in the waterproof pocket.

The waterproof stretch-segment on the backside provides absolute freedom of movement on the trail. The adjustable belt ensures a good fit, the area between the legs and the full backside are enhanced by a robust material. The Dirtsuit pro edition is fitted with a reflective stripe on the back.



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 Awesome, now kids can even be ripped off ???? I bought one and the seams plus the zippers came off after 5 rides and not washing except by Hand... Now it’s under warranty and already takes 3 months! Just such an incredible value and customer service, it’s just clear that they would launch a kids section ????
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 in the beginning they may had some small issues but the new lineup has been working flawlessly. I had a small warranty case which got instantly replaced without any problems. So I cannot really say anything negative here. i love my dirtsuit stf Bikepark version. I spend a whole 3 cold rainy days enduro race in it and it held up perfectly even though i crashed.
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 I fully understand your frustration, can't say that i share the experience thst it's badly made. Mine is holding up well.
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 Oh man - as a parent of growing kids, I can't imagine spending this kind of dough on something they'll outgrow within a season. I suppose, you can sell it or potentially hand it down to your younger one - but yikes.
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 I was tempted by the adult version of this, but it's painful enough tearing a decent waterproof jacket or shorts. But writing off an entire outfit in one fall would make me cry as much as the injuries!
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 I own one and I love it when it's cold.. or wet..or snowy or all at once. The one piece keeps you wam, the waterproof part keeps you dry. As long as you're not hard pedalling for hours as you may sweat a lot. I use it for guiding/coaching and I can stay warm while not moving as much (think shuttle, downhill, etc... not XC laps!)
It may look overpriced, but you get a pant and a jacket... find a good pair of pants + jacket and add the price : you may not find it that expensive anymore.
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 Must be just me but I'm always freezing in mine. The top of my back is like a constant ice cube in wet weather. I've a normal endura waterproof jacket and it keep me toasty. I really thought I'd wear mine more. Plus a small rip cause brushed passed a few bushes.
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 @mudsavage: oh that's strange.. I always wear a merino baselayer under... and sometimes a sleeveless puffy. that keeps me really warm. I used this suit even dirtbiking many times on my enduro... snow, mud, rain and low temps. Sure I was wet at some point (like I would with anything!) but it kept me warmer that when I ride with my pants and jacket. the one piece helps. Again, it won't replace a regular outfit, but it can be great as another option when needed.
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 LOL "Thanks to its 10,000 g/m2/24h breathability, this waterproof one-piece ensures good air permeability" That is LOW when talking about waterproof breathability. In this day and age 20-30g/m2 is where breathability actually works in everything but super dry environments. 10kg/m2 is still trashbag when it comes to biking (a high intensity activity).
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 Had one of the suits. After 2 winters it started to leak. Got In touch with them, they said it’s old so can’t help. £250 for 2 winters. Maybe 20 outings total! Save you money and stay away from this ripoff company!
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 My 3 year niece has a similar onesie that her and all her friends at the daycare wear for puddle jumping.
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 I doubt it costs €200
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 Free rides on the short bus!

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