DMR Zip Grips!!

Aug 22, 2008
by Simon Paton  
DMR as a company are the "Bread and Butter" of Dirt Jumping. You've all seen the POD's with their pilot Jimmy Pratt entering the atmosphere.

Well this is what he holds onto at the end of his joystick.DMR Zip Grips are £7.95rrp
These are a thin diameter grip with a quarter of the grip having a raised rubber waffle rectangle profile for extra grip and comfort. You may prefer to twist that around so it's right under your knuckle joint whilst riding. This gives super grip and comfort. Internally there is a tough inner core that stops the grips twisting
under pressure.

• Weight is 70grams for the pair (including End Caps)
• Available with or without flange, the flange is the extended rubber flap by where your thumb goes.

• Colours - Black, Bone Grey, Brown, Code Red, Irish Green, Purple, Vivid Blue and White.

Zip/Cable ties come packaged with the grips as do the end caps. What's real nice are the grooves for the zip ties. After all you don't want those grips twisting around or at worst coming off, wilst popping an inverted table for your next attempt at getting "Picture of the Day" - POD!

POD - Jimmy Pratt - Definitely not photoshopped

POD - Jimmy Pratt - Definitely not photoshopped

Stay Unclipped.

Si Paton
661 Evo Knee Pads £62.99


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 I have these in vivid blue, they're brilliant. I think they're better than loc-on grips because they dont need a plastic collar on the inside, so they can put more rubber in for the same diameter, so they last a lot longer
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 Please explain how i'm wrong ...
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I defo know what an inverted table is. I was refering to your grips slipping whilst performing such a trick and not to Jimmys whip.

Calling me retarded? Perhaps look in the mirror before you you put your name up in lights trying to prove your better than someone else. Why does that always happen on forums and comment boards?

Share the ride? Should be share the love!

Si Paton..

Why is there never a thankyou for popping this up and the nice shots and the info?
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 90% of all message board comments are people puting other people down trying to prop themselves up,and idiots saying "first"!
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 yea si nows what hes talking about
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 where is the yellow ?
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 doesnt say anything about yellow
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 who the f*ck wants yellow??
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 lmao. always someone there to piss on ur dreams. lol
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 y wouldnt u just get lock on grips
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 i have the old ones they are nice!
ps wheres the orange???
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 LOL " 08Demo8"
piss is yellow Razz
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 these would work, they are the same style motocross have used for decades- colour choices are rad
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 did u read the top retard with the "tough inner core"
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 they look the stock grips that came on my dirtbike
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 nice grips but i love the ODI intense grip...
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 Well got these grips on my banshee scratch. They work amazing same ole hairspray the grips and zip tie PHEWWWW amazing grip and rather comfy comforms to your hands nicely and seem to be holding up very well but havent done much rain riding with them who knows fall soon here getting cold weather and some rain we'll see what happens
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 make them lockons, and gimme some purple ones
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 i rode the old versions of these for quite a while, they were good to me, real nice grip.
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 theyre ok at best. lock ons suck imo, have no asorbtion and are thin as f*ck.
these grips dont last all that long to be honest and arent even that good value. you can get a proper decent bmx grip for about a fiver
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 i understand this is about grips but i was wondering whether any of you knowledgable people use DMR pedals and what your opinion is on them in comparison to crank brothers 5050 pedals. thanks
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 try the forum!!!

but dont get cranks brothers (just for their name) they fall apart
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 the old one were really nice for about 3 weeks then they start to wear out really quick
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 Worst grips I've ever used. No life to them whatsoever, and the rubber just flakes off in your hands. Unless they've made them a lot better in the past 4 years.
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 Grips wear.. If the grip is comfortable I don't care if it wears in 1 week or 10 weeks.
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 its a kick out and they grips wear into your hands which feels well nice
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 ive been using these babies for years,
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 Those grips are cool I wanna buy them!!D
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 love these grips same there loc-on ones arn't as good but still a great grip for the price
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 1 word SICK!!
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 if their good enough for jimmy pratt, their good enough for me.
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 im amazed about how intrested you guys are i grips
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 get some bmx grips these are junk, holy
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 buy lock ons. zip grips, cheap copy designs..nasty
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 DMR sucks. Buy a BMX if you want a rigid ass piece of shit.
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 dude, purple.
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