Stella Project 1 - Video

Jul 23, 2010 at 0:03
Jul 23, 2010
by Tyler Maine  
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Source: Vincent Allard

Here is a short video of Maxime Fortin-Faubert riding his Dobermann Stella in Bromont,Qc.

Video inside,

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  • + 10
 good to see doberman getting into the full suspension bikes
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 They already had the Le Pink.
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 Their proto DH rig has been around for a while.
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 there's something wrong about a cromo dh bike man.
  • + 9
 i Know that it dos sound strange, but in fact It make's them that much smoother on your body, as the vibrations are less ''sharp''. Make the super fast rough fire road type section way easier. It also makes them less noisy.
Cromo is a material that will give you a DH bike that will be race worthy for more then one season. High end DH frame are more and more look at as a consumable item that you trash or sale to a local kid after a year of racing, the $ invested in Stella will serve you for more then one race season. The fact that cromo is ''more flexy'' then aluminum is completely obsolete on that frame as the pivot is SO stiff, it make this suspension frame laterally stiffer then many hardtails. The lateral stiffness of the frame is very noticeable on burms and tight switch back as there is less wasted energy.
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 i still dont know how sold i am on a cro-mo frame tho, just seems a little odd.....good idea but a little odd
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 do you guys have a prodution date in mind
  • + 2
 Little odd i agree, definitely a different option.
They are available as we speak. Welded and powder coated on order.
MSRP 2400$CAD sweet prodeals available for all legit DH racers.
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flag suicidedownhiller (Jul 23, 2010 at 12:22) (Below Threshold)
 No offense, but...I think I could break one. But then again, I wouldn't be using it for DH racing. It just doesn't look strong enough to take any kind of repetive beatings a big mountain freerider would give it. DH racing, sure, it's plenty strong. It does look amazing though.
  • + 4
 The majority of people who break bikes are hacks. Not saying YOU are, and there are people who break bikes who are not. Then there's hard crashes and accidents and such... but the MAJORITY of people are just plain hacks. 2 cents
  • + 1
 my friends rides for dobermann and races for them to and evan though i'm not an expert on frame material and all that complicated stuff when i really enjoyed this bike comparing to other dh bikes i've ridden. I can't wait to see how this model will evolve over the years because i'm not really sure how they can make it any better. Salute
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 cracking frames makes you a hack? Hack = unsmooth rider?
  • + 1
 ^ yes.

"Something done with little forethought, organization, planning or precision."
So someone who's just trumping through trails with no flow bashing on everything bailing all the time casing jumps badly etc etc.. Would be considered a hack.
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 well I have cracked two frames, and I can pick lines, clear jumps and generally do not bash everything.

66 days at Whistler and over 500 runs last year might just crack frames no matter who you are? and they were Norco frames too LOL
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 that seems awsome if you ask me some thing that more of the dj/street/bmx riders like myself LOVE cromo so i think i was to get a dh bike that would be it
  • + 2
 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit Dobermann’s shop the other day. It was pretty awesome to see all the different frames in different stages of development, and the tools they used to do it. All that said I had a chance to check out a fully built Stella, and let me say that is one beautifully handcrafted bike. I’ve noticed just about every company out there raves about how stiff the rear end of their DH bike is. I have felt none stiffer then the Stella, the pivot and chain stays are rock solid and the only movement or flex I could get was in the spokes of the rear wheel. I was quiet impressed to say the least and can’t wait for the chance to throw a leg over one and shred it down the hill.
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 Having been racing on various Intense and Foes DH frames since 98 I have seen huge leaps and bounds in performance, Dobermann is the next big leap as it has greater stiffness than anything else out there. If you ever get the chance to ride one do it and without fail you will probably sell your current dh machine and order a one.
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 that dude is freaking hauling ass in case you didnt notice, and ripping some sketchy lines
  • + 2
 This bike looks amazing, i wish dob would come out with a mid travel bike though, something with a bit mroe travel than the le pink.
  • + 2
 This frame is pure love, i can´t tell how i´m into the look and feeling of cro-mo frames...
  • + 3
 sick vid, sick bike
  • + 0
 i like the look it makes the bike weak but looks like this bike will go fast at the world cup stage
  • + 0
 whats the name of the song? Big Grin
  • + 1
 oh,lol.. didnt see it in the endx)
  • - 1
 that thing looks more like a bmx bike than a dh rig, no way would i ride it. cro mo is not the issue for me
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