Donate $5 to Santa Cruz Trails & You Could Win an Ibis

May 18, 2018
by MBSantaCruz  

PRESS RELEASE: Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

One lucky donor will ride away with a new $9,500 Ibis bicycle in the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) “Ante Up for Trails” campaign. Donors receive one entry for every $5 donated to the MBOSC between now and May 29 when a winner will be chosen. The winner then gets to pick the production Ibis bicycle of their choice as the prize. Donations can be made at www.mbosc.org/anteup.

“We have witnessed MBOSC gain momentum as they work to improve trail access in Santa Cruz,” said Ibis Founder Scot Nicol. “Their recent growth and success has been impressive, and they’ve clearly cultivated great relationships with local land managers. All of us at Ibis are proud to support MBOSC, and we are eager to ride new trails that can be built as a result of the Ante Up for Trails campaign. We look forward to sending a bike to the lucky winner!”

When Kate Hertler isn't behind her desk doing inside sales at Ibis, you can find her riding the trails and doing trail work with MBOSC.

MBOSC continues to work towards its vision to make Santa Cruz County the premier place to be a mountain biker through advocacy, trail construction, maintenance, and world-class cycling events. Some of the current project updates include:

● Three Miles of New Trail in Scotts Valley: Three miles of new public multi-use trails are coming to the Glenwood Open Space Preserve in Scotts Valley. These trails will provide local schools and the community a new resource for recreation and connection with the environment. The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, responsible for stewarding the property, has partnered with MBOSC to perform the trail design and construction. Construction began on April 25, 2018 and is planned to be completed by mid-June.

● New Trail Reroute in Wilder Ranch: MBOSC has received full approval for the West Engelsmans Reroute at Wilder Ranch. MBOSC will be working with CA State Parks to decommission the badly eroded West Engelsmans Fire Road and replace it with just over a mile of sustainably built trail. Through their fundraising efforts, MBOSC will be covering their own costs for this project and paying for State Parks staff time and expenses. Construction is scheduled for the fall of 2018.

● New 30+ Mile Trail Network in San Vicente Redwoods: MBOSC took a leading role in the design of a 30+ mile trail network in the San Vicente Redwoods. Recently the partners managing this property have successfully worked through their public access planning process and are moving forward with submitting their plan to Santa Cruz County for approval this spring. This means the new trail network is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Tools of the trade at an MBOSC volunteer trail work day.

“Ibis Cycles and MBOSC have been longtime partners working to expand and promote sustainable trail access in the Santa Cruz area,” said MBOSC Marketing and Events Director Amanda Schaper. “We are thrilled to have their support through advocacy campaigns, trail construction and maintenance projects, event sponsorship, and volunteer appreciation. Our progress on bringing more trails to Santa Cruz wouldn’t be possible without Ibis’ continued support, and we are grateful to have them behind the MBOSC mission.”

Amanda Schaper is MBOSC's Marketing & Events Director, and she practices what she preaches. She completed the MBOSC Trail Crew Leader training program, which is offered each fall to people who are interested in leading volunteer trail work crews.

In 2013 Ibis and MBOSC launched Own the Flow, a fundraising campaign that coincided with the original Ripley release, which raised over $40,000 towards the construction of the legendary Flow Trail at Soquel Demonstration State Forest. In 2017 Ibis and MBOSC launched the first ever Ante Up for Trails fundraising campaign, which raised a record-breaking $60,000 for trails in Santa Cruz.

As MBOSC's Trails Program Director, Drew Perkins oversees the design and construction of all MBOSC projects. If you've ridden the world-famous Flow Trail in Soquel Demonstration State Forest, you have Drew to thank for its amazing design.

The Ante Up for Trails campaign is open until 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 29, 2018! You could win this bike! Click here to donate and enter now!

MENTIONS: @ibiscycles

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  • 22 0
 So amazed at all the incredible work MBOSC does!!! Keep it up.
  • 8 0
 ...and thank you very much Ibis!
  • 18 1
 Please add PayPal. I'm one of those guys that doesn't put my CC info online
  • 2 1
  • 2 0
 Agreed as well
  • 10 0
 Why the freak can't San Diego get their shizz together like this? I would support the hell out of and be part of the trail crew if there was just a damn organized and legal place to ride. This is awesome for Santa Cruz. Wish my sister still lived there.
  • 4 1
 Why not start an organization yourself?
  • 1 0
 Can you even ride in San Diego? When I lived down there in the 90s mountain bikers were chased off of trails by equestrians due to the severe damage bikes did to the trails (rolls eyes). Grew up there, and don't miss it a bit!
  • 2 0
 @Poulsbojohnny: having witnessed an equestrian severely damage a local mountain bike trail nothing quite pisses me off more than that argument
  • 1 0
 San Diego is finally getting their shit together thanks to SDMA. I imagine will also see a lot more happen as the disbandment from IMBA will increase the working capital. If your looking for jump trails/dh oriented you wont see that many projects as not many people are interested. Most dhers in my experience in my time in SD have a lot of motivation to build but always build illegally.

There are also some limitations in that. A good flow trial needs vert. The trails evergreen has built in seattle have 2-3k vert. San Diego for example black mountain max elevation is 1.2k ft. So your looking at 2-3min runs. Teds is a perfect example, awesome fun runs but super short.

There is a DH trail planned at black mountain. The orosco ridge trail system should be good. Penasquitos has a lot planned. I heard the valley center pump track is getting online again.

San Diego and Seattle have about the same amount of population (seattle might have more, Im counting metropolis). Seattle just raised 60k in their giving campaign or something like that. That's not memberships, just donations. If San Diego could see that kind of community involvement they could go a lot further than what they have done, which I believe is awesome the past couple years. They are finally seeing the fruits of their labor with the hand shaking of land owners etc. I think the executive director is just going full time now, whereas evergreen has multiple full time trail builders and employees. Really money needs to get thrown into the pot. There are plenty of people willing to volunteer.

Then you have the idiots who demolish a 3 post fence that was cemented into the ground closing off an illegal trail. Further hurting the relationships built to open more trail. When most people were just walking around it or jumping over it to still ride it. Yes Tunnel 3 aka "rocking horse" was one of the best trials in SD but plenty are being planned in PQ to make up for it.

There just never seemed to be a complete voice in SD while I lived there for 8 years. Always people hurting the progress advocacy groups where working on. But it is getting better. I believe SDMBA is headed in the right direction.
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 @Airfreak: The thing WA has is copious amounts of logging land... something that San Diego will never have... until palm tree lumber becomes the next big thing at least.
  • 1 0
 @jefe: yeah I was going to edit my post to account for that point. But still there is a big lack of support from the cycling community in SD compared to Seattle. That was really what I was getting at. Its always the same group of people in SD helping out.
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 These trails deserve my money.
  • 3 0
 May I please win one thing in my life, and may it please be this? Lol
  • 3 0
 Cob, Matt, and Emmat friggin' KILL IT. More power to 'em
  • 1 0
 My shop, which is a level 2 Ibid dealer, just got their first Ripmo (and only one, after paying for 2 over 6 weeks ago) Thanks Ibis! Keep up the trail work!
  • 2 0
 Tried to donate and the site wouldn't work.....
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  • 1 0
 I'm donating just to support the riding.
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 Why no PayPal option?
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 Now if they would give me a Santa Cruz, would be a lot cooler if they did, alright alright alright
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