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Video: Going Down, South African Style

Oct 19, 2014
by Thomas Sandell  
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After returning home from a long race season in Europe, Stefan takes some much needed down time at his home, Cape Town. As Summer roles in to the Southern Hemisphere, the conditions in Cape Town get extremely dusty and hot, making for some really good riding which contrasts well to the tracks in Europe.

"2014 was a roller coaster to say the least, but I think that can be expected in a sport like this. I had some unfortunate things happen mid season which kept me from riding my best but I managed to pull things together and end the season on a good note. I am still learning, improving and most of all having fun which is what riding is all about. Bring on 2015!" - Stefan Garlicki.

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 That was a Solid edit guys.
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 He must have ebola cuz he is sick!!
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 That was low!
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 Yip, in SA you either get sponsored by banks or insurance companies. The bike companies might sponsor a bike or two, but never living costs to race in Europe....( unless you are a "top 10 in world" rider! )
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 Probably a classic corporate faux pas but I think Investec's logo is rather offensive. Actually make that extremely offensive.
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 How the heck do you figure that?
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 It's a skinhead symbol. Celtic cross was appropriated by those pricks in the 70's I hate skinheads. Ruined too many great punk gigs in the 80's.
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 It looks more like a cross hairs to me. A Celtic cross is a crusuffix as in the bottom line is longer than the other three parts. Also the 70s was 40 years ago bro. I think it's a bit of a stretch to say there logo is extremely offensive.
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 As I said it was appropriated by them. Celtic cross is pre christian and was previously appropriated by christians in the 5th century. Today that logo means white pride and all that shite cause once some one with those views taxes a symbol no one wants it back. Here in NZ it's really only become common place in the last 20 years . You guys have probably never lived in a 'hood' (yes we have hoods in nz and they are mean - knives & fists instead of guns). You probably think tagging means nothing. That symbol is what skinheads reply to red & blue tags with out here. Then you may see it done back on the skins fence in red or blue depending on who runs the hood.
It is a classic corporate faux pas.
Nice video by the way!
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 Going down South African style? Does he ride through doors?
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 Cold War Kids - Hot Coals
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