Downhill Fantasy League Mid Season Analysis

Jul 25, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
The moment Loic Bruni realised he d taken his third win of the season.

We are now over halfway through the 2019 season and with five races completed let's take a look at how the points are stacking up in the Fantasy League.

Race Results
2019 has brought French domination of the Elite Men's racing with Loic Bruni and Amaury Pierron taking every win so far. In the Elite Women's, the results have been harder to predict after plenty of injuries and three different winners so far this year.

Round 1: Maribor

Elite Men:

1st. Loic Bruni
2nd. Danny Hart
3rd. Troy Brosnan
4th. Charlie Harrison
5th. Matt Walker

Elite Women:

1st. Tahnee Seagrave
2nd. Rachel Atherton
3rd. Tracey Hannah
4th. Marine Cabirou
5th. Monika Hrastnik

Round 2: Fort William

Elite Men:

1st. Amaury Pierron
2nd. Troy Brosnan
3rd. Loris Vergier
4th. Finn Iles
5th. Danny Hart

Elite Women:

1st. Rachel Atherton
2nd. Tracey Hannah
3rd. Nina Hoffmann
4th. Marine Cabirou
5th. Veronika Widmann

Round 3: Leogang

Elite Men:

1st. Loic Bruni
2nd. Greg Minnaar
3rd. Troy Brosnan
4th. Danny Hart
5th. Aaron Gwin

Elite Women:

1st. Tracey Hannah
2nd. Nina Hoffmann
3rd. Kate Weatherly
4th. Marine Cabirou
5th. Veronika Widmann

Vali Holl is the undisputed queen of Leogang once again.

Round 4: Vallnord

Elite Men:

1st Loic Bruni
2nd Loris Vergier
3rd Troy Brosnan
4th Amaury Pierron
5th Danny Hart

Elite Women:

1st Rachel Atherton
2nd Marine Cabirou
3rd Tracey Hannah
4th Emilie Siegenthaler
5th Eleonora Farina

Round 5: Les Gets

Elite Men:

1st. Amaury Pierron
2nd. Loic Bruni
3rd. Laurie Greenland
4th. Troy Brosnan
5th. Loris Vergier

Elite Women:

1st. Tracey Hannah
2nd. Marine Cabirou
3rd. Mariana Salazar
4th. Eleonora Farina
5th. Nina Hoffmann

Nina Hoffmann over the final drop at into a 3rd place finish.

Podium finishes

In the Elite Men's category, Troy Brosnan is the only rider to finish on the podium at every World Cup in 2019. Brosnan's worst result came in Les Gets where he got a fourth place. Loic Bruni and Danny Hart are just behind Brosnan with four podium finishes with three of Bruni's being a win.

For the Women, Tracey Hannah and Marine Cabirou tie at the top with a perfect scorecard of five podium finishes each. They will be all out in their battle for the overall so expect plenty more from these two at the next three rounds. Nina Hoffmann sits with three podiums so far but we expect her to be back at the top after a tough two rounds in Vallnord and Les Gets.



Top scoring riders
At this point in the season, both Loic Bruni and Tracey Hannah are the only riders with over a 1,000 points each. Amaury Pierron and Troy Brosnan are also good picks for consistent points this season. Brosnan is always consistent and Les Gets was the only time this year he placed outside of the top three. Marine Cabirou is the fifth-highest scoring rider and is having a great season this year after a flurry of good results.

Top 5 highest scoring riders:
1st. Loic Bruni: 1060
2nd. Tracey Hannah: 1040
3rd. Amaury Pierron: 890
4th. Troy Brosnan: 860
5th. Marine Cabirou: 850



Best value riders

Now that we are at the mid-point of the season we can see which riders give the best return on their price. Looking at the Elite Women there are three riders that stand out as the best value for your limited money. Both Kate Weatherly and Nina Hoffmann have had amazing seasons so far and because of their low cost, they are a choice that is definitely worth considering. Looking up the list Marine Cabirou is another good choice, her dollar per point cost may be a lot higher than Weatherly and Hoffmann but her total points are significantly higher. Tracey Hannah is also another good pick with a dollar to point value of $529 but she is also one of the most expensive women.

For the Elite Men, David Trummer has flown up the leaderboards and scored large amounts of points with a relatively low cost in the Fantasy League. Troy Brosnan and Loic Bruni will cost a fair proportion of your $1.5 million but they have been so consistent this year that they are almost a must-have addition to your team, if you can afford it.

Kate Weatherly: $54 a point: 460
Nina Hoffmann: $147 a point: 680
Marine Cabirou: $441 a point: 850

David Trummer: $196 a point: 383
Loic Bruni: $518 a point: 1060
Troy Brosnan: $523 a point: 860

69 and jeans. Privateer Johannes von Klebelsberg rode to 16th place.

But what if you already have your perfect team and need to fill the last spot with only a small amount of money left? Luckily there are plenty of riders who won't cost you over $75,000 and have all scored at least 100 points. Again for the women, Kate Weatherly is a great pick with a cost of just $25,000. There is also Camille Balanche and Sandra Rubesam who each cost $20,000 and have scored 335 and 230 points respectively.

The Denim Destroyer, Johannes Von Klebelsberg, is a good pick for the Elite Men costing $50,000 and holding 118 points after the fifth round. Alex Marin costs slightly more at $75,000 and has slightly more points at 162, again David Trummer is one of the cheapest riders and it is no wonder that he regularly appears on some of the top fantasy teams.

Sandra Rubesam: $20,000: 230
Camille Balanche: $20,000: 335
Kate Weatherly: $25,000: 460

Johannes Von Klebelsberg: $50,000: 118
Alex Marin: $75,000: 162
David Trummer: $75,000: 383

Most popular riders
Interestingly, of all the riders available in the fantasy league it is Nina Hoffmann who is currently the most popular choice for players. Hoffmann has been selected in 31% of the Fantasy League teams and sits ahead of any other rider. Troy Brosnan is the closest in popularity being a member of 28% of teams. Tahnee Seagrave who has been out with injury since round two is still included in 7% of teams, tha'st a lot of money that those players are using up on a rider that has been scoring that zero points for four rounds. Remember to always check your team.

Another rider that is an oddly popular picked is the now EWS racer, Miranda Miller. The Kona Factory Enduro rider did turn up and ride in Les Gets but 12% of players have put her in their team. Hopefully, they look out for the Val Di Sole start list and make sure to change her out if she isn't racing next weekend. Loic Bruni who has been so dominant this seson only sits fourth among players and features in 21% of the Fantasy Teams.

Top 5 most popular riders:
Nina Hoffmann: 31% / 9779
Troy Brosnan: 28% / 8886
Marine Cabirou: 23% / 7430
Loic Bruni: 21% / 6811
Tracey Hannah: 19% / 5949

Winning teams at each round
Round 1, Maribor
@bungalow: 820 // Loic Bruni, Troy Brosnan, Charlie Harrison, Bernard Kerr, Nina Hoffmann, Sandra Rubesam //
Round 2, Fort William
@CanyonDavid7: 845 // Finn Iles, David Trummer, Troy Brosnan, Bernard Kerr, Nina Hoffmann, Marine Cabirou //
Round 3, Leogang
@ta4645: 940 // Matt Walker, Troy Brosnan, Greg Minnaar, Charlie Harrison, Nina Hoffmann, Kate Weatherly //
Round 4, Vallnord
@brettdavis: 875 // David Trummer, Troy Brosnan, Loris Vergier, Johannes Von Klebelsberg, Marine Cabirou, Kate Weatherly //
Round 5, Les Gets
@nicob: 875 // Amaury Pierron, David Trummer, Thomas Estaque, Hugo Frixtalon, Marine Cabirou, Nina Hoffmann //

Troy Brosnan continuing his 2nd 3rd streak by just one more race to make it 5 for 5.

Current top five teams

1st. @finnvanleu: 3746 // Loic Bruni, Troy Brosnan, David Trummer, Marine Cabirou, Dylan Levesque, Camille Balanche //
2nd. @AgentRacing: 3742 // Troy Brosnan, Amaury Pierron, Eleonora Farina, Dylan Levesque, Thomas Estaque, Nina Hoffmann //
3rd. @thewho07: 3687 // Loris Vergier, Troy Brosnan, David Trummer, Marine Cabirou, Nina Hoffmann, Johannes Von Klebelsberg //
4th. @JoelSuthO: 3665 // Troy Brosnan, Tracey Hannah, David Trummer, Marine Cabirou, Forrest Riesco, Miran Vauh //
5th. @Nolram: 3624 // Troy Brosnan, Brook Macdonald, Marine Cabirou, Dylan Levesque, Thomas Estaque, Nina Hoffman //

The Fantasy Downhill League is Presented by Trek and SRAM.

MENTIONS: @trek / @SramMedia


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 Why does only the DH Fantasy page not show you your remaining budget or roster time?
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 Winning teams:

Round 3, Leogang

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 It would be interesting to know what would have been the 'perfect team' for each round/the season. I imagine the algorithm to cross reference the rider cost and points scored isn't impossible,,,?
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