Downmall 2017 - Let's Go Shopping

Jan 29, 2017
by Sebastian Sternemann  
Jan Cepelak ended up 4th.

Downmall 2017

Let's Go Shopping

Photography and Words: Sebastian Sternemann
Jan Cepelak ended up 4th at Downmall Frankfurt this weekend.

After initially starting out in the Czech Republic, Downmall is now in its 8th year, and its 3rd European tour. When it's off season during the northern winter, riders try to find some indoor races.
Downmall brings racing to the cities and shopping centers of Europe.

After 6 stops in 2016, the longest tour ever, there were only 4 races announced for 2017. In the beginning of January came the bad news that the first stop in Essen, Germany, was canceled. The organizers had new safety standards, and Essen was not able to, prepare in time. So the tour in 2017 now has only 3 destinations; Frankfurt, Budapest and Prague.

  The My Zeil shopping centre in Frankfurt has a unique glass architecture set over 6 floors.

The famous Frankfurt skyline.
These are the highest buildings in Germany.

  My Zeil does not look like a usual mall.

In 2016 the current Urban World Champion Johannes Fischbach from Germany and Czech Tomas Slavic did an exciting battle for the crown. Tomas, one of the founders of this series, was able to get the victory.

This year Fischi will not start because of an injury. In Autumn he broke his collarbone during training in Mallorca and still has problems with it. He hopes to be alright when the World Cup season starts.

Tomas Slavik was also not able to start as he sustained a knee injury just before Downmall. So it was very exciting who to see who was able to win this event.

  Ben Moore at the start before the track walk.

  Ben is checking out the right line with Daniel Kowalski. This year they changed the track a little bit and built in some new obstacles to slow down the pedal sections.

The riders use resin on the tires to get more grip on the track. The resin is actually from handball but the federation likes to ban it so it is a new chance to find a new market at the urban races.
Looks like glue and if you do not pay attention at the pits you will leave with it on your clothes.

  Erik Fickeischer at the preparation of the bikes with Benjamin Ehrlich.

  Druning the whole event a DJ Plays music to motivate the spectators.

  Ben Moore looks a little skeptical at the start.

  Last year it was raining outside the whole day. This time we had luck and could stay under the sunny glass roof

  The fan club of Benjamin Ehrlich was cheering him down the track.

After the first run, there was a suprise as junior Florian Werres almost jumped the escalator into the flat and was 0.2 sec faster than Ben Moore. There were 5 riders within a 1 sec gap.

  Junior Florian Werres was really suprised he got injured at the Downhill World Champs but was able to win the first run here.

  Willy Muller at the wing.

  Erik Fickeischer.

  Between the race runs the freestyle rider had a contest. So the spectators were able to see every time a rider came by.

  Anton Wunscher is a new talent on the bike. Last year he started his race career with some good results.

  During the freestyle contest a drummer and a DJ bring music to warm up the spectators.

  In the freestyle contest there was a bmx category.

  As well as dirtjumpers.

  The Swiss Syndicate rider Noel Niederberger was a curious addition at this urban. He made it to the semi-final.

  Jonas Gauss at the start of the track.

  The Czech people were very strong at this event Jakub Riha a formal 4x racer ended up 3rd.

  Ben Moore more on the way to his victory.

  Ben Moore was so happy to take the win.

Results BMX:
1. David Janáč, trick - 360 down whip to whip
2. Vilibald Vítek, trick - frontflip no hander
3. Konrád Szabo, trick - flip triple whip

Results MTB:
1. Tomáš Zejda, trick - 360 whip to x-up
2. Damjan Siriški, trick - flip x-up one foot
3. Yannick Romswinckel, trick - super tail whip

1. Ben Moore (UK), time 46.63 sec
2. Miki Nevrkla (CZE), time 46.94 sec
3. Jakub Riha (CZE), time 47.22 sec

  Ben Moore was obviously exhausted after his win.

Here is a Video of Ben Moore's fast winning run.

Next Weekend the Downmall series stops in Budapest for another exciting "Wintersports" event. Who do you think is able to win?

MENTIONS: @Sebbi89


  • + 73
 not at all like the coconut mall in mario cart
  • + 3
 Isle Delfino > Frankfurt City
  • + 31
 I wish we could have this in the United States.
  • + 41
 All the abandon malls could be put to good use
  • + 16
 Can't imagine the risk taken "After the first run, there was a suprise as junior Florian Werres almost jumped the escalator into the flat". An inch missed and that would be catastrophic. Would be nice to see the pic or footage of that run though.
  • + 8
 Head over to Instagram: @florianwerres
  • + 6
 @oleole: holy cow, he actually does clear an entire escalator.
  • + 2
 @Ziph: Yup, that move gave me a cringe on my knees.
  • + 19
 drummer skipped leg day
  • + 10
 Never skip leg day
  • + 9
 Such a crazy event, it seems so lenient but cool they would use a whole mall for an event like that.
  • + 7
 Compare the winning tricks: a 360 whip to x-up takes first place on the MTB, while a *flip triple whip* is only good enough for third... those bmx guys can sure move those little bikes around...
  • + 4
 That course looks like an annoying mix of go fast / slam on brakes / go fast / slam on brakes and try not to slip out and drop 4 stories.
  • + 2
 Let's be honest. When you are being dragged through the mall by your wife/mom/daughter, don't we all fantasize about doing this?! I picture huge gap jumps at the second floor food court.
  • + 2
 A decent looking Orange. Personally, their hardtail would be the way to go, since Orange FS are lets say... "causes slight visual discomfort"
  • + 2
 Anyone have footage of the 360 down whip to whip?
  • + 1
 +1, Also flip triple whip sure looks amazing
  • + 2
 Why are they all wearing goggles??
  • + 2
  • + 1
 Sponsors or wannabee sponsored Wink
  • + 1
 The pro look
  • + 1
 Those BMX riders look so silly. Someone get those guys some damn shorts.
  • + 2
 I hate frankfurt...
  • + 1
 and he had loads of fun as he was on a hardtail! Big Grin
  • + 1
 Is it me or does the article thumbnail look like one crazy wallride?
  • + 1
 Let's go to the mall...TODAY!!! --Robin Sparkles
  • + 1
 And I thought I hated the mall.
  • + 1
 Everybody's on a hurry... i'm sure it's clearance season!!
  • - 2
 puking in 3,2,1.... glue on tires??? f*ck that shity event dont have a video because its so dam ridicolous event... but looks like there is a lot of money....
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