Drew Bezanson's Learning Curve - Episode 1

Jul 11, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  
Check out the first episode of Drew Bezanson’s Learning Curve today! This week in episode one, we catch up with Drew Bezanson a few months following his release of Uncontainable. Still riding the high from the video’s success and his own personal accomplishment, Drew begins looking towards the next challenge – slopestyle mountain biking – and coming to terms with the uphill battle he’ll face if he wants to shred slopestyle with the best of them.

Learning Curve is a six-part series released every Monday that captures the high-fives, tumbling lows and humbling experience of Drew Bezanson’s first season on the FMB World Tour of slopestyle mountain biking as he attempts to earn a spot at Red Bull Joyride on Sunday, August 21st.

Episode Guide
Ep. 1 – July 11: Who is Drew, why is he attempting this and an introduction to Red Bull Joyride.
Ep. 2 – July 18: A New Bike, How to Qualify for Red Bull Joyride and a trip to New Zealand.
Ep. 3 – July 25: Dealing with injury, and first contest at Swatch Rocket Air.
Ep. 4 – August 1: A visit to 26Trix and dealing with disappointment.
Ep. 5 – August 8: Swatch Prime Line and making it to the finals in Drew’s biggest contest so far.
Ep. 6 – August 15: TBC

Tune into Red Bull Joyride live on Red Bull TV on August 21st to see the conclusion of Drew Bezanson’s journey.



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 Hes always seemed to pick the bigger drops ad transfers and I think that's why a lot of MTBers like him too. The joyride edit had my jaw on the keyboard. Hope he hangs around for a bit to give it a go over a few seasons- not gonna be easy to go straight to the top of such a talented group of riders.
  • + 1
 I would look at rogatkin.. I think drew will follow that learning curve pretty well... the only real problem may be the unique trick factor. Rogatkin has freak tricks, but how many stand out tricks can Bezanson do that the other guys arent matching? I think that's the name of the game right now in slopestyle... The trick list has to be unique, difficult, and stylish to make a top spot at the big events... It will be cool to see how he does.
  • + 16
 Narrated by Cam McCaul?
  • + 13
 Saw Drew at SimpleSession15 and the guy was unbelivable.It is so cool to see him get into mtb and I really hope he does well at Joyride!
  • + 1
 Could be the dark horse in there !
  • + 11
 Psyched! Release of a new series = the best birthday present. And free slurpees, those are great too
  • + 11
 Happy birthday man, ride on.
  • + 8
 He's obviously not the first to go from BMX, he'll be great. Should be fun to watch. Liked the vid too, it was kinda twisted.
  • + 5
 Definitely not the first, but arguably one of the most successful BMXer's to make the transition. Also stoked that someone from my home province is coming into MTB slopestyle spotlight.
  • + 5
 @MCsession7: Rogation, Claw?
  • + 4
 @Massini64: I was referring to success in BMX, not MTB.
  • + 6
 @mountaintrials003: Definitely Nyquist too, forgot about the legend.
  • - 1
 no wear near the first considering that claw was a bmxer before slope
  • + 8
 i have a boner
  • + 3
 Exacly what i was thinking... err not. But here, have my upvote.
  • + 2
 Mere un-Red Bull sponsored mortals make the hard slog through the FMB rankings in order to attend gold or diamond events whereas Drew just.....leapfrogs to enter them- Just because Red Bull... Yeah whatever. Be good to see how he fares though!
  • + 1
 He isn't jumping over anyone, he had to gain FMB points just like everyone else, that's why he is riding so many FMB events. You don't need to be anyone special to get into a FMB event..
  • + 0
 @MCsession7: Actually.. you have to be ranked top 50 to get into FMB Gold events. Sooo yeaa maybe he did ( or submitted a sick vide and got invited ). But being one of those mere mortals who worked through the bronze events for a few years I was stoked to meet him at Rocket Air, and compete against him at 26Trix, untill I broke my leg lol. Anyway he's a true gent and more than welcome in the mtb scene. I just hope it doesn't take me a few years to get back to that level and I can compete with him on the big ramps again.
  • + 1
 @AlfieStephens: Thats what I was saying, he didn't get into Gold events by jumping anyone, he has competed in numerous lower level events since the beginning of this year, ie allowing him to gain points to get into a Gold level event.
  • + 2
 Usually I'm a bit skeptical about BMX riders switching to mtb, because often they purely do it for the money and fame. But looking at Drews riding style, how big he's always going, switching to mtb makes perfect sense; it matches his style of going huge better.
  • + 1
 Yeah, I've been thinking that the current ones, Bez & RyNy are thinking it's an easy path. RyNy BMX guy is on his way out, Bez's "hey look at this weird spot I'ma drop in from" approach to BMX comps has run its course & maybe they think they can come in & Bas' this m'f*cka. 10-15 years ago yeah, you could be OK at BMX & stomp all over this shit, but nowadays, after the necessary evolutionary period has come & gone the guys that woulda been the best in BMX 10 years ago, rode MTBs instead thanks to everyone from Bas' to Bender, who took things from that pussy racing shit & said, "this is the best way to ride". Thanks to those guys the new kids now know the biggest, baddest & raddest place to be is on an MTB & that's why we have Sem', Rheeder, Rogue, Soder, Genon & all the Fest heavies etc. MTB is still sooo much farther from the end of its evolutionary potential than either BMX or MX is, but it's too far from the "not good enough to career in BMX but good enough to shock & awe in MTB" days for anything less than the best to win at this game now. Drew has a long way to go. I hope he sticks it out. I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be commenting on the Bez & RyNy in slope. I think that in itself is a testament to how great MTB/FMB has become.
  • + 5
 Stoked for Drew! always good to see fresh faces in slopestyle
  • + 1
 He rides at the same park as the best in the biz. I've seen them both there at the same time. I don't see any reason he couldn't train w/Rheeder. He's already ridin' a Trek. I'm kinda assuming that's why. What better way for Trek to make their team even more devastating than by pickin' up the Bez?
  • + 3
 This had me smiling and excited the entire way through starting right from the get go. Great original work.
  • + 2
 ahh the drop of good feeling from your head when you see its the shitty red bull player :'(
  • + 3
 Easily the nicest guy on 2 wheels. All the good vibes to Drew Bananaz
  • + 2
 Sick vid, i cant wait for the future episodes!! Awesome rider, good luck for the season!
  • + 3
 mouth dropped and pumped for this guy!
  • + 1
 All the best mate, good to see some crossover.
  • + 1
 What song is that!??! At the beginning sounds kind of like 80s music
  • + 0
 damn Deadbull player,.
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