Video: Drew Bezanson - The Next Thing

Aug 6, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  

"If you’ve ever met Drew Bezanson, you know that there is a love and passion for what he does. He eats, sleeps and breathes BMX. From following him around Southern California to getting on a plane and seeing what he wanted to conquer next; North Carolina was The Next Thing. Anything less than perfectly dialled and executed isn’t acceptable, and there is a method to Drew’s seeming madness. A strive for “perfection” starts long before Drew ever steps on his bike. His motocross background has formed a lot of his approach to BMX. He follows Supercross just as closely as BMX, and the level of athleticism in moto—something often looked down upon in BMX—is what he models himself after. Training is an inaccurate word, but Drew puts forth an effort to excel in everything he does. It’s admirable. Super foods. Ice baths. It’s a level that BMX isn’t used to."

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 I knew as soon as I clicked the video it was gonna be bangers.
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 This guy knows how to ride - that is all!
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 He's got pegs on his bike, of course he can shred.
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 Playstation-like smooth and accurate riding... just ridiculous!
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 Do check out Redbull's Raditude series. Watching this guy always make me feel like Jon Snow.
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 The Bez looks like he could be Ace's brah & his style is pretty much bang on. That flip to fakie & lawn peg on the hitching post are just total Ace. Both are mold breaking riders that stood/stand out because they find the lines & do the things that the rest of the field doesn't.

Seriously, look at a pic of Ace & then a pic of Bez. Could totally be brahs.
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 cool video didn't realize the athleticism in moto was something often looked down upon in bmx though
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 A DB video never ceases to *absolutely* amaze me...
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 nice to see a gyro on a bike. thought they had died. also incredible skill.
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 Killer! And he has a brake! Love it!
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 Absolutely one of my favorite people to ride with, such a positive dude who just wants to push the sport as much as he can
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 Incredible riding, going to have to check out more of his vids.
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 Holy Fack, dude is probably a wizard ...
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 He is a robot. Humans, even wizards, can't do what he does.
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 best bmx edit yet!!!!!! drew can ride wow
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 This guy always seems to be on a whole different level! Never seen a vid of his riding that wasn't awesome
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 if i could have JUST 5% of hes bike feel i could be a pro Frown
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 Just amazing
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 finally a guy who can truly ride an open loop

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