Final Results & Replay: Dual Slalom - Crankworx Innsbruck 2019

Jun 13, 2019
by Pinkbike Staff  

The 100% Dual Slalom provided some tense racing for all the riders. With the right line faster for most heats, it made for some tense racing to see who could hold onto their advantage. In the Pro Men, it would be the young American Matthew Sterling who would take the gold medal with Mitch Ropelato crashing out on both of his finals runs. For the Pro Women, Vaea Verbeeck would look great throughout the heats and would just take the win from Kialani Hines in a close final.


Pro Men

1st. Matthew Sterling
2nd. Mitch Ropelato
3rd. Luca Cometti
4th. Keegan Wright

Pro Women

1st. Vaea Verbeeck
2nd. Kialani Hines
3rd. Anneke Beerten
4th. Danielle Beecroft

Full results to follow shortly.

Check back after soon to find out how your fantasy team did then make sure you start editing your team for the Rockshox Innsbruck Pump Track Challenge that will be broadcast live from 8:00 pm CEST.

Live Race Updates:

5:30 am PDT We are live for the first broadcast event of Crankworx Innsbruck 2019.

5:37 am PDT // Round of 16 //

5:38 am PDT Ed Masters wins his first heat against Adrien Loron.

5:41 am PDT Advantage to Stefano Dolfin over Keegan Wright.

5:42 am PDT Kade Edwards takes his first heat, the righthand course is definitely looking quicker so far.

5:44 am PDT Bas Van Steenbergen has a strong first run, takes the win over Benedikt Last.

5:46 am PDT Hannes Slavik just takes it, Austen Warren is just behind in the closest heat so far.

5:47 am PDT Luca Cometti almost loses it at the finish line but still manages to take the win over Tomas Slavik. Another win for the righthand course.

5:48 am PDT Garret Mechem just takes it over Billy Meaclem.

5:49 am PDT Mitch Ropelato taking his first heat by a big margin.

5:49 am PDT Now they will switch sides and race again in the first heat. Can anyone take a win of the left course?

5:55 am PDT The Pro Women are now on their first runs.

5:56 am PDT Casey Brown goes 0.68 up on Caroline Washam.

5:59 am PDT Danielle Beecroft takes her heat.

6:00 am PDT Kialani Hines takes the first left side win.

6:01 am PDT Anna Newkirk easy her first heat against Leigh Donovan.

6:03 am PDT Paula Zibasa goes 0.76 faster than Steffi Marth.

6:05 am PDT Anneke Beerten goes fastest against Mathilde Bernard in heat one.

6:06 am PDT Riders with the Heat One advantage: Vae Verbeeck // Casey Brown // Harriet Burbidge Smith // Danielle Beecroft // Kialani Hines // Anna Newkirk // Paula Zibasa // Anneke Beerten //

6:07 am PDT Ed Masters advances to the round of eight after pushing hard in the last few turns.

6:09 am PDT Keegan Wright advances with an advantage of 0.19

6:11 am PDT Kade Edwards loses too much time after a mistake at the end, Matthew Sterling advances to the next round.

6:13 am PDT Bas Van Steenbergen justs get through to the second round.

6:14 am PDT Austin Warren takes a huge margin of over 0.92 and advances.

6:15 am PDT Tomas Slavik takes the win in the second heat but it isn't enough and Luca Cometti moves forward to round two.

6:17 am PDT Billy Meaclem has a great run and advances ahead of Garret Mechem.

6:20 am PDT Mitch Ropelato goes forward to the next round.

6:21 am PDT Pro Men riders advancing to the next round: Ed Masters // Keegan Wright // Matthew Sterling // Bas Van Steenbergen // Austin Warren // Luca Cometti // Billy Meaclem // Mitch Ropelato //

6:25 am PDT Casey Brown looks to have made a huge mistake and Caroline Washam gets a big lead in the second heat and advances.

6:26 am PDT After an amazing run on the slower line Danielle Beecroft moves into the next round.

6:27 am PDT Two for two, Kialani Hines is the clear winner of this heat and goes into the round of eight riders.

6:29 am PDT Anna Newkirk doesn't take the win in her second heat but still takes Leigh Donovan out of the running and advances.

6:30 am PDT Zibasa loses the back end in the grass turns and hands the lead to Steffi Marth.

6:32 am PDT The last rider to advance in the Pro Women is Anneke Beerten.

6:33 am PDT Pro Women riders advancing to the next round: Vaea Verbeeck // Caroline Washam // Harriet Burbidge-Smith // Danielle Beecroft // Kialani Hines // Anna Newkirk // Steffi Marth // Anneke Beerten //

6:35 am PDT // Round of 8 //

6:36 am PDT Masters looked to be on an insane run but he lost traction in the last few turns and handed the advantage to Keegan Wright.

6:38 am PDT Bas Van Steenbergen takes the first heat after Sterling makes a mistake near the bottom.

6:39 am PDT Cometti takes the advantage going into the second heat but Warren is not far behind.

6:40 am PDT Ropelato takes a clear win against Meaclem. He is looking very fast on the track in Innsbruck.

6:41 am PDT Pro Men riders with the Heat One advantage: Keegan Wright // Bas Van Steenbergen // Luca Cometti // Mitch Ropelato //

6:45 am PDT Caroline Washam goes down. It looks like her front wheel went out the top of the berm. Vaea Verbeeck has the advantage.

6:47 am PDT Danielle Beecroft goes ahead in the first heat, can Harriet Burbidge-Smith close the gap.

6:48 am PDT Kialani Hines goes just behind Anna Newkirk.

6:49 am PDT Anneke Beerten takes the full 1.5 advantage into heat two.

6:50 am PDT Pro Women riders with the Heat One advantage: Vaea Verbeeck // Danielle Beecroft // Anna Newkirk // Anneke Beerten //

6:52 am PDT Keegan Wright advances, despite putting on a crazy run and making up 1.2 Ed Masters misses out on the round of four.

6:54 am PDT Matthew Starling manages to make up a 0.93 gap and takes out Bas Van Steenbergen.

6:55 am PDT Luca Cometti holds his advantage and goes into the next round.

6:56 am PDT Billy Meaclem puts on a great run but it's not enough to topple Mitch Ropelato.

6:57 am PDT Pro Men riders advancing to the next round: Keegan Wright // Matthew Sterling // Luca Cometti // Mitch Ropelato //

7:00 am PDT Vaea Verbeeck takes a commanding lead into the next round.

7:01 am PDT Harriet Burbridge-Smith almost takes it but Danielle Beecroft holds on to the advantage.

7:03 am PDT Kialani Hines takes the lead against Anna Newkirk after two close heats.

7:05 am PDT Anneke Beerten takes a win on the slower left lane and continues into the round of four.

7:06 am PDT Pro Women riders advancing to the next round: Vaea Verbeeck // Danielle Beecroft // Kialani Hines // Anneke Beerten //

7:07 am PDT // Semi-Finals //

7:07 am PDT Matthew Sterling goes across the line over a second ahead of Keegan Wright in the first heat.

7:09 am PDT Mitch Ropelato looked unstoppable but only puts a 0.91 second lead on Luca Cometti.

7:10 am PDT Pro Men riders with the Heat One advantage: Matthew Sterling // Mitch Ropelato //

7:11 am PDT Danielle Beecroft takes advantage of 0.40 on the faster lane against Vaea Verbeeck.

7:13 am PDT Anneke Beerten gained a ton of time in the grass turns and puts a 0.39 second gap on Kialani Hines.

7:13 am PDT Anneke Beerten gets a 1.5 second penalty for missing a gate.

7:15 am PDT Pro Women riders with the Heat One advantage: Danielle Beecroft // Kialani Hines //

7:18 am PDT Matthew Sterlings holds the lead and goes into the Final. Keegan Wright is out.

7:21 am PDT Mitch Ropelato messes up the start but still advances into the Final.

7:21 am PDT Pro Men riders going into the Final: Matthew Sterling // Mitch Ropelato //

7:24 am PDT Vaea Verbeeck makes up Beecroft's advantage and goes into the Final.

7:25 am PDT After Anneke Beerten's missed gate penalty Kialani Hines advances to the Final with Vaea Verbeeck.

7:26 am PDT Pro Women riders going into the Final: Vaea Verbeeck // Kialani Hines //

7:30 am PDT Luca Cometti takes the advantage in the first heat of the Small Final.

7:31 am PDT Mitch Ropelato goes down on the fast lane. Matthew Sterling takes the maximum lead of 1.5 seconds into the next heat and the gold medal.

7:34 am PDT Anneke Beerten takes a 0.83 lead over Danielle Beecroft when she heads into the slow lane in the next heat of the Small Final.

7:35 am PDT Kialani Hines edges ahead on the faster line against Vaea Verbeeck as they head into the second heat of the gold medal final.

7:37 am PDT Luca Cometti gets the Pro Men Bronze medal.

7:40 am PDT Mitch Ropelato has another big crash and Matthew Sterling gets the gold medal!

7:42 am PDT Anneke Beerten gets the bronze medal.

7:44 am PDT Vaea Verbeeck gets the gold medal with a tiny margin back to Kialani Hines.

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 Uhhhhh copy paste the title?
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 Woh Leigh Donovan, haven't seen that name on a start list in a while. That's rad. Also Josh is racing too. Hope the coverage is good!
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 Since the post doesn't have it, the broadcast starts:
Thursday June 13th 2:30 pm CEST
Thursday June 13th 5:30 am PDT
Friday June 14th 12:30 am NZST
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 The roster deadline is a not right. You could wait until after the event then pick the winners.
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 Also deadline for Dual Slalom overlaping the Pumptrack race..
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 yeh they screwed us good
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 Mitch for President
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 Matthew Sterling is such a ripper. Super stylish too, check this vid I got of him
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 Would be nice if there was a starting time posted for this race...
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 especially for those of us in EU
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 Harriet from a BMX background must be hard going against them when they can gate like that... especially when Danni is from a BMX background too LOL
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 Lol, everyone wins in the same lane.
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 Heck yeah Matt!!!!
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 Ropelato was in beast mode
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 I wanted to pick Sterling but he wasn't on the fantasy list...
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 Crazy they are having Rotorua and Innsbruck at the same time this year......
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 Rotorua has moved people! It's now in Innsbruck.
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 You messed up the fantasy roster deadline? and no early post with who is starting? jeez
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 Only been watching for a few minutes, but it seems like the riders left course is shorter/faster. . .
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 Whoa Matthew Sterling. Whoa
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 Hell yeah Matt!
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 Matty boy!!! Slaying it!!
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 Yes Matthew!!!!!!
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 Ah frek - keep forgetting that fantasy team thingy all the time !!
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 Not the same watching a replay when you already know the result?
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 Come On Hudson!!!!
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 The faster lane??
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 Riders left for sure.
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 YES MATT, legend.
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 Nice one Vaea!!
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