Dyedbro Announces Steve Smith Tribute Frame Protector

Apr 16, 2020
by DYED Bro  


May 11th, 2016 saw the passing of the Canadian riding legend, Steve Smith.

Born in Cassidy, British Columbia he has been arguably the most prolific and influential Canadian Downhill racer. A driven athlete and fierce competitor, Smith was humble and grounded off the track. He was a remarkable influence on all young and aspiring Canadian gravity racers and others around the world.

It’s because of this that we created this very special frame protector, honoring his career as one of the greatest and with the intention of raising funds for the Stevie Smith Legacy foundation.

The kit is available in Black/White/Black & Red




The kit is available to order from www.dyedbro.com from Thursday 16th April and is €39.99. It comes in 3 colour variants of Black, White and Black/Red.

We are using the hashtag #longlivechainsaw in addition to #dyedbro


You can show your support by pre-ordering the new
Long Live Chainsaw frame protection kit now.

For more information click here.

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 Shipping to Canada is almost the same as the entire kit. Too bad as I would love to support Steve's foundation but not Fedex.
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 Yup, shipping to NZ is more than the kit! $61.35 euro = $111.16 nzd just for shipping! Maybe once lockdowns over and I'm back earning some $$$ I'll re look at it..Awesome foundation to support.
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 I don't understand. The package isn't even big. Their kits come in a 8cmx5cm cylinder from what I remember.
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 I've contacted a few companies by email to tell them about similar situations (insane shipping charges for a small item). Most of them found a other way to ship it for less. Try your luck man. It would be a shame..
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 Hey all - thanks for the post comments.

Let's see if I can provide some clarity...

Shipping - we appreciate the cost BUT please know we don't profit from shipping. FedEx charge us these amounts, partly down to location but also that we offer a premium service. Example - Canada is 24H service from us in Madrid, Spain. We have used cheaper carriers previously but the loss rate was staggering and we couldn't sustain it. Likewise, we tried to subsidise the shipping and again it was unsustainable.

As for the contribution to the fund, we are giving 5% of the sale price WITH a goal of giving €1,000 by May the 11th. We will keep donating after that date.

Have a great weekend all.
Mark on behalf of the DYEDBRO Team.
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 Really good quality product. I bought four kits (Pray for Straya, Hawaiian, Tie Dye and Cartoon 50:1) but really wish this one was available when I had ordered. They did an awesome job with it.

Regardless, the shipping is expensive but after shipping and exchange, it still cost a little less than what is currently available in stores. My 2cents... bulk buy and save! Also nice to see they put a design on the downtube strip. The other kits only provide clear downtube protection.
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 Ya I've had the Guadalupe and pray for Straya kits.
At around $70 to get to the states it's expensive.
But they have the coolest designs by far imo.
Still want the space one with little ufo and rockets. And now I have to add chainsaw to the list.
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 I put mine on a week ago but immediately purchased this one anyway. Had to. Really messed the last one up anyway
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 Looks amazing, there are no details on if any of the purchase price is going to towards the Stevie Smith Legacy foundation... It would be nice if @DYED Bro was a little more transparent on this.
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We are donating 5% of sale price with a goal to deliver €1,000 by May 11th. We will keep donating after this as well.

Hope that helps!
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 @DYEDbro: I don’t mind. Wasn’t a factor anyway. I need that wrap. Kinda glad I messed up my last one now Big Grin
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 @DYEDbro: how did I end up here? This was obviously meant as a reply to my own comment
  • 15 6
 Dyedbro? I'd have gone with a different name.
  • 4 5
 Thank you. WTF
  • 9 1
 The company (and the name) existed before they made this wrap, and sell a bunch of other products. It's a bit weird in this instance, for sure.
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 yeah it stands for do you even drift bro
  • 8 0
 Who has time to look into things? just assume and make a public post about it.
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 Such a good point ! Smile not many observed this one
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 Is it just me or does this smack of pulling the heartstrings to make an extra profit on some cheap accessories
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 No, I don't think that's the spirit of it.

"It’s because of this that we created this very special frame protector, honoring his career as one of the greatest and with the intention of raising funds for the Stevie Smith Legacy foundation."
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 No mention of what percentage of each kit goes to the foundation either.
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 @B0B94: see comments above from DYEDBro. 5% of the retail price.
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 So Fedex Priority international is cheaper than Fedex economy international
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 Hi, yeah nuts isn't it. It comes down to availability of flights vs land shipping. Thanks Mark
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 So cool will order one for sure
  • 3 0
 The new Wreckoning looks cool.
  • 3 1
 nice of them to put their website right in the middle of a commemorative design.
  • 1 0
 Anyone has any idea if this is limited run or if they will have this for sale for longer periods of time?
Thanks in advance!
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 Very cool but I'm way too slow for this.
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 Don't get why ppl downvoted you, I concur, same here
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 Who gives a f##k about the postage costs, it's about reppin' for Stevie!
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 Would love to have the option to just buy the chainstay parts

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