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Easton Havoc DH Bar

Jun 2, 2009
by Jordan Holmes  
As stated the Havoc DH bar is versatile. Easton has merged the best features of their EA70 MonkeyBar, and the MonkeyLite DH bar, and have created a high performance riser bar. Abusive terrain requires your bike handle the damage, and have the durability and control to get you through to the end, and Easton's Havoc line up is designed to do just that.

The Havoc DH bar is offered in both 25.4mm and 31.8mm clamping diameters, but only 711mm wide (27.5 inches). It features a mid rise of 30mm, 9 degree's of sweep, and 5 degree's of up sweep. These angles are pretty well across the board for handlebars now, as they are the most comfortable for riders. Easton's Havoc DH bar uses their patented TaperWall technology. Taperwall is a technology Easton owns that allows them to manipulate where material is added, and removed, to create the most weight friendly, strongest product they can. Easton also uses Grain Refinement technology. Easton uses cold forging to align the grain structure of their material to achieve a more flawless handlebar. Unaligned grains create small humps that are weak spots in the structure of the bar, but by aligning these grains not only does it make a stronger bar, but a more fatigue resistant bar, and a handlebar that dissipates the impacts down the lengths of the bar.

Taperwall technology has been around since the days of the ProTaper bars, so it's a pretty well proven technology. The Havoc DH is the 'security blanket', or bar of choice if you will, for top freeriders like Thomas Vanderham and Wade Simmons, two well known North Shore Huckers, and while backed by a 5 year limited warranty you're ensured to get your time out of this bar. Weighing in at 290 grams the Havoc DH bar is on par with other handlebars for weight, while still providing a well designed bar to grab on to.

Easton products should be available through your local bike shop, or through their website.


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 pretty nice, but they don't realy need to be wider, just stronger, and easton realy know what they're doing with these, good bars i reckon
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 yea i ride 32inch bars on my rig 28 is to small, i have way better control with the big bars.
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 lol 32inch i bet you look ridiculous
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 Guys .. do you not think handlebar width just "MIGHT" be directly related to the length of your arms??? I know its a FAD for a lot of you to claim you just bought wide handlebars and LOVE THEM ... but the reality is if your not really over 6ft tall (or short with very long arms) then wider bars are likely a detriment to your riding.
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 Looks nice, but 27.5" is on the narrow end for a DH bar.
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 i have the Easton havoc bars on my DH bike. there supper light, yet solid. I have the 25.4mm version, and the only downside for me would be i wish they could be a little wider... but other then that, there a great bar overall
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 It's 28".
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 wider bar = more control. after riding a wide bar, i would never buy a bar under 30in. thanks for coming out easton, better luck next year.
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 Just cut a couple inches onto each end. LOL
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flag jv86416 (Jun 2, 2009 at 19:21) (Below Threshold)
 you must be a pretty shitty rider when an extra two inches makes you go faster.
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 I don't know why my comment has negative props. emarquar said it was 27.5" when in fact it is 28, or 27.99 if we're getting technical. 1 inch = 25.4mm, 711mm/25.4mm = 28. I personally like the feel of my Havoc and don't need extra width, however I haven't tried a wider bar for an extended period of time so I can't comment.
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 Extra width = more control and force over where your front wheel goes. This gives you more control at all speeds which allows even the "shitty riders" faster. Like the guys and girls who just passed you, jv86416
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 nato, you're a moron if you think two inches extra makes you faster.
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 OK i guess you know what you are talking about. I must be a moron. I would like too see you ride some steep tech stuff at speed with skinny little bars. Keep talking though this could be fun.
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 I'm not saying that wide bars don't give you more control, I'm saying that only 2 inches difference (like 28 vs. 30 inches) doesn't make a difference.
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 Not true. By extending your idea 26 inch bars are just as good as 28 inch bars. Therefore, if 28=30 and 26=28, then you are also saying that a 26 inch bar is as good as a 30 inch bar. Any width increase will make a difference, a lot of it will depend on your size and riding style.
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 Yeah I'm slowly warming to the idea of wider bars. I went from a 24 to 26, and now I'm on 28. They feel really good, but I think I could go wider. I've ridden my buddy's D30's and they just seem a smidge too wide though, maybe they just take some getting used to.
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 what was wrong with their monkey lite dh? it seemed like the top contendor untill bar started getting moto width. (wich im a fan of)

i run the chromags osx and sunline v1s and wont run less than 29.5

so why didn't they just make a 32" and 30" monkey lite dh bar?
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 wide enough for my short arms Wink but anyways "only" 290g... thats not THAT special and you can get cheaper Bars in that weight class
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 750mm would have been perfect, why do they persist on doing so narrow handlebars?
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 this is where it gets good if a company listens to riders, goes back to the drawing board, and NEXT year makes a wider bar... not holding my breath.
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 fyi easton is coming out with a 750mm wide havoc later this year...pros already have them.
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 easton bars are still the best around imo , they may not be fashionable right now compared to sunline or funn bars but i know which i would rather have
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 Looks good, I would give them a try guys are brutal.
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 just hang your grips off the ends of the bars a bit and you will have 30 inch bars lol:P
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 are you really bitching about 4 grams difference?
  • 7 5
 Apparently. Read my post
  • 8 2
 jascha-take your dress off and end this tea party... ITS 4 GRAMS
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 still. can't be that hard just to type a 4 instead of a 0
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 Can't be hard not to bitch about 4 grams....... If you're worried about 4 grams, you're in the wrong sport.
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 I'm not worried, just annoyed companies are giving false weights. And it doesn't matter by how much.
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 looks niceSmile
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 I've got them. Who cares? They're handlebars, get over it.
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 Ive got them. Sweet bars.
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 750mm=29.53" FYI...wait until the fall.
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 unfortunately not wide enough, imo, though it´s a really nice bar and 5 years warranty sounds really good...
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 I got them... so sick
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 I've got a set. Other than the width, they are great.
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 I'm looking for a 30.9 flag pole to use as bars...I schralp on that shit.
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 love how they say it's 290g and there's a scale right above showing 294g
  • 9 4
 If you look closely there's something holding them up. You must be one weak motherfucker to notice 4g difference.
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 4 you sit down to pee to?
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 chill need to start a war

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