Easton Havoc AM Wheels - 24 Spokes of excitment

Sep 16, 2008
by Jordan Holmes  
Easton is known for making everything from hockey sticks to tubing for frame sets, so when they stepped into the world of wheels, we were stoked to see what they had. Recently we got a pair of the Havoc wheels, so here's a quick overview on them.

Also, check out the video inside.Easton recently sent over a set of their Havoc AM wheels, their answer to those aggressive cross country, or all mountain riders needs. First off, the Havoc wheels are 24 spoke, built from the factory with Sapim Triple butted spokes. Sapim has been known for creating high quality spokes, usually found on higher end wheels like these. The Havoc AM wheels are also laced up with straight pull spokes, in a 2 cross pattern, and are rolling on sealed bearings.

The Havoc AM wheels weigh in at 1875 grams, which is a nice weight for this style of wheel set. The Havoc AM wheels are built with a complete alloy hub, including the freehub body. It has low drag seals, and is built with Mountain bike abuse specific grease from the factory. The pawl engagement on the Havoc wheels is very smooth, and aids in the low rolling resistance.

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Tyler has been doing some XC and shuttle riding on the Havoc AM wheels lately, and has nothing but good things to say. Our grass roots rider Kat even threw them on her DH ride for a few days at Whistler with no problems or signs of abuse. I would suggest looking at the Havoc AM wheels if you are in the market for some new hoops for your all mountain bike.


Editor's Note:

-All Easton wheels are hand built by master wheel builders from start to finish. No machine touches the wheels during the build process.

-They now have 15mm thru-axle kits available for Havoc wheels for 2009.

-For 2009 there will be a dedicated Havoc DH model.


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 24 spokes sound to little for dh, the qr option is realy cool. little pricy for first year.
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 proberbly why theyre called AM (all mountain) then...
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 I have been running these on my DH rig for the last six months, no problem.
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 my friend runs them on his nomad and im way impressed, he cases shit and does 13foot drops and they dont even have the smallest dent
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 nice wheels but holy shit are they expensive! i'd rather get some mavic crossmax sx wheels for 600
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 they've been out for a while...i think like two years
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 I have had them on my nomad for 3 years. Been to whislter twice, done big drops on them ( the clutch drop) and have hit some nicely sized jumps on them. Never even a broken spoke, they kick ass. I abuse the shit out of them and they are great. Only time I ever bent one was when I hit a tree going about 35 mph. I highly recommend them.
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 Like a few other commenters, I´ve been running these for a quite a while and they are pretty tough. handle rock gardens and drops really well.
If I had anything negative to say it would be about the bearings. The seals failed on both wheels last winter but replaced them and they are still running true as the day I bought them.
If you loof around, you can pick them up at quite a bit less than the MSRP.I paid 400USD for mine.
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 Anyone have experience with both the AM Havocs and the XT Wheelset (WH-776 i believe)? Just wondering how they compare head to head, as they're in the same category and I'm looking to get a light-but-strong higher end wheelset for an aggressive AM/light FR build. Any thoughts?
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 I was looking into a set of these bad boys for my cowan ds for next year, I'm running deemax's on there right now but I find all the yellow to be a bit much, and the deemax is way to much wheel for what I am riding this bike on in Eastern Ontario. For anyone who is interested, the cheapest I have found them in on pricepoint.com currently for 549.00 bucks. After this article I am convinced!! Anyone wanna buy my deemax's so I can order a set these??
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 have one pair of em on my ds and i love em. Have use em for dh, dirt, slope and 4x and i have just god respons on these wheels
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 Had a pair on my Uzzi - I can't believe Pinkbike are just reviewing them now when they've been out for over two years. Good wheels, plenty tough enough for most freeride / light DH use. Pretty good pick up and an ok noise (clicks quite loudly on a hardtail though).

If you can find them in a sale well worth the investment.
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 on a hardtail eh? it would sound the same on any bike buddy.
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 All I'm saying was that when fitted to my cannondale they seemed a lot louder than they did when on the Uzzi.
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 hell ya...been running these on my uzzi for dh. for how light they are they can take some abuse and are holding up great...definately recommend
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 WORD! I built up my Dirtbag with these and have a years worth of free-riding on them. I've had some nasty crashes this season, and thought for sure they would've bent, but never did. Stout wheels, great quality, I highly recommend them.
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 looked into these wheels a while ago for my big hit....just wondering how fast the engagement is and whether or not the rear hub has a loud ratchet etc
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 They are awesome, check out my big hit with them.
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 Please tell me you aren't going to buy the wheelset because they sound loud or not. That is the worst factor to judge a hub on, EVER.
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 ya but loud hubs always sound sick
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 its pretty cool how you can go from a 9mm to 20mm without any tools. i personally would never need that but it's still a pretty cool idea
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 They sell all over the internet for like 500-550 jenson usa had a sale on this wheel set for like 350.
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 pretty expensive wheels but they look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
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 basically easton's version of the bontrager rythm.
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 yea so my post was erased yet 450 us on ebay...
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 Typo I meant stops not shops
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 Apparently you never finished college. Anyone who has ever taken any class on the environment knows all about cycles and patterns of nature and the management of those systems. Don't knock a company for your own simple mindedness. Easton makes some of the best products out there regardless of what any tree hugger says. By the way, Shimano makes reels for fishing which would then mean that they support the killing of fish. I guess you won't be buying that nice XO set anymore.
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flag dirtybikejapan (Sep 16, 2008 at 23:43) (Below Threshold)
 Is it a natural pattern for Billy Bob and the wanna be Rambo's to go kill animals in a slow cruel way? Thank you for the enlightenment.

I went to uni and I can tell you nature needs to be left alone, any time we try to fix it we end up doing more damage then good.
It must take a Phd to chug budwiser and stick an arrow into an animal that never harmed you.
I dirt jump a single speed so I wont be getting any XO.
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 HAHAHAHAHA, buddy you're a joke^^!!! The human race depends on the slaughter of animals for survival every day. I guess you think that the grocery store just magically makes the meat that you had in that last cheesburger?? Hunting is the most natural thing a human(male) can do next to breathing and of course mating!! Do you not realize that there are thousands of people and hundreds of cultures worldwide that still actively hunt for their food everyday?? Why don't you call up Easton and tell them to stop making arrows and sell those people some bike rims to go out and beat there dinner to death instead...
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 Your Right Your Right
I am a joke, so is global warming, conservation, and corporate morals.
Who would want to support a company like patagonia when you have such ethical companies as easton to buy from.
You mean there are animals in cheese burgers? Thank you for that enlightenment, I thought that brown stuff was cardboard.

Get a clue
Its sad too see that Red Neck hicks out number on pinkbike,
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 You say global warming is a joke sarcastically, as if it wasn't ahahaha. Wow. I'm guessing you're into conspiracy theories too! You're so bright you blind yourself!
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 this is awesome. dirtybikejapan... your a complete idiot. everyone else is smart. Just a guess... but i think you like doing left hips your you flaming left wing liberal. get a life. NOBAMA 08'!!!!!
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 Could have at least cleaned them for the up close pictures...
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 Shows they actually get some usage and not all fancy in the studio type shots. But ya we'll try a little harder next time. Can't please everyone, but I am happy on these wheels.
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 $990 MSRP i think thats US$$$
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 on a hardtrail??
  • 4 7
 Can someone tell me how much they are?
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 Chain reaction cycles, £400.
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 watch the video! it says $990 MSRP
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 holy shit thats twice as much as my bike is worth right now :/
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