Jan 28, 2011
by Alban Aubert  
If we had to talk about a lost country on the Pacific coast of South America, it certainly would be Ecuador. This unknown and rarely visited country offers incredible natural wonders.In fact it is one of the most peculiar places of the world because in only a few hours by bus we could go from the Amazon jungle to surf beaches all while passing through snow-capped volcanoes that rise to over 5,000 meters!

Sea lion in the Galapagos
Cuervo at the top of the DH
Up to 4'000 meters

If we are to talk about the riding, there are many possibilities and it is all varied. To begin Quito offers excellent possibilities and it is quite possible to focus only on the spots around the city itself. If you've only got one hour you can go to the Carolina Park. The park offers a beautiful BMX track that is well maintained and is less than 10 minutes away by bike from your hotel. Otherwise, Quito’s cable car is one of the few lifts in South America. The trail starts at 4000 meters and offers a breathtaking view of the city which could certainly represent one of best moments of your trip. More so, the 15 dollars for the whole day means that it's an attractive price. There are two trails, El National and another one that has no name. The latter is the best one, because it is well maintained and the access is easier.

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Alban Aubert, DH teleferico
Top of the Gondola (4'000m.)

There are also some other trails in the city such as Ungui and Coturco. The first one is punctuated by large gaps, but you need to shuttle each of these. Out of the city the country is full of spots, almost each city or village in the Andes has its own DH. Banos has the biggest choice. In competition terms, La Classica de Cantuna in without a doubt the best MTB event in Ecuador, which is completely organized in Quito´s downtown.

Classica de Cantuna
Alban Aubert, DH trainings in Ibarra

For pure freeride there are The Cotopaxi volcano and The Chimborazo which offer some reasonable slopes and a ground made of lava reduced into small balls, where you can really have a great freeride session. You will be able to choose your line without being dependent of a trail. Here the word freeride makes sense!

Lama & Inca ruins in Ingapirca

Thanks Diana, Cuervo, Diego, Juanga, Ramiro and all the local riders!

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About the riding in Eucador :

If you need a guide, LFA is the best solution (Volcano riding for example)


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 exelente inciativa a promocionarlo mas , quien sabe talvez una valida de la WC . mejor hubiesen mostrado mas riding que paisajes de eso trata pinkbike pero bueno.
If you guys want to see some pictures of riding in Ecuador i got some chek my profile, it´s really a beutiful hidden country in South America not like the others and its cheap they use US dolars
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 wow staying up until midnight has it's perks. 1. I am a little tossed about, 2. I think I got first post on this article and 3. I had a blast riding tonight!
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 Oh .. I hate f'n llamas . nasty little beasts. to all you peruvians, I would trade half a meerkat for a llama anyday of the week ...
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 hi i am from ecuador and this beautifull sea lion is not dead is just sleep, we never can add a foto of this incredible animal dead, ecuador is beautifull in all the ways you have to plan and come to visit us we will be really happy to help you with anything you need. the bike shop
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 Que bueno que se conosca mas de mi pais Ecuador,en Quito es mas tranquila y seguro para andar con bicicleta yo estuve en enero y febrero de el 2010 y los domingos cierran una calle principal para los ciclistas,machas personas van el parque metropolitano (dead road) para correr con bici en diferentes modalidades dh,dj,xc,etc es un lugar muy recomendable escribe un Ecuatoriano en Finlandia.
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 me gusta tanto - cada domingo cierren la calle.... Amazonas? Y se puede montar al bicicleta todo el día allí. Es un país muy amistoso a los bicis
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 Holy shit, you guys did the DH off the top of the TeleferiQo! I walked down it (lived there for 5 months in 2010), looked unridable, the turns were so very rutted, totally without maintenance..... how was it?
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 I went a couple days ago man... It was horrible. I flipped over my handlebars on a couple spots.. Needs a lot of work. If it was fixed, you could get so much spead.
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 Looks interesting and affordable. The dirt looks like a mixture of mud, ruts, and llamas crap......I'd still ride it though.....
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 yeah, ive been down to Ecuador twice now, and the riding scene is quite extensive. Unfortunately, i have yet to ride there, but ive got a list of places im going to try when i return... Cotopaxi, Bahia de Caraquez (Bella Vista), around Quito, and i would love to get back to Canoa and Manta!
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 That lazy bastard sea lion...
  • 4 0
 Chill, I think it's dead.
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 sure ?
oh the poor thing
  • 3 0
 Nah, just chillin. They lay out on the beach to relax just like humans
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 it looks kinda happy.
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 sick trails but they look like they have been riding for like ten thousand years. There like ruts going downhill in some places
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 I went to Ecuador in my gap year in 2008! I actually went up the teleferico im so gutted i didnt have a bike nor did i know about the trails!!!! Suck a great country! Galápagos was awesome as well!
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 Por concer Argentina temeria llevar mi bicicleta por la ciudad. Aye muchos ladrones, los quienes te hacen chocar para robarte. Tal ves no sea igual en equador.
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 Yo vivo en Buenos Aires, es verdad q es muy peligroso, pero en Ecuador es diferente, hay muchos lugares seguros para pasear y paisajes impresionantes.
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 Quisiera pasear por el campo en Argentina para conocerlo. Solo conosco lugares como Villa Lugano, Vicente Lopez, y Bella Vista. Tambien vivi afuera de zarate por un tiempo corto, pero no pude hacer mucho.
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 DAMN how deep do those ruts get?
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 It's because some months ago there was a race .. and rained too much .. so the race was in mud and you know .. MUD + 150 riders = Some deep ruts ..
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 Man I just rode that trail two days ago. It needs some serious work. The ruts are so deep that your pedels hit the side walls. I am going to take a shovel up and fix it. Anyone want to join?
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 Brazil song? very nice HAHA!
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 YEA FINALLY ECUADOR!!!.......we've got the best riding here......allmost the first national in Cuenca...
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 was that sea lion just chillen or was it dead
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 mate, the sea lions in Galapagos are fine with humans within like 2 feet of them. They have pretty much no fear of people at all. Shame it costs >$1500 to visit....
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 hahaha ok cool
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 what bike is that..the green one
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 UMF Freddy 1 . Freeride Bike . From Europa
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 looked like a kona for a sec

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