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Ella Conolly Breaks Elbow in Practice Crash at EWS Val Di Fassa 2022

Jun 25, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
Ella Conolly out of the dark forest on Stage 3.

Ella Conolly has announced on social media that she will be out of racing this weekend after a crash in practice ended with a broken elbow.

Following the crash yesterday Ella was left with a break to the radial head of her elbow, fortunately, it hasn't required any surgery. After such an amazing start to the season this is tough news to hear, Ella says the injury will just need a few weeks in a cast before she can start to see how much it will affect the rest of the season.

bigquotesOuch. What a rollercoaster. I’m so gutted to be writing this after a great start to the season.

Yesterday I had a crash in practice and broke my elbow (the radial head). No surgery required, it was slightly displaced but the doc did a closed reduction, basically pushing the bone back together. Been feeling sweet on the bike and having such a good time, it breaks my heart not to be able to race.

It needs a few weeks in a cast then we’ll see how it is. Feeling motivated to get this healed and bike ready, be back asap✌
Ella Conolly

We wish Ella all the best with her recovery and hope she is back racing soon.

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 Speedy recovery! Come back stronger!
  • 26 0
 legend in the making! heal up
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 Everybody forgets the elbow pads but its actually the most vulnerable spot, get better Ella!
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 I had a very similar injury a couple of years ago - fractured the radial neck clean through. The ortho called it the Superman fracture, as it is almost always the result of landing palm down with an outstretched arm (which is what I did as a washed out on a steep but relatively smooth section after a corner). Long story short, elbow pads likely wouldn’t have mattered in this case.
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 @leifgren: This is why gloves are kinda good and bad. You're way more confident to put your hand out with them.
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 @inside-plus: Gloves are pretty mandatory on my neck of the woods. Didn’t get the chance to get down to Queenstown when I was in NZ, but the dirt in Christchurch and the north island was way more forgiving than what’s around my house.
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 @leifgren: north island dirt is super forgiving, Christchurch dirt is a little rougher. But from what I've seen of US riding you guys have it brutal. Good luck to your palms aye
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 @inside-plus: I don’t think anyone is thinking about whether they are wearing gloves or not when this happens. It’s just a natural reflex to put your hands out to break a fall. No one is thinking oh wait, I’m not wearing gloves so let me pull my hands back and take this fall directly to the face.
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 My brother had a crash where he went down fast enough to not to have time to put his hand down, and shredded his elbow. It was the nefarious trail marbles that has almost taken me down a few times too - so I have elbow pads now, as it's only a matter of time before I crash.
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 On the 27th march i had the misfortune of braking,dislocating and tearing liggaments and tendons in my left elbow. Surgery and 3 months later my arm is a mess my hand does'nt function properly and pain is present constantly. I am so happy that you did not require surgery! And hope you come back stronger than before.
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 same here. Terrible Triad injury (elbow dislocation + compound fractures of the radial head and coronoid process) one plate, 2 surgeries, and a year later I am still in a lot of pain. Can't ride, and it affects everything I try to do.

Hope you have better luck than me. Elbows are no joke.
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 @swenzowski: Elbows are no joke but the adjoining bone is Humerus.... Sorry. Heal quick Ella!
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 @swenzowski: jeez bru.

My inner most simpathy!

''affects everything i try to do" is an understatement.

Mentally,physically,work,sleep all of it... it's exausting.
Muscle atrophy so the arm and shoulder is just skin and bone. Physio advised to forget about riding .
I found out today that i can at least jog so will start trail running or something.

Looking back and thinking about risk and the risk we take as amature riders its not worth it was not worth it and wont be worth it for me in future...25years done and dusted.

Stay strong guy! Heal up.
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 @portulacaria-afra and @swenzowaki that’s heavy. I have a similar thing in my shoulder - and from DIY not biking - but the chronic pain as the nerves slowly re-map affects everything.
Totally agree with the “affects everything I try to do” summary. Work, housework, wrestling the kids… when it gets good enough, I guess it’ll affect riding then too, but nowhere near that yet.
Hope you heal up soon.
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 @mwysel: heal up brother. All the best
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 I broke an elbow once, and not-very-smart me didn’t go get it looked at (you can’t do much with them typically though). Took a good few weeks before the it felt anywhere close to normal.

Hopefully with the cast she will heal up faster. As It’s not particularly fun.

And yes, now that it’s healed, I do wear elbow pads on every ride (leatt airflex is super breathable and pretty much don’t notice them being on, fwiw)
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 Sorry,! My fault, as I switched her back in to my Fantasy team. The curse continues...
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 Not only did I put her on my team this round, but I was confident I had just created my best ews line-up to date. It was a double jinx.
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 Do pros wear elbow pads?
I know it's compulsory for downhill, not too sure about enduro
  • 10 43
flag ArturoBandini (Jun 25, 2022 at 11:48) (Below Threshold)
 Oahhh, this stupid discussion again. I am pretty sure she did not fall on the elbow, it is just where the damage occured. And i don‘t think palm protection is a thing. To prevent such injuries pros are doing a lot more and especially more useful things than all you keyboard warriors. And dressing like a turtle does not help a lot, if you like it or not.
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 @ArturoBandini: How is that a stupid discussion? It's a genuine question. "keyboard warriors." lol, you need to relax bro
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 @alexisalwaysonfire: I just read the rulebook and there's no stipulation for any protection other than a full face helmet. Goggles are advised along with rain jacket, water pack etc. Additional protection can be made compulsory by the race event organiser
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 @ArturoBandini: you're so good
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 @dunnem8: I believe it depends on requirements for the federation of the country where it's happening. Ben Cathro was sent back on practise at Leogag because he wasn't wearing them.
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 @ArturoBandini: What’s curious is that combining my riding experience with knowing where o have my pads I will try to “huck and roll” accordingly, directing my pad as first point of contact. If you can avoid the standard outstretched arm crash you may be able to space a great deal of the compressive joint and upper body long bone injuries. That said, while I am an elbow and knee pad guy and won’t ride without them, I agree without (and often even with) good crashing technique, these injury mechanisms are clearly not avoidable with pads.
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 @alexisalwaysonfire: I agree that we should talk more about elbow pads. Nobody is wearing them. Even in bike park the percentage of riders with elbow pads is lower than 50%.

This year I was riding 3 weekends in park and only on my first day I was wearing them.
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 Everytime I see someone with smashed up elbows it makes me sad that elbow pads are not fashionable in MTBing. Weird how it makes sense to people to protect their knees, but not their elbows.
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 @vikb: I know right? My arms are two of my favourite limbs..
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 Sadly ruining her own fantasy team
  • 2 0
 Ahh but think, full-time fantasy EWS now!
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 @boozed: you must not have seen how she's been doing whilst racing.
[and I have a hunch she updated it before the race]
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 Bummer to have that happen in your breakout season. Get well soon Ella.
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 Sucks so much in what was turning out to be an amazing season for her. No doubt in anyones mind she will come back stronger and definitely a future overall champ.
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 Gutted for you! You’ve been doing amazing and you will be do amazing when you’re all healed up. Take you’re time and get well.

f*cking crazy mad fast nutters the lot of you!
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 Really glad they updated us before fantasy locked. Lock should start the minute the first racer drops in.
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 actually devastating, she was doing so well this season, hopefully she does an Amury and comes back at the top
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 Dang! Here's to quick healing. Cheers!
  • 1 0
 Still leading the fantasy though. Heal up soon.
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 Oh shit, please heal up, come back fast and WIN !!!
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 Get well soon. Keep crushing the fantasy pool.
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 No way... Get well soon Ella!
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 Bummer! heal up soon!
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