Video: Emil Johansson Shows Off Dizzying Trick Combos in New Zealand

Sep 22, 2020
by rasoulution  

When Swedish slopestyle pro Emil Johansson gets on his bike, he demonstrates playful ease in everything he does. He shows his unique style once again in his latest video project "Emil Johansson | South Island MTB perfection", which was shot in Queenstown, New Zealand this March. In the breathtaking 3-minute video clip Emil jumps over huge kickers and proves with impressive tricks – including a 360 tailwhip windshield wiper – that he is completely at one with his bike.

bigquotesBack in March as the world was slowing down I was forced to extend my stay in New Zealand after Crankworx Rotorua 2020. It gave me a chance to make a good situation out of an odd time and I learned up with Scott Robb and Hunter Paul to film some fun on the bikeEmil Johansson, about filming his new edit in New Zealand

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 Phenomenal... incredible the way he has style in some of yhe most ridiculous combos! You're watching and thinking... "I should try that it's so smooth!" And then I remember that I would be happy with a 360, bargain or a tailwhip or even doing a jump that big let alone all in one! Mind officially blown.

The G.O.A.T is here and his name is Emil
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 I had the exact same thought. Next time on my local jumps I need to try to put my foot over the top tube to the other side... Then I remembered it was still just me... ????
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 Love a good bargain!
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 @reecewallace: damn autocorrect!
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 My run on that new rampage video game was almost like that
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 It's hard not to be a fan.. he seems to be still improving, which is just surreal considering the level he reached.
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 Opposite 360 bar to downside whip was insane!
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 I find that hard to read let alone do.
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 Amazing performance, but if I was any more hung over I think I may have had a seizure while watching the about dizzying.
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 reminds me of brandon seminuk???
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 How is that not a MUST WATCH?
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 Quadruple combos are so unreal: 2:30 wtf! 360+thailwhip+barspin+unturndown
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 the 360+thailwhip part is a single trick surely?
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 @mi-bike: 360 (one trick) + tailwhip (1 trick)= 2 trick combo.
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 Without doubt the greatest rider in any scene atm!!!
Anyone wanna explain that 3 double downwhip bcos I'm having a few problems comprehending that one????
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 I would definitely pay to watch him ride Gorge Rode trails all day.
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 Now that’s how you make a video. Amazing riding!!
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 Emil is a Don Scott Robb and Hunter Paul did wonders on this ! So Dope Blaze tech trail solutions on the build
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 Yeah boiiiii you’re the best!
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 If it hadn't been already, he has clearly and firmly solidified his place on the throne as the new king of style and progression.
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 It's amazing how quick emil sneaks in the unturndowns just before landing... it's like rubbing salt to a wound. If there was a segment with him and Semenuk I'd buy it!
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 Mind Blown
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 Style for days.
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 Wow, amazing as always Emil! Style and mind melting tricks at it's finest!
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 Progression is his middle name
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 Love those unturndown things he does. He's got big tricks and great style, fast becoming one of my favourite riders
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 my health insurance just went up a 100% , just for watching this
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 Big goat energy
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 What was that last trick???
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 opo3 opo whip to unturn
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 Well that was exceptional
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 Dope tricks. Those brown tights make me feel funny. Like I'm watching figure skating. Which I swear I don't do often. I watch it for the choreography and artistic expression.

Hey where has WAKI been lately?
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 WAKI is gone. Long live WAKI. Just not here.
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