Emil Johansson Signs with Etnies

Jan 11, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Etnies has announced that Emil Johansson will be joining Brandon Semenuk as part of its MTB team.

The shoe brand revealed today that the Swedish slopestyle rider is the latest addition to their MTB lineup following Brandon Semenuk who they signed back in 2011. Alongside the announcement, Etnies revealed that they are working on a signature colorway for its latest signing that will be announced later this year.

bigquotesI've been riding Etnies for many years now and when the opportunity to work with them came up, there was no hesitation. There are so many plans already being made for the coming years and I can't wait to see where this journey goes. Emil Johansson

bigquotesToday, Etnies is proud to announce that Emil Johansson has joined Brandon Semenuk as part of the MTB team. Emil came out of Sweden and captured the attention of the free ride world at a young age. Emil is an FMB World Tour and Crankworx Champion with many FMB Diamond wins to his name. His controlled style with technical tricks on the big slopestyle course obstacles have a way of putting both fans and judges at ease. Etnies


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 so when are we going to start getting semenuk an emil edits together.
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 There will be one. It will be called “passing the torch” or something. They will do side by side flip whips and somehow switch bikes midair then fade to black.
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 @Mattysville: so like partner slopestyle like the old skating vert duos?!
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 @Mattysville: I want that to be literal so the bikes should be on fire!
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 Oh Man, soon I hope
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 @stovechunin: that’s a fire idea!
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 @Mattysville: not really sure we're ready for something like that after 2020, health workers always says not to give food immediately to a person who's been starving.
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 Better not tell Emil that Pinkbike has "predicted" the end of Slopestyle, as they now regards it as irrelevant to Mountain Biking. Which is strange, as it is the one of the most spectator friendly and exciting disciplines in the world of cycling.

I for one, missed the SS Comp this year, as I also missed Rampage. They are my my two favorite things. Speed and Style is cool as well. But, speed with no style..? Boring..

Brian Park's Predictions - Head of Editorial - PinkBike

"7. Slopestyle competitions will continue their slide into irrelevance. It's bittersweet, but did anyone miss them this year? To be honest, I think this one is a good thing because we should get more Matt MacDuff videos and Semenuk-style videos from the hugely talented crop of slopestyle riders instead. At our core, all we really want to see out of slopestyle is cool shit on bikes, and the competition aspect of slopestyle was always largely spectacle anyway.."

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 The blinkered, bandwagon biased barstools. No slope, no hope.
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 How dare that person express an opinion that doesn't align with my wordview! And explain his reasoning, as well! In an opinion piece!
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 To be fair he's talking about the competition part of it, and truthful the highlights with slow mo is far better to watch were i can actually comprehend what emil is doing where in real time it's all blurry.
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 @Zuman: i honestly prefer the competitions to the edits as you see so many different styles and there's not 72 tries to get the trick just right! Freeride like Rampage is the only other somewhat spectator friendly MTB discipline
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 @dirktanzarian: Hey, hold on! I'm not calling for a PB insurrection and for Mr. Parks to be immediately removed from his glamorous, esteemed and highly lucrative post as el presidente editor. I just disagree with his stupid opinion is all. Ok, perhaps if I saw him lingering on a bike at the starting gate at the Crankworks Slope Style course, I'd give him some substantial encouragement and maybe even a gentle nudge to get him rolling. Mostly just to get some quality Friday footage you know.
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 Their MTB shoes never get love on this site, but they are fantastic! Don’t have that chunky 510 look. Just a normal slim skate shoe design with a bunch of tech features.
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 What tech features in a shoe are you speaking of?
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 If they're anything like Taj's 'Trauma 2' they should. There isn't many around, that style, with the durability you expect these days.
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 @mi-bike: the camber crank has a tounge stash pocket for the the laces to get tucked into. The outsole is a good amount of not too stiff not too soft and the Michelin rubber is pretty clutch IMO.
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 agreed. i've had five tens and ride concepts, etnies are the best fit/grippiest and i'll never go back
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Curious for a review. I had been rocking the 5-10 life for a while. Just bought some RC shoes and am quite unimpressed with the grip.
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 @sunringlerider: the RC's were the worst shoes of the three, i agree the grip is just not there and the bf's RC's fell apart with a few months use which was disappointing considering the cost. i have the etnies marana michelin and the bf has the marana mid crank mtb (michelin). we've had them from october until now, yesterday we rode in the pouring rain together, both had dry feet and they're definitely more comfortable than RC's. the michelin rubber is SO grippy, we are both very happy with them.
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 Etnies the grippiest? They are certainly not as grippy as Five Tens, but durability is about the same level, aka very poor. After six months riding street, pedals have worn through the entire outer and inner sole: www.pinkbike.com/photo/19986611
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 Maybe I should buy some Etnies.
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 So no bike anymore? Ok, weird
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 Etnies MTB does not promote any of these shoes only the BMX side it's very strange
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 About what I would expect for a big skate shoe company. Probably more of a priority to just be associated with these big names to get their brand more presence than actually selling mtb shoes. Like when Nike sponsored John Tomac.
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 I used to wear etnies back in the day... been wondering what happened to them. def give 'em a go
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 I Care about this said no o'e

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