Endless Biking: Mother Huckers

May 9, 2014
by Danielle Baker  
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Endless Biking is celebrating 10 years of building riders, as part of their celebration they are sponsoring ten articles that revolve around the fundamentals of their business; bikes, community and learning.


bigquotesMy mom taught me the importance of taking care of myself so that I can take care of my family. It seems counter intuitive, but it is like on airplanes when they tell you that you have to put your oxygen mask on before your child's. The reality is that your kids aren't going to be very well off if you pass out from lack of oxygen. This is why I make time to ride. Cynthia

Severed D trail head.
  When you liberate a group of moms from a morning of Dora the Explorer, and give them bikes instead, not even the rain will dampen their spirits. . .or shorten their conversations.

No matter how passionate you are about riding, having a child changes your world. It changes how you do things, how long it takes you to do things, and most importantly, how much you do for yourself.

At one time in your life you may have looked outside to a sunny day, grabbed your bike and headed off for hours of riding without a care in the world. Days like that feel like a distant memory when you are trying to get out the door and your child is having a meltdown. You are almost always late by the time you make ten trips out to the car, are confident that you have everything, the tears are dried, the pouting has subsided and a suitable distraction found. Technical climbs and rocky descents used to be the hardest part of the ride, but now simply exiting the house leaves you exhausted.

bigquotesI miss the impulsiveness to just grab the bike and go when the sun comes out, but now I'm used to riding when I can in whatever conditions I get; rain, mud, cold. Sarah

Cynthia and Kelli flowing the shore.
  Rocky and rooty old school North Shore, where all of these ladies learned to love riding.

bigquotesI love the adrenaline, the pure joy of the wind in your hair when you are riding a bike, any bike! That never goes away. Oh and the cute boys. But that was then this is now! Sarah

It was pouring rain on Wednesday morning when Kelli, Aimee, Cynthia, and Sarah got together to ride. With their kids in school, daycare or enjoying some quality daddy time, Noah could have been building a boat and these ladies would still be going riding. “I ride in all weather now, because when you have kids you ride when you can,” says Sarah. “I’m just so happy to not be watching Dora the Explorer right now!”

Kelli hucking Severed D
  Kelli balances being a mom, owning her own business and riding for herself, and even on days when it may seem easier to stay home then get out the door with a toddler she manages to get out on her bike.

bigquotesSince having my daughter I get up earlier to ride in the mornings, Darren and I take turns riding or a group of parents will do odd-man-out shuttles. Sometimes the most I can do is get out for a training ride with her in the chariot. I still feel like I am trying to figure out the balance, it is a moving target. Kelli

Myla loves shuttling
  For Kelli's daughter, Myla, a lot of days are 'take your daughter to work day.' She is especially fond of days that include shuttling in the big rig!

bigquotesEven though my husband is one of the busiest people I know [Brett Tippie], he is the one pushing me out the door and telling me to go ride my bike. He never makes me feel like his riding is more important than mine. Sarah

There are a few things these ladies have in common; aside from all being mommas and shredders, they all have a history in the bike industry as strong role models who inspire others to join the sport. And they all met their husbands through riding. While they all still manage to get out, each of the moms expressed that they miss riding with their favorite buds, their husbands. Being creative about going riding is important; some sneak out for solo night rides, while others use the odd-parent-out shuttle technique. “I enjoy that time to recharge mentally and to physically push myself; plus I can just go when the time comes,” says Aimee of her evening excursions. The flip-side of being married to a fellow rider, however, is that their partners understand how important getting out on the bike is and offer up supportive ways to get out pedalling. “Brett is the one pushing me out the door and telling me to go for a ride when I get cranky,” says Sarah. The support needed to find the time to ride was evident on Wednesday as Darren, Kelli’s husband and business partner, enabled this mom focused adventure by shuttling the group up the mountain before taking their daughter to daycare.

bigquotesIt isn't always your ideal time of day but you can get out for a ride if you are flexible. Aimee

Aimee on Severed
  After having her first son, Aimee got back into riding by training for and completing the BC Bike Race.

Aimee at home with her two boys.
  Aimee at home with her two boys, there is no such thing as sitting still.

bigquotesI like the balance my life has. I don't obsess about riding gnarly trails as much and put pressure on myself that isn't necessarily healthy. Aimee

“Daddy, I want to ride bikes with mommy!” Kelli’s daughter announced as she watched everyone ready themselves to pedal away from the van. These women, and many others like them, are providing a strong role model for their children as they maintain active lifestyles that build confidence. “My son asks me ‘Mama, how was your bike ride? Did you get your exercise?’” says Aimee. “Setting that example of staying healthy and fit is important to me. Most importantly I want them to enjoy nature and challenge themselves somehow.” Cynthia adds, “We ride bikes as a family and it is a huge part of our lifestyle. We just keep the focus on having fun and make sure the ride is about what they want to explore, not mom and dad’s expectations.” Sarah’s five-year-old daughter loves riding her bike and her youngest, at two, is just starting to show interest. “We don’t push it, everything is supposed to be all about fun at this age.” Given the bike-centric lifestyles of these families, the introduction to riding was natural, however all of the moms stressed that these is no expectation for their kids to be rippers. Kelli is thankful, though, that her daughter has a love of riding and for the community. “Mountain biking is my world, so she was born into it. She gets excited about bike events and will sometimes say ‘mommy, more bike races!’”

bigquotesI am very open to whatever my boys find enjoyment in because I know how happy riding makes me so I want them to find a passion that feels the same to them. Aimee

Cynthia on Severed.
  Cynthia's current passion is encouraging other women to try mountain biking, challenge themselves and push their limits on their bikes. You can find her leading women's only pre-rides for the NSMBA Toonie Races on Thursday nights.

bigquotesSo much of my life as a mom is meeting the needs of my family, but riding is the indulgence of doing something for myself. Cynthia

Cynthia changing her son s tire.
  Cynthia repairs a flat on her oldest son's bike while her youngest rips around in the back alley.

Cynthia and her teammate winning the 2007 BC Bike Race.
  Cynthia and her teammate, Michelle Newton, cross the finish line during a stage of BC Bike Race in 2007. They won the overall Women's Team of Two Category.

Sarah on Severed D.
  Even though she has less time to ride since becoming a mom, Sarah says that her time off the bike is spent laughing and hanging out with her kids. Her time away due to motherhood, unlike an injury, has still been an amazing time!

Jessamy Tippie killing it on her Little Shredder bike.
  The Tippies hit up a trail behind their house. Their oldest daughter, at 5, is already taking on roots, stairs and steeps.

Sarah Fenton rides on the woodwork of mountain bike trail CBC on Mount Seymour North Vancouver BC Canada Photo Dan Barham
  This photos of Sarah by Dan Barham earned the first female POD on Pinkbike in 2007.

“For the pure joy of it,” is how Kelli, Cynthia, Aimee, and Sarah all describe the reason they started mountain biking. It is also the reason why it is so important to hold on to it now that they are parents; it is therapeutic. In order to support your family, you must take care of your own well being, and this is counterintuitive to a lot of moms. Whether it is riding bikes or stealing some quiet time with a tea and a good book, making that time makes you stronger. It also sets a healthy example for your kids of self-value.

bigquotesMy riding goals? I want to get fitter, faster, keep learning and improving my knowledge or the sport. Most importantly I want to share mountain biking with others and ride for the rest of my life! Kelli

Mother s Day on High School Trail.
  Breakfast in bed? Nope, these ladies wanted some fun and flowy singletrack for Mother's Day.

The balance can be challenging and is a forever moving and changing target. From night rides, to odd-man-out shuttles, to training rides pulling a chariot, the main message from these moms is 'ride when you can'. Riding in the rain, mud, and cold is still mountain biking and the laughter that echoed through the trails on Wednesday was proof of that. Throughout our lives the focus and purpose of riding will change, but as long as the riding remains we are doing something right. “So much of my life as a mom is meeting the needs of my family, but riding is the indulgence of doing something for myself,” shares Cynthia, and then she adds, “and sometimes I throw myself into a race, because I still love to push my limits!”

bigquotesAll moms need to make time for themselves; whether it's getting out for a bike ride or just hitting a coffee shop with a good magazine. If we ignore our own needs, it's really tough to properly meet the needs of the people that we love. Cynthia

Muddy shoes big smiles
  Muddy, wet and still smiling. The ladies all agree that whatever challenges they overcame to ride this morning were worth it.

Thank you to photographers Dan Barham, Dave Silver and Corey Toews for sharing the archive images for this story.


Kelli and Aimee
Sarah and Cynthia
  Despite the cold, wet and muddy ride, these mommas were all dirt and smiles at the end of the day. Clockwise from the top left; Kelli Sherbinin, Aimee Dunn, Cynthia Young, and Sarah Fenton

Kelli's company, Endless Biking, is very much a family business. She co-owns it with her husband, Darren, and often her bike-enthusiast three year old is busy getting her hands greasy while trying to mimic the mechanics in the back. Kelli has had a lengthy career in the bike industry from downhill racing to coaching, she has raced the BC Bike Race five times and even won the overall Challenge Category while four months pregnant.

Introduced to mountain biking through adventure racing, eight years ago Aimee’s brother-in-law let her tag along for some rides and she was hooked. Aimee took to downhill racing and competed in many races including Red Bull Psychosis. After having her first son, she trained for and raced the BC Bike Race. She now spends a lot of her pedal time in the dark doing night rides with the family dog.

Some of Cynthia's career highlights include racing the World Cup XC at Grouse mountain 'back in the day' and, after having her first son, winning the 2007 BC Bike Race with her partner, Michelle Newton. In more recent years she is more focused on family life and watching her 'two little dudes' tear up the Lost Lake trails in Whistler. Currently, she is also driven to build a bigger female continent at local races. "You can find me at the NSMBA Toonie races on Thursday nights and leading some pre-rides for women on the alternate 'non-Toonie' Thursday nights."

Sarah bought her first mountain bike from the original Cove Bikes location in 1986, after a 10 year hiatus living in England, she returned in 2005, bought a Cove Peeler and never looked back. At 43 she is now a mother of two very active young girls, and works alongside her husband doing all the ‘boring’ stuff so that he can do what he does best – be Brett Tippie.

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 I don't know her, but Sarah Fenton must be a saint... Imagine waking up every morning, walking around the corner, and Tippie with red bull in hand... Let the good times roll
  • 51 1
 Tippie has often commented on how he came back from the void of drugs, depression, and alcohol after meeting Sarah and having the girls. As they say "the right partner will make you a better man."
  • 8 0
 ^ That's awesome. Never new that about him. ^
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flag sandrida (May 9, 2014 at 9:49) (Below Threshold)
 i tought i seed tippie yesterday but that was just me he looked quite like it . there where cars there for road bikes it was the tippie of the wheelerbikes i was there for thittin an urban freeride sand drop but i coundt open the fence because theres a bolt in there anyway motheres are awesoem lets go shred our bikes with them
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 Wow, interesting info PHeller.
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 Mother Huckers are great candidates for a Crest or Colgate sponsor.
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 In retrospect I feel bad about that comment because I don't know the Tippie family at all and basing such a comment on a few interviews that he's done is kinda shallow of me. All these ladies are rad chicks and probably super awesome moms and I don't feel right assuming things about Brett's life when this about his wife.
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 Interview from last fall "You Don't Know… Brett Tippie"

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 @thinkbike--That was a great interview. Thanks for posting!
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 I have met Sarah a few times (in the times before Tippie...lol) and she is awesome. I am so happy for both of them and their family. It's awesome to see a post like this on PB. Keep up the good work ladies!
  • 10 1
Great article Baker, looking FAB ladies and may the gods (and kids) be kind enough to get you out for a well deserved lap or two this Sunday!
Keep being awesome!
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 happy mother's day, ladies.
  • 5 0
 Great article and I can relate to it as a dad. Yes getting out of home with little monsters in it can be damn hard and exhausting IF you are lucky for it to happen. Maybe thanks to that article some people can get at least a hint that if you want to tell someone "just get out and ride" then you have no bloody idea how lucky you are - No freaking idea, what so freaking evYRRR! You have no clue... and still: I am healthy, my wife is healthy, my kids are healthy and my parents are healthy. So I am damn lucky too.
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 Outdoor Mom's are awesome!!! They are hotter than models specially when they ride awesome mountain bikes! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOMIES! :-)
  • 5 0
 After giving birth to my daughter just yesterday this article has a particularly strong impact on me and my family. I can't wait to share our biking adventures with her! Thank you PB for sharing these stories of great role models and proving that motherhood and shredding are not mutually exclusive.
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 Congratulations to both of you!!!
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 Awesome article Danielle! How many ladies on the Shore ride because of one of these women? Seriously, this needs to be a poll! Hey Pinkbike - new poll idea right here. Wink
  • 4 0
 Thanks for this great article about some of the "normal" ladies who absolutely shred! As a newly relocated gal to BC, I can tell you first hand... it's absolutely crazy and awesome how many chicks not only ride here, but RIDE here... I mean...SERIOUSLY rip. You think you are a good rider? Think you're fast? Come and take a little spin with any of the weekend warrior moms or any other casual gal rider from around these parts and be prepared to be majorly humbled. And the best part? All of the women riders I have met up here have been super nice, unpretentious, friendly, happy to share trails and experience, approachable, and pushing themselves. You ladies are so rad, keep charging.
  • 7 1
 Great article! These ladies are mountain biking role models and an inspiration to all.
  • 4 1
 One of the things I like most about BC is the amount of women out there shredding it up. Last time I went to the shore a buddy of mine made the trip with me from Georgia. Well let's just say he got his a$$ handed to him on Ladies Only.
  • 4 0
 Same deal down here at Galbraith. The ladies often outnumber the guys!
  • 3 0
 Very interesting to see how our sport is evolving as its pioneers evolve in life…. this is why we ride, because we love it, and, for some of us, it takes us back to our childhood. The trail takes a supporting role in this story, and the ride is the star. Great article…..
  • 5 0
 BEst articles on PB ever- thanks Danielle, Kelli, Cynthia, Aimee, and Sarah and the PB team and photographers for getting the story out there!
  • 3 0
 Tip of the hat ladies! It's nice to hear mothers speak to their need to ride. Balance is king or queen. What brings life makes life. I'm about to me a first time dad to a lil baby girl, so excited and nervous. My wife has already told me she doesn't want me to miss my Sunday morning rides because she sees how much I benefit from it. I love my rides but I totally feel the pull to be there as much as I can for my girls. I’m already reminding myself there is more than one way to be there. I’m hoping one day my lil girl will want to shred with her dad and maybe she will be able to get mom out there too. At the very least they both will see a big ole smile on my face after a ride, knowing I was doing something healthy and ask, “did you have a good ride?”

Great article and thanks ladies for all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • 5 1
 So awesome. I wish my wife hung out with your amazing group! Great to see you're all still shredding, even with your busy schedules with the kiddos! Keep it up!
  • 2 0
 Can u imagine how awesome it would be to be their kids growing up with parents/mums like these ladies!!! Great role models and inspiration to other mums too! Being a mum/parent is the most important role in the world! Great article PB.
  • 2 0
 Thank you for this article..I'm a father. Lately, I felt guilty that I ride when I should be with my family. But after each ride, I come back loving them as much..and reminded how much I love life. IDK, but after each ride..I'm reminded how much I love my family..probably due to the fact that I survived each ride.
  • 4 0
 I don't share stuffs like this on Facebook..because my friends, family, co-worker will not understand MTB.
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 These ladies rock! No excuses to shred! It's Friday, lets go ride our bikes!
  • 1 0
 Great article! Moms rock! I honestly feel nervous about having a child some day and losing the ability to spontaneously ride my bike... This article shows me, that when the passion is there, it can always be done and share now you can share the experience with a child.
  • 1 0
 Trust me, you'll never regret having your children. My wife is due with our fourth. It only makes life better. Especially riding. Nothing better than watching my wife and daughters together on a trail.
  • 4 0
 Great article Danielle.
  • 3 0
 pretty frickin' rad if you ask me!!!
  • 3 0
 Lovin' it! Cute ladies, keep up that attitude! \o
  • 1 0
 Biker moms > soccer moms, especially the ones that actually ride. Nice job ladies.
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 Rad Women! Happy Mom's Day Gals Smile
  • 2 0
 A Father's version would be great as well!
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 Mothers that huck rule!
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 Great write up!!! Love it when chick's can pin it!!
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 marry me Ladys.....:-)
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 Sorry accidental neg prop. I totally agree. Amazing women.
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 Yes I am too waiting for dating section on Pinkbike... buy&sell, trail reports, shop reviews, bring on dating...
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 Hey, if Christian Mingle exists, so can Mountain Bike Mingle or BikeMatch.com Hopefully it's in place just in time for my second wife!
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 The problem is that I bet that there is more gender and sexual diversity among christians than among mountain bikers...
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 Wait. ...i thought the pig Latin term was fother muckers
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 Not MILF, just MILB: Mami I would Like To Bike with
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 True that.

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