Endura Launch Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle Signature Pisspot Helmet

Oct 2, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  


Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle have distinct riding styles from one another, but they also have a lot in common. Both are proud Scottish talent, born and bred, and both mix up trials and mountainbiking in their high-octane repertoire. For their helmets and protection, they choose Endura, purveyors of no-nonsense, bullet-proof riding kit.

Also hailing from Scotland, Endura know a thing or two about disruptive engineering for challenging terrain and conditions. Durability and protection have always been the cornerstone of the brand.

Endura’s top end helmets incorporate Koroyd technology for impact protection, including the benchmark MT500 Helmet. Particular focus has been placed on achieving a staggering protection to weight ratio'

When we set out to design the PissPot Helmet, the target was to pack as much tech in but retain the classic piss pot look. The result is an industry beating, ultra lightweight, well ventilated helmet with a great fit that is ready to shred the street, trails, park and dirt. Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle love it. We are sure you will too.

The stand-out feature of the all new PissPot Helmet is the inclusion of a one hand micro adjustment fit system. Often missing on this style of helmet, it enables riders to really dial down the fit. This not only makes it more comfortable but safer too.

The Matt Black and Forest Green options are in stores now, with new signature models for Danny MacAskill (Blue) and Kriss Kyle (White) to follow in a few weeks and for those that shred after dark, an amazing reflective version lands then too.

For more information, visit endurasport.com


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 Just release it with the Red Bull paint job and you’ll sell 100x the amount I promise.
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 I have no doubt they’d sell but you really can’t go strutting around with a Red Bull helmet if you’re a mere mortal!
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 @BONEhouse: yeah exactly same with surfer that put sticker on the nose of their boards and cant barelly paddle out. Quiksilver sticker with a rip curl wetsuit... lol. But I have an orange fox 36 so I guess I'm like that too.
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 @BONEhouse: For real you gotta earn it! It's a trophy in itself. I remember I was snowboarding at Copper Mountain this past year during the Dew Tour and I saw some skiers/boarders with legit Red Bull helmets. Had no idea who they were in all the gear but you know they're some of the best of the best.
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 @BONEhouse: Had a dude show up at a local kiteboard spot with a Redbull helmet, with a REAL good paintjob on it, so don't think it was an at home copy, He definitely wasn't any RB athlete I recognized (nor had an accent to tip me off it was one of their euro or oceania athletes). Asked him where he got it, and he got SUPER cagey about it >.>
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 That's like wearing the rainbow stripes and not winning a world cup
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 A family friend was a Red Bull sponsored skier, but to keep things fresh she always snowboarded when cruising with friends. She had to wear the helmet by contract, so it was always fun when people would think she was a phony with a RB lid.
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 @nfontanella: I remember the dirt demo at interbike maybe 15 years ago there was a probably 500lb man walking around the pits wearing a jersey with rainbow stripes.

Every f*cking vendor looking nervously hoping he wasn't gonna ask to take a bike out.

I did see him take a road bike out.....
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 @yoimaninja: The amount of requests I get to paint a Red Bull helmet design on some kid's helmet is crazy - they don't get that it's gotta be earned.
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 Redbull might give me a disabled deal. "Well; what can we do, he's disabled, and tries his best".
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 POC returns the call with a Fabio Wibmer replica Chamberpot helmet.
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 Love Red Bull for their sponsorships across so many sports / athletes (although to my taste buds the drink is crap, but half vodka certainly helps). However the economics of it still don't add up in my head, but what the hell do I know.... that's right, not a damn thing!

(But seriously, how much of that shit could they possibly sell to afford a F1 Team and all the rest?!)
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 It helps that the margins are insane. RB makes ~$40 from selling a single case to a distributor (Wal-Mart, 7/11, etc).
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 People love their RedBull. They sell roughly 7-8 billion cans worldwide a year while only employing about 200ish people directly. The ingredients and distribution are relatively cheap (I remember reading it costs them about .7 USD per can to get it a consumer) so for each can they sell they make roughly $1. That is then roughly $7bil to put back into marketing and what not. The F1 team costs $300mil a year, the soccer/football clubs cost much less a year, and individual athlete sponsorships top out around $1-2 million a year. They sponsor something like 500-600 athletes at any given time so even if they are all getting $1mil a year, thats at most $600mil. Then all of this is subsidized by other income like F1 and football revenue sharing, ticket sales at their events, other merchandise/products they sell and investment in other companies. The F1 team actually turns a profit most years (though that might change with Honda ditching them). They still have roughly $5-6 billion USD in profit after all of this.
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 Red Bull and Red Bull Zero combined stand for 30% of the US Energy drink market alone. Monster is second with 15%. Red Bulls sales in the USA are projected to be around 3,577 bn $ in 2020. They made 6,137bn $ globally in 2018.


I think most of their sponsorships play out for them, as they bring in more revenue than they cost. Furthermore the RedBull brand is known in almost every single sport.
If every person involved in one of these sports worldwide (let's say 3bn people) buys just one can a year for 2$ that's those 6bn dollars of sales. I, for myself don't really like their energy drink, but i buy around 1 can of their coke every week for 1,25€. So thats 60€ from me.
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 Personnally I'd rather have a drink that shuts down my brain than excites it. And I'm not even hyperactive. Just my brain.
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 @krka73 This might be of interest for you: youtu.be/cBRNQMolTPw
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 @seangoesoutside: Ignoring all of your other assumptions, within 20 minutes of my house I can go and say hi to at least 1500 employees. I won't make a guess to how many are in the US HQ (more than 200 for sure), plus the 10-50 per country office (depending on size).

Not sure where you got your info, but it's very, very wrong.
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 @davidrobinsonphoto: Sorry, I was typing fast and didn't proofread. Redbull employs roughly 12,000. Not sure how I messed that up so badly. I pulled the number off the website a while ago and it looks like it went up to 12,736 for 2019.
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 In the 30 years that I have been riding the only change I’ve seen to the classic pisspot is the addition of retention strap/dial.

It’s not needed to evolve like the crocodile.
I just wish they made one with a little more space to fit us poor melon headed folks.
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 I bought the fox rox star piss pot, fits my moosive swede Smile
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 Classic design, I wear one, does the job for a multitude of sports, unpretentious unless it’s an official Redbull.
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 @scoot34: that’s worth knowing, I have a 63cm/24.8” (that’s a proper conversion not a dodgy PB one LoL) and struggle. I had an old TSG that just fitted and a 661 that needed a little sanding at the back to take off 5mm from the inside (assumed that losing protection from the back was better than the front)
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 I really wish there were more options for a skate style helmet with modern safety tech. I just upgraded from a basic skate helmet to a new Bontrager Wavecell helmet (would rather have gone MIPS, but everything is out of stock right now). Marketing and VA Tech researchers tell me it's a safer helmet, but I feel exposed without more coverage, and the sticker saying "Not for BMX" is disconcerting.

I think I need to just get a full face haha!
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 I would be thankful in case company start selling internal paddings or equip state style helmets with several at least , WTF I can buy full face and have multiple set of pads, however from the same brand state style helmet will have none;

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 What no mips?
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 micro adjustment on a skate helmet? DORK!
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 Really? They call a helmet a ‘piss pot’????
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 That style of helmet has been called a piss pot for decades
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 Saw a Redbull helmet signed at the bicycle shop today. Never have I wanted to steal anything so bad.
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 Get Danny's piss pot here?
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 Damn, Danny is kinda swole
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