Endura Passes the Halfway Mark in their Aim of Planting One Million Trees in 2020

Jul 25, 2020
by ECHOS Communications  

Press Release: Endura

Endura is on schedule to hit its target of planting one million trees annually to help reduce the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere. That’s 619,962 trees planted so far!

Despite everything that has happened this year, Endura is delighted to announce that the Scottish cycle kit brand has reached the halfway mark of the first year of the One Million Trees Initiative; and have already planted more than half a million trees in 2020. By the end of June 2020, exactly 619,962 trees had been planted on the site sponsored by Endura in Mozambique, and more are being added every day. These trees not only help to reduce the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere, but they also bring significant social benefits for the local community.

As a company operating on a global level, Endura is critically aware of their environmental impact and are working on a number of fronts to reduce their footprint. The textile industry is increasingly under the spotlight for its global carbon emissions that are second only to oil– fast fashion has become a dirty term. Endura’s kit, on the other hand, is built to last. Nevertheless, the company recognizes that there’s a lot of work to be done, both across the company and the wider industry. While they have been taking steps towards change– their kit has been PFC-free since 2018, they offer a repair service, and 1% of their net profit goes to good causes– there are much bigger challenges. However, these challenges are about infrastructure which will take years to change and, as the company’s founder and Managing Director Jim McFarlane point out, we do not have the luxury of time. “The one thing we must focus on now is the climate emergency,” he says. “Once the ice caps have melted you’re not going to refreeze them any time soon – that’s the reason for our Million Trees initiative.”

Not only is forest restoration one of the best solutions to de-carbonize the atmosphere we have available today, but these reforestation projects also have a huge positive impact on the local community involved in the planting of the trees. Eden Reforestation Projects, who plant the majority of Endura’s trees, reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. Jobs and thereby an income are provided, and at the same time, the locals learn about the importance of the trees for the ecosystems. The mangrove channels of Mozambique, where Endura’s trees are planted, and those of other coastal areas are the nursery for so many species of the world’s commercial fish, explains Eden Reforestations Projects, and they are very efficient at absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen back for all of us. They also provide important habitats for threatened species of birds and mammals.

Endura is also working on a project closer to home to plant native species of trees in their Scottish homeland. “It’s one world, so we’ll plant trees wherever we can do it quickly, cheaply, and wherever they’ll be protected.” says Endura’s co-founder and Brand Director Pamela Barclay. While the One Million Trees Initiative is a big step in the right direction, there’s no sense of complacency at Endura. “We continue to work hard to drive authentic sustainability across the whole product offering and the business,” Barclay explains, “but our brand has a long way to go.”


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 "Planting Trees" is a good sentiment but when you dig in a little, it's complicated. Many of the charities you see out there toss seeds on the ground and consider it a tree that's been planted. Only a few programs take the time to nurture trees in the way that may be necessary. There's little data in this industry about how many trees survive and mature. In my area, there are fields of dead young trees someone spent time and money to plant (and probably made a YouTube video about). The unfortunate reality is that while the video makes us feel good, the trees will never exist.

Good on Endura for making an effort here. I hope that their investment was done with research and caution to ensure that trees grow and thrive.
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 I would think the key is to use native tree species so that they thrive with little upkeep.
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 @wilbersk: Yes. But also timing of planting, depth of the planting, etc.

There are good folks out there doing this kind of labor-intensive work but doing it right interferes with headlines like, "1 Million Trees Planted!!!".

I'd prefer to see headlines like, "100,000 trees surviving and growing". But I'm old and off social media.
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 If you're looking for data and info from a company that plants trees, Ecosia.com is killing it. Most of their ad revenue from searches goes towards multiple tree planting projects in developing countries, and they publish monthly financial records and success rates of planting projects. Go download that sh*t, its awesome
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 @LA-Law: i planted 3 in my yard....time to ride the 2 stroke
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 @ithomas: That's good transparency and helpful to see data on trees planted vs. trees growing.
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 @kmg0: My leaf blower runs the same Motul Factory Line oil as I use in my CR125. Makes yard work smell good.
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 @ithomas: I thought that sounded too good to be true, but dang: Certified B company, over 50% of profits towards planting trees. Good on them.
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 @kmg0: that's funny as hell. Nature been planting trees for years. Weyerhaeuser been planting trees since the 1900s.
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 Well said sir!
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 Great way to offset the carbon bootprint of having thousands of their garbage products lining garbage dumps around the world
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 It's endura vs Friday fails in a battle to save or destroy the trees Go Friday fails!
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 Where are the actual tree planters here?

If you hand planted 1500 clones a day, 6 days/week it'd take you around 2 years. Can you organize that to happen??? The investment of planting trees is more about the movement to plant MORE of them than cut them down for more cities and population. It's a move in the right direction that has benefits even tho it's a known stat not every tree will grow.
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 @Regamaro: good planters can do 3k+ properly spaced trees a day, no problem. With 95%+ of those growing to maturity.
Not sure what the logistics of what they are planting, but it looks like they are planting at pretty random spacing, which means there is going to be a lot of awkward competition between the trees and a lot of them will die or not grow to proper size/maturity.
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 @LA-Law: it's not about the substance, it's about the likes
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 @50percentsure: Another bump for Ecosia.com they're the real deal. Also their android app is better than chrome.
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 Jim, Pam,

Please consider working Borders forest trust If you haven’t already. Their knowledge is second to none, and they have a proven track record of ecological restoration on a landscape scale - Everything from peat bog restoration to riparian, native tree planting and montane scrub.

I’d love to be involved in this - it forms a large part of my research and increasingly my work.

There’s definitely a route to involve the cycling community (As volunteers) as well as local communities in schemes like this.

Also consider the new implication of the ELMS scheme that comes into play in 2024 - it provides ample opportunity for you to integrate into a national objective and work with rural communities on both an mtb and ecological front.

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 Well done endura.
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 They make good apparel
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 So true La-law I see this time and time again. I am am a landscape contractor, and even when there is a maintenance the contracts are at the most 2 years. We had a project in napa co. And after 5 years only 1out of 50 survived. Two years after, county crew came and mowed field where trees were planted for fire prevention. But the one redwood that survived is now 30 ft tall so for its sake "Nice Work Endura!"
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 For all those interested I have a friend, a Nigerian prince who is offering a "certified" tree planting scheme.
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 Appreciate your efforts here Endura, and definitely hoping for the sustained maintenance effort for long-term survival!
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 Dont understand the hate here. Regardless of whether some die or not etc....Endura are trying to do a good thing. If every company tried harder to do more good things then the world would be a better place for sure.
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 1 million planted, how many actually grow?
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 All of them.
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 @Treadly: pics or it never happened.
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 Good stuff endura! Love your apparel btw
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 NZ is aiming to plant 1 billion! Yikes
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 Great to hear about this happening
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