Enduro World Series Announces its Largest Ever Race Calendar for 2021 with 3 Double Header Events

Dec 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
This round will likely come down to Morgane Charre and Melanie Pugin.

The Enduro World Series has just announced an updated racing schedule for 2021 that sees the introduction of double-header events and the removal of the Chilean and Colombian rounds.

After a reduced season of racing this year, the EWS is looking ahead to the next year of racing and it has already pushed the season start back to the end of June in Val Di Fassa. The Italian round will kick off the 2021 EWS with a double-header event, this will see riders racing both on Thursday and Sunday in the same week.

The EWS say this will provide: "double the racing for both athletes and fans, this new format will also help budgets for privateers and teams, as well as lessening the environmental impact by reducing the amount of travel. The season is grouped into longer blocks of travel to allow for more racing than ever before, with the EWS expanding to nine rounds and EWS-E increasing to four."

EWS 2021 Schedule

EWS-E 2021 Schedule

2021 Trophy of Nations

Each race weekend is also set to include a new format of racing, this will come in the form of the 'Pro Stage'. The 'Pro Stage' will see racers take on a short and fast stage the evening before the main race and will offer extra points in the Pro Men's and Women's categories and the top three in U21 and Master.

bigquotesThe Pro stage will provide a fast and exhilarating start to an EWS weekend. It will use a specially designed, high-speed stage aimed at creating close racing and excitement for spectators, as well as offering up extra points for the racers. Ruaridh Cunningham, EWS Sport Coordinator

The new scheduling will also provide the opportunity for the EWS100 and EWS80 races to get a full day of dedicated racing at every venue. Another new addition to the schedule will be a series of 'Gold Qualifiers'. These events will be large scale regional races that will provide more points than standard local racing and should offer a more effective way for riders to earn enough points to qualify for the Pro races.

bigquotesAlthough 2020 was a tough year for everyone, the extended off-season gave us an opportunity to reflect on all aspects of the EWS and EWS-E and we’re excited to introduce these changes. It’s the biggest shake-up to the format in the history of the series and we’re excited about the direction of the sport.

“We are obviously incredibly disappointed for our partners who we are unable to visit in 2021, but they have our full support and we look forward to returning to them as soon as we can.

“There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021, the increase in the number of both EWS and EWS-E races and the return of the Trophy of Nations. And on a personal level, I can’t wait to see both the EWS and EWS-E conclude in the Tweed Valley, where the Enduro World Series team is based - it’ll provide the perfect backdrop to finish our biggest season to date.
Chris Ball, EWS Managing Director


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 European World Series
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 Italian World Series
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 Just like the european cup dh and xc races.
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 Look on the bright side; it will be more appealing for Play Sports Network / GMBN to broadcast the races if they have two races in the same location (or close to each other).
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 @dolores: Aren't you mad, you're from Antarctica how are you going race your brand new Slash now? Italy's a bit of a hike, eh?
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 @Shred-BC: more numbers to crunch, giving a better chance of a three-peat?
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 With the way it's going in the US right now, you think there's going to be many Euro teams travelling in and out of the US by next summer? Hopefully we'll see normality again in 2022.
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 Visits more countries than the MLB World Series?
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flag jaame (Dec 17, 2020 at 11:49) (Below Threshold)
 @moynie: BLM has a world series now?
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 When did Whistler move to Europe? I would love to be able to drive there
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 Slightly unfair comment considering the EWS history over the last five years. They have actually been on a global mission, but considering what they have been through this year I’m sure they want to minimize risk. Bravo for putting on more racing I’d say.
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 Came to say that exact thing.
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 @moynie: you're not wrong
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 What is SCO?
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 @dthomp325: south colorado
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 @bishopsmike: was going to say the same thing
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 @dthomp325: is the Part of the U.K. that Chris Ball lives in
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 @dthomp325: Scotland
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 Stupidly disappointing to see the Burke, VT round get dropped. Euro World Series continues...
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 Don't think the US will be anywhere close to ready to host international sporting events.
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 Hoping we might at least see a regional race in Burke from the Eastern States Cup guys. Sugarloaf was recently announced as one of their 2021 race venues.
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 @Lankycrank: I know ESC is pretty bad about getting the word out but where did you see that?
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 Such a great place too. VT is getting killed this year without a tourism sector and ESC was supposed to be a huge draw to the area after NEMBAfest got cancelled.
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 @islandforlife: Why? We have the best testing program in the world. /s
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 @sjma: They put a post on FB with the PB video about Adam Craig's new trail at Sugarloaf and said something like "here's a big hint at part of our 2021 schedule"
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 @ianswilson815: that's what I get for not having a facebook account anymore, I guess. Still pumped for sugarloaf
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 @islandforlife: you’re not wrong, it’s been beyond frustrating dealing with the lack of common sense here. Can only hope for a Burke 2022 though, I think a lot of people would be blown away by the world class riding tucked away in northern Vermont.
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 @sjma: They tend to use fb and instagram for teaser announcements, and last-minute event info, but usually the official race schedule is on their website easternstatescup.com in early spring.
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 Taking after the "world" cup...at least all the euro riders will be stoked. They couldn't have made the one north American stop a double header? Fly all the way across the world for one race, but then we'll have all the double headers within an 8 hour drive of one another.
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 I think the home field advantage is sometime overlooked. Huge upside to local race...sleeping in your own bed, lower stress from not traveling, eating more familiar foods, maybe track familiarity, extra support from friends/family. Incredibly hard schedule for a privateer outside of Europe.
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 @Jaylynx: yeah, because Europe is tiny and we all commute from our houses to the race each day
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 @whitetux: Euro racers can easily practice and race every one of the European venues with only a short plane ride or few day drive. For North and South American racers to practice it is a ~14hr plane ride and a huge commitment to leave home for months in the off season to make the trip worth while.

I'm not even going bring up how exclusive this is for privateers who have very limited race and travel funds.
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 @whitetux: ahahahah
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 Not clear that America will have COVID-19 under control by next summer.
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flag MX298 (Dec 17, 2020 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 @gramboh: I see BC plates all over the road down here! Actually the only race series (BME) had Canadian racers there! . . . . . . . . . Fair?
And I actually DON'T know anyone that is sick!
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 @MX298: I have 2 dead patients in the last week that would disagree with you
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 To be fair, Whistler is so packed with expats it's barely like travelling these days.
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 @MX298: cool. I will alert the media that the official anecdotal evidence is in and we can go back to life as it was 12 months ago.
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 It’sa big assumption anyone will be allowed to travel to the USA that soon
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 @Shred-BC: Look, I wasn't saying it's not easier being in Europe, but as someone who does race the EWS, it still is a mission and only pro racers can go and practice all these venues. I have never even considered practicing a venue outside of a race because I can barely afford to go to 2/3 of the EWS.

European based privateers basically have the same deal monetarily as American and Canadian except flights are cheaper because they are less far. Also everything is like a million times cheaper over here than in US and Canada. Your living costs here are much cheaper and if you book the right flight well enough in advance, it's probably going to be relatively similar. The most expensive EWS I went to was Whistler and it wasn't the most expensive flight + transfer that I've paid in Europe.

Basically EWS racing is expensive as hell and you need to make your own luck.
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flag OldScratchJohnson (Dec 17, 2020 at 13:07) (Below Threshold)
 @doctorpritchett: over 80 or under . Funny how you don't mention that...
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 @whitetux: so true. Living down the pointy end, the thought of going to Scotland never really enters my mind. I could drive to the Alps in not much more time!!
Having roadtriped the US a few times, I have learnt that their idea of distance is different to ours. Travelling an hour and a half to ride would be a well planned in advance big day out for us. Ill never forget the state trooper directing me to a campsite. “Just follow this road a short while until you get to it”. Two hours later.....
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 @ilovedust: wait what? I have to drive for one and a half hour to get to some decent trails! That is like a commute for me. Things only need proper planning when the trip is more than 500km or so. I live in Brazil btw, not Jamaica ????
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 @OldScratchJohnson: funny you only care about young people...
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 @gilby82: funny how you don't...
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 I wouldn't want to visit America either.
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 This article should have been written in Italian.
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 Why? Did you not want any Americans to be able to read it
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 Scotland in October. Brave!
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 it's actually not that bad, trails are still dry ish, they are only starting to get muddy around mid october / early november
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 @alexisalwaysonfire: That's really not the experience I've had here this last ten years...
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 @sourmix: haha really?

In Ireland trails are typically great end of september / start of october

still dry and all the fecking insects are gone!
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 @alexisalwaysonfire: bastard. We're drowning in brown shitey mud here!
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 They were dusty the last week in September this year when I was riding them
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 @sourmix: yeah, true story. It's like the weather is best the first week of June when the youngsters are doing exams and trails best when the buggers piss off back to school!!
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 Any earlier and you get swarmed by midgies!
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 Innerleithen trails run better when damp anyway
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 Although I have ridden in Italy and can confirm the riding there is top notch, having 3 (4 if you count the trophy of nations) is a bit much. The Chile rounds were always amazing, and don't say it's to do with covid as there is still a Whistler round, how about am urban enduro race? Through the streets of Chile or Mexico?
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 5 rounds of the ews will be in italy
+ trophy of nations
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 @pAzk: So, SIXTY percent of the races will be held in Italy! 9 Rounds of EWS + Trophy of Nations = 6 rounds of racing... Can't really call it Worlds, if all the majority of races happen in 1 country.
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 It’s expected South America will be hit hard with covid next year, but Europe will not fair much better into late spring so any racing for the pros whatever discipline you support is good
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 @dan23dan23: "all the majority" muygdm! :-)
  • 2 0
 @mi-bike: it's the redneck in me, sometimes I say, All Y'all, which is the same as saying everyone... Wink
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 @dan23dan23: Its mad isn't it. I am all for Covid safety. But having all the races in one country does feel a bit stupid.
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 Vermont wuz robbed! Also- Enduro double headers just seem like a bad idea. Their freaking legs are gonna fall off by the end of the week.
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 Good. The events should be beastly
  • 2 1
 But without pedally race stages
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 My bet is that those normally would have been 2 day races. They will split them and have 2, 1 day races this time as a "double header" so that they can give out more points and its more of a series instead of all the points riding on a significantly reduced schedule. So in reality I would bet that the distances are the same just spread out a bit more.
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 Who remembers the time that Enduro World Series consisted of two days of racing? 6 to 8 stages per event spread out over two consecutive days.

I looks like now they added one or two rest days in between and call it two separate races TaDa: a "double header". This ain't no progress.
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 I'm really stoked to see the double headers. Reducing the environmental impact of all the travel and helping privateers get to more races seem like great things in my book. Obviously it would be nice to see some more non-European races, but hopefully those will come after COVID settles down a bit more.
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 I wish they would stop going on about environmental impact. There is nothing environmental about either racing or mountain biking so let’s not pretend anything is done for environmental reasons
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 @CM999: what an effing moron response. "It's not perfect, so nobody should try to improve things."
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 @bishopsmike: if you want to improve it then you have to cancel it, which I don’t want to happen, everything else it’s just pr spin
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 @CM999: it's not a zero sum game dude, incremental improvements are still valid and worth celebrating.
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 @CM999: I agree with you. I think the whole environmental angle is just a bollocks made up to please a certain section of society. I think we all know that environmental impact reduction is very much an afterthought in any for-profit business' strategy. PR spin in most cases, with a few exceptions (companies that are trying to make money from reducing environmental impact - in other words they are also doing it to make money first and foremost). And anyway as Putin says, we should look to the future and embrace the positive effects of climate change, instead of all the glass half empty negativity.
  • 2 0
 @jaame: Wow, you really just quoted Putin when trying to sound rational.
  • 2 0
 @jaame: Its a lot easier to embrace the 'positive effects' of climate change when you are an aging billionaire dictator living in one of the world's coldest countries, than say, a poor Bangladeshi whose home will be underwater...
  • 1 1
 @eblackwell: well what can I say? People literally walked around the world from Africa. We're pretty adaptable. It's all doom and gloom with you people. It's not like the sea level is going to rise 10m in a tsunami and then never recede. It's like, half a millimetre a year or something - people can move FFS! And the Romans used to grow grapes in Edinburgh.
"The sky is falling!"
People talking about saving the planet... Pretty amusing in some ways. The planet doesn't need saving. It was here before homo sapiens sapiens and it will be here after homo sapiens sapiens. I'll be dead in 40 years and after that what happens I really don't give a monkey's. If my kids are that bothered about the planet being uninhabitable for their kids I have already suggested to them not to have any kids. I can't see it happening though. Humans will continue to adapt until we become extinct - which at this rate seems most likely to happen as a result of humanity eating itself than as a result of climate change.
  • 2 0
 @jaame: That is quite a selfish way of looking at things, your children shouldn't have to worry about their childrens entire planit being uninhabitable. Yes things aren't looking good, but we can always turn that around.
  • 1 1
 @Jaib06: I agree. Thankfully I don't think my grandchildren do have to worry about their entire planet being uninhabitable. I'll teach them to leave the worrying to the pessimists.
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 Just here for the Yanks whining about them not being included.
  • 1 2
 I'm one right here fella
  • 9 0
 The Trophy of Nations logo reminds me way too much of the Nascar logo. Would pay to watch 50 uncapped ebikes racing around a tight circle at maximum speed in the hopes of massive pileups and lithium battery fires.
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 While this year is definitely VERY, and a bit too much euro centric I think its understandable. Off all the major world series (DH, Enduro, XC), EWS has always been pushing the limit of new locations, well spread around the world etc. Forgive them if this year its a bit limited due to circumstances out of their control.
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 Yeah completely agree, obviously it sucks, and I do feel for you guys across the pond. But everything at the moment has to be controlled and this is just another one of them.
  • 11 5
 How does the UCI expect to expand the sport if it continues to stay in the same places?
  • 6 0
 I suspect next year has been planned with avoiding/mitigating travel restrictions in mind. Whistler is happening because it's the biggest event at the biggest venue in the world, everywhere else can be driven to.
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 1) Good for some of the double headers. I think it'll save a lot of travel budget for some of these teams. It's not like many of these folks have real budgets to work with.

2) Not surprised to not see a US leg.... I doubt any event organizer wants to spend any time trying to figure out if they can have the event, etc... XGames is going to happen in Aspen, but only because they eliminated a ton of events and there will be no spectators, etc.
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 I can understand why the US rounds were dropped next year but another Canadian round would have been great. Hopefully the 2022 season is back to normal but tbh I doubt it will.
  • 4 0
 Hopefully we see some explanation in the coming days why the majority of the races are in Italy. I'm not salty, just curious.
  • 5 2
 Seriously ? 4 rounds in Italy ?
Also, sahme to find everytime the same locations, I thought this sport was about dicovering new places, and quickly adapt to it.
I guess money is the only real concern ...
  • 5 1
 Realistically, they will be lucky if half these races go ahead.
  • 4 0
 Just glad to see a timetable of races put together in these difficult times. Really looking forward to it and fingers crossed that we can get on top of the virus in time.
  • 2 0
 I love this.... it is a fecking massive task to put events on. The world is in a spin and quite frankly any race that goes ahead is an achievement. Be happy Chris and the team have found a way to make it work next year. The bandwagon will no doubt be rolled out far and wide when possible.
  • 2 0
 Just because since races re on the same country, did not mean the terrain is the same! The dolomites and coastal Ligure are totally different, save with other venues. The Italian Dolomite and Swiss Zermstt are more similar. I'm really looking forward to Tweed Valley, its a 9 hour drive, but if we are allowed, I'd defo make the trip. We'll I'll just be happy to see some racing! But I think some races are too short, so should introduce timed connection stages too... Not every one, just 1 per race, line a queen stage.
  • 7 3
 Perhaps real technical trails are still in Europe ? Big Grin
Everyone know that !
  • 2 0
 @PushPush, yeah, all the PNW has to offer is paved pump tracks and mellow green runs...
  • 1 0
 @gilby82: I think you can ride a pump track from Seattle to Orlando now. The Liability Attorneys have caused all rocks to be removed.
  • 1 0
 @yinyang: you've apparently never been to Washington, where we have fully legal/public trails with 40+' gaps and more double blacks than greens in many of our systems.
  • 5 0
 Missed out Epping Forest again. Their loss.
  • 5 1
 Who's bright idea is it to go to Scotland in October? That's going to be a slippy one.
  • 1 0
 Logistics-wise, assuming COVID hasn't magically disappeared by summer, keeping it all on one continent makes sense. Safer for riders, probably cheaper with less travel costs (exception of Whistler), and there's great tracks over there
  • 5 2
 Conspiracy Theory: Chile event stricken due to sponsor pressure to prevent Grim Donut dominance.
  • 2 0
 What happened to South America/Oceania rounds? EWS has always been good about getting outside of Europe, but maybe COVID is impacting things?
  • 1 0
 Almost definitely covid related. Its the same reason that there are double header events, less travel for the same amount of racing
  • 1 0
 I’m afraid Colombia is not even close to being ready for an event like this, talking specifically about Covid restrictions and measures to keep everyone safe. Don’t get me wrong, we are trying our best, but the risk of our country locking down and stopping people coming in/out plus the lack of ICU beds makes it kind of dangerous to host an EWS round.
  • 6 0
 Oceania? You realize that through early sacrifice and hard work we have effectively eliminated Covid here (occasional outbreak escaping quarantine notwithstanding), and aren't about to let all you plague carriers come and ruin things for us now that life if pretty much back to normal?
There are a few international sporting events going ahead, but without the money of F1/Tennis/Golf/Cricket to back up quarantine, the EWS was never a chance to happen in Oceania in 2021.

As a Tasmanian local, I promise to keep a regular eye on Derby for you until EWS can come back in 2022 or 2023, and will let you know next week just how nice the trails are running over Christmas. With a bit of luck I will even go and keep an eye on things in Rotorua for you as well as soon as they let us in next year Smile
  • 2 2
 Yup, with only 1/9th of the events outside of the EU, calling it a world series is a stretch! Just don't call it a "world series". I'm sure it wasn't their intension, but given the travel expenses, the series precludes many riders and teams, outside of the EU, to be able to compete without having to spend a magnitude more than the EU teams.
  • 3 1
 Was about to say "Wait Britain Ain't in the EU anymore," then I realized, we might still be in the EU by next century
  • 5 1
 At least it goes outside of 1 country unlike American World Series
  • 3 0
 Fort William followed by the Tweed Valley - that's something to look forward to in 2021.
  • 2 0
 Did the french cup in Loudenvieille will be sick!
  • 2 0
 I predict the french will succeed
  • 2 1
 Maybe the BME would want to take over the us rounds? They run the best events anywaySmile
  • 2 0
 @mikelevy I can eat more doughnuts than you
  • 2 0
 wasnt there going to be an ews northstar in 2021?
  • 1 0
 Overbooking to hit some windows between lockdowns here and there! Nice strategy!
  • 2 0
 So if the EWS can do double headers the WC DH should be able too...
  • 1 0
 This is great for almost everyone, and most important, the environment. Gonna be a great season, hopefully.
  • 3 2
 I kind of thought i would see Silver Mt on there
  • 1 1
 Are they running the E bike events on thr same trails? Potentially blowing them out before the Acoustic events??
  • 1 0
 That Pro Stage sounds like the death of WC DH :-)
  • 1 0
 Well so much for 2021. Wake me up when it's 2022.
  • 1 1
 Perfect stay away EWS, We don't like your colonialist ways anyways!!!
  • 1 0
 * flame suit on *
  • 1 1
 NO USA???
  • 2 1
 Good isn’t it. But who would travel to the USA
  • 1 2
 What locale is the SCO?
  • 2 1
 Scotland! Had to look it up

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