Enduro World Series Announces Trophy of Nations for 2019 - Video

Feb 13, 2018
by Enduro World Series  
PRESS RELEASE: Enduro World Series

The Enduro World Series is excited to announce the relaunch of the biggest team competition in mountain biking – the Trophy of Nations.

Taking place on the iconic trails of Finale in September 2019, the Trophy of Nations will be a true celebration of cycling as riders cast aside individual glory in favour of teamwork and national pride.

Teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship will be pushed to the limit as riders have to work together in teams of three to race for a combined result.

Featuring three categories, the event will pit nation against nation, industry against industry and amateur against amateur team. Each category of team will be made up of three riders. National teams will be made up of the top three riders from the newly structured Global EWS ranking from that country, and there will be both male and female teams.

And to put that in context, if the event had run in 2017 Team Australia would have been Sam Hill, Jared Graves and Josh Carlson taking on Jerome Clementz, Damien Oton and Adrien Dailly of Team France.

Amateurs riders can also enter their own teams of three with no restrictions on how they are formed - giving them the chance to ride together to take on some of the biggest names in mountain biking.

Industry teams are being invited to get involved too, allowing mechanics and team managers to put down tools, leave the pits behind and get out on the trails and show what they’re made of.

The Trophy of Nations will be a standalone event and will not contribute to a rider’s global ranking, taking place in Finale the week after the series concludes at round eight in Zermatt, Switzerland.

The Trophy of Nations will be part of a wider festival in Finale, with riders and fans promised an incredible weekend of racing and the chance to really get behind their country, team and fellow riders.

bigquotesWe are so excited to bring a team competition into mountain biking at the highest level. Just thinking about who could be racing together in the national teams is mind-blowing. It’s going to be so interesting to see how riders change their strategies in a team environment – they’ll have to really work together if they want to do well. It’s a great opportunity for amateurs as well – what could be better than riding Finale’s amazing trail network with your friends than getting to share them with the best riders in the world? This race has the potential to become one of the most exciting and interesting races of the year.Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series

Ugo Frascherelli, Mayor of Finale Ligure, said: “There’s no doubt that there is a special link between Finale Ligure and the Enduro World Series, we are honoured to have been chosen to host the 2019 Trophy of Nations. It will be another great chance for our territory to show our world class trails and services."

And Andrea Principato, President of Finale Outdoor Resort, added: “After six EWS rounds in Finale, we raise the bar once more. It’s a great pleasure and a big responsibility at the same to organise a World Team event. It will be great to see pro and amateurs racing together and will be a great end to the season."

The trophy of Nations will take place in Finale on the weekend of September 28th, 2019 the week after the final round of the series in Zermatt, Switzerland. The 2019 venues and dates were launched over the last week.


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 Sounds like a bit of fun. Team Australia looks OK.
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 It may be ok but it doesn’t really cut it for me as well as France
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 You can downvote him all you want, but you know Waki is right Wink
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 Finale Ligure and the EWS are a match made in heaven!! Can not wait for 2018 and 2019!!! Get out here and ride these epic trails!
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 Maybe Chris Ball can answer this. I've just noticed that most of the top British DH riders are English (with the exception of Greg Williamson) and Most of the top British Enduro riders are Scottish. Is it anything to do with Irn Bru making you better at pedalling?
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 The big question is : will the riders be involved into this new event ? If the riders play the game as a close knit team, for sure it will be interisting.
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 1) stoked beyond stoke.
2) go team Italy, you will never win but I don't care.
3) that means I'll have to break my back digging the DH Men once more?
4) will Joe Nation compete?
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 For each nation there will be one Elite Men team and one Elite Women Team ? The ranking will be Men and Women combined or a ranking per category ?
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 Correct! There will be one team of 3 men per nation and one team of 3 women per nation. Rankings will not be combined. Industry and Amateur teams (all of 3 riders) can be all male, all female or mixed.
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 @EnduroWorldSeries: And will you need to qualify for this event for Amateur teams ?
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flag PauRexs (Feb 13, 2018 at 4:57) (Below Threshold)
 @EnduroWorldSeries: Will you recognize Catalonia as a Nation ? ( We are recognized in severall sports allready ) EWS it would be great new and opportunity.
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 @PauRexs: go race with Euskadi .. ; )
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 @EnduroWorldSeries: Man, that Industry and Amateur team are gonna be awesome
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 Great idea - definitely sounds like a laugh for the amateurs and top entertainment mixing up the world's best into their respective counties.
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 Cool, Enduro World Champs
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 Cool legumes.
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 As an America, I predict a French victory
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 With English like that, I suspect your secretly French! Traitor!!!
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 *you’re...... @Klainmeister:
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 @waldog: See, proof that I am American...haha
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 Do amateurs have to qualify?
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No, I heard you just have to comment on Pinkbike to enter.

Here is my claim; I am rider 1 for USA amateur team.
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 The World Ranking will select the National Teams. But all Industry and Amateur teams will be open to anyone to enter on a first come first served basis.
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 @EnduroWorldSeries: When do entries open chaps?
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 Mark Scott
Lewis Buchanon
Can we just get ratboy for a third for the lols?
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 This just sounds like good fun.
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 so what's for 2020 ?
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 UCI hands DH WC to EWS, EWS change name to DH&EWS.
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Somebody get this man a beer!
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 @T-bot amd EWS will stand for Enduro World Sanctioned
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