EWS Whistler & 3 Other Events Cancelled as Enduro World Series Restructures 2020 Calendar

Apr 28, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Sam Hill coming in hot and sliding into 5th after the day.
The world's best enduro racers will not be racing in Whistler this year for the first time since the series started.

PRESS RELEASE: Enduro World Series

Due to the effects of the ongoing Coronavirus global pandemic, the Enduro World Series (EWS) board alongside cycling's governing body, the UCI and local organisers have had to take the difficult decision to cancel four 2020 events alongside rescheduling one.

The rounds affected are as follows:

Val di Fassa/Canazei ITA - 4/5 July - CANCELLED
Petzen/Jamnica AUS/SLO - 11/12 July (rescheduled to October)
Valberg FRA 18/19 July - CANCELLED - EWS-E R1 will now be hosted in Olargues FRA in October
Burke Vermont USA - 1/2 August - CANCELLED
Whistler CAN - 8/9 August - CANCELLED

This restructuring comes after detailed discussions between the Enduro World Series, our local organisers and the governing body of cycling, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). These are unprecedented times and the EWS would like to take this opportunity to thank the UCI for all their help and assure our racers and fans that we are working collectively to ensure that there are events this season for them to attend and enjoy. Racers effected by the cancellation of these events will be contacted individually regarding refunds, we appreciate your patience at this time.

Enduro World Series Managing Director, Chris Ball, had this to say regarding the changes:

bigquotesIn our best effort to balance the health and safety of our riders, fans and staff we have made the hard decision to cancel a number of events and to push our season start back to the end of August. By working pragmatically and putting riders first, and by working closely with our colleagues at the UCI we feel that these changes will still provide great racing towards the end of the year. We look forward to visiting the great communities we will miss this year when we return to them in 2021”

The new-look season sees Zermatt in Switzerland open proceedings on 30 August. Finale Ligure will play host on 26/27 September for the Trophy of Nations. Olargues in France will be round two in October as well as now being the opening round of EWS-E before we then head to Petzen/Jamnica in Austria/Slovenia later in the month. After that round four will be held in the stunning surroundings of Manizales, Colombia (6/7 November) before the season finale in Farellones, Chile (14/15 November).
Enduro World Series Managing Director, Chris Ball,

Updated EWS 2020 Calendar:

Round 1: Zermatt, Switzerland - 30 August
Trophy of Nations: Finale Ligure - 26/27 September
Round 2: Olargues, France - October
Roun 3: Petzen/Jamnica, Austria/Slovenia - October
Round 4: Manizales, Colombia (6/7 November)
Round 5: Farellones, Chile (14/15 November)

See the original schedule here.


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 Damn, I personally put a lot into qualifying for the big show at the Burke race Been a dream to have EWS effectively in my back yard. Hopefully I can scrape enough points for 2021. Totally understand the decision though. Keep kicking that f'n can....
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 (great user name btw)
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 I feel for you mate, I qualified for masters this year but did tranz NZ instead. I’d be gutted if I was supposed to fly half way round the world and it was canned.
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 Do we know for sure that Cam Neely can't wheelie? I mean, I know hes got bad knees and all but....
(Too soon?? FWIW I'm a Bs fan and it still stings).
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 @Trudeez: Sea Bass can wheelie--that's for sure.
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 Good luck with ANY international race this year happening.

Who will be able to travel across borders this year - seriously??? From USA to Canada, maybe. From Germany to Austria or Czech, maybe.

But to France, Italy or Spain? From Europe to US? South America? Never ever this year,, spring 2021 would be great....

What does Chris Ball think, September in Finale - quarantining 14 days before and after or what?
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 Agreed, running an event like this riders expected from all over the world is unlikely at any point this year.

I’m sure life will be much closer to normal in a few months but doubt people will be getting on planes to race bicycles. It’s also unfair if as you say some travel isn’t allowed putting certain competitors out of competing.
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 Pretty much.
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 We don't really want to open our border up to the south for a long long while.
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 Yep, none of this is happening until we get a vaccine widely distributed. It's very optimaitci to assume we'll even see the EWS able to run in the spring of 2021.
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 @Backdoor: Yep, it's a shit show down there... keep it closed, Canada seems to be on the right track... lots of us have been injecting cleaning products and bending over to let the sunshine in. Seems to be working well!
  • 3 2
 @Backdoor: I’ll be coming up to Canada in a month. Thanks to your government!
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 @islandforlife: they’ve tried making Coronavirus vaccines in the past with no success....why will now be any different. Governments globally are seeing what liberties and freedoms people will willingly give up through all of this.
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 @scotttherider: Big difference was that past corona virus epidemics (SARS, MERS) were much smaller, while being more easily and relatively quickly handled. A vaccine takes so long to develop that the public and private demand dropped off, but more importantly so did the funding and much chance of any profit before those epidemics were gone. COVID-19 is much, much different. Every government is far more motivated. And the potential profit is insane amounts of money. There probably has never been as much demand, public and private money and potential for profit than there is for developing this vaccine... and quickly. There's already a few in early human trials (which takes months). We'll get one, or two, maybe even three. It'll just take time to develop (maybe by the spring of 2021), then manufacture and distribute (many more months). I'd say by Christmas 2021 we'll start seeing life slowly returning to what it was like before COVID-19.
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 @islandforlife: I’m not as optimistic as you regarding vaccine development, hope I’m wrong.

I do think that life will be different for a while, but very much of it will return to normal over the next 12 months in terms of opening business etc (all be it with measures in place to suppress spread) - the world cannot and will not hide until a vaccine is produced as there is a possibility this never happens.

International travel for relatively small sporting events like a bicycle race, who knows.
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 @Backdoor: Get that wall built! The U.S.A. will show you how.
  • 3 1
 @RayDolor: A wall of bleach will stop everything !
  • 3 2
 @Matt115lamb: no just shots of bleach! Drink up everyone!!!!
  • 2 1
 @scoon: I’ve got quite a few good ones. My wife sent me one that showed trump telling people to drink lots of fluids. Then one below of people complaining he said people needed to drown themselves.
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 Writing on the wall that Crankworks will not go off this year.
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 NO! You are wrong! Could not be MORE wrong about that! Take your wrongness somewhere else, @MikeyMT
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 The use of the word unprecedented is unprecedented.

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 I did not know about google trends. This discovery is unprecedented for me. Thanks heckler73!
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My company just did an unprecedented press release. Lol
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 Whistler is not opening this year . This is the industry rumour in Vancouver.

1. There is currently no staff to build trails
2 . Social distancing cannot be applied properly
3 . It’s cheaper to keep it closed , cause no tourist can come
4. The medical system cannot handle the casualties the park produces .
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 Well, I guess it was a good year to build a new work PC and skip Whistler after all. Gotta find the positives right? (Cries into beer)
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 I think Vail is in some financial trouble and is probably going to have to sell some assets.
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 That's what I heard too, rumors from inside the office of GLC where my sister is working.
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flag stiksandstones (Apr 28, 2020 at 17:01) (Below Threshold)
 "Casualties the park produces"??? what the? alarmist much?
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 @dkendy1: definitely more than a rumor. IIRC their balance sheet suggests they're not going to have a choice. They're not really on my radar for investing, I just remember briefly reading something about it.

@stikmanglaspell: casualty includes injured persons as well, although its probably not the word I would choose lol.
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 @stikmanglaspell: maybe you're taking issue with the term "casualties" but the park is a significant driver of volume at the Whistler Clinic, this study is over 10 years old and even then I'd say that's pretty large volume of injuries. I can't recall if there are more recent studies, but the park is significantly busier now than it was a decade ago so interpret that as you may. www.wemjournal.org/article/S1080-6032%2812%2900015-4/fulltext
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 I really hope you're wrong! For the last 8 months I've been struggling, but constantly telling myself that if I can survive long enough I'll get to vacation WBP for a few days in late June. If you had told me back then WBP would be closed for 2020, I'd be at the bottom of the lake with lead weights tied to my feet. This isn't just a "vacation" for me. It's what gets me through the hard times.
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 @mtbikemccoy: If you've been struggling, please find a professional to talk to. Bikes are a great outlet but you shouldn't have to go through life in pain.
  • 3 0
 @friendlyfoe: Everyone has pain, struggling. The problem is what I looked to for happiness. Nobody would EVER imagine something like this happening. It's going to be brutal if this is all true. What rock of hope do you tie your ship to? BTW; a shrink is roughly the cost of a full-day and a pitcher at the GLC. So I've been planning on talking to a "professional" for 8 months.
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 @mtbikemccoy: I understand bike therapy and the allure or whistler . As stated it’s just a rumour now . But I can also tell you that ya Canadians are not really into the idea of owning the border anytime soon . Sadly the situation in the states is far worse then here . So this might also be something to consider . Sorry man I hope you make it
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 Bike parks that can make money off of locals and lift tickets alone might be able to open this year, but I'd guess those that rely on tourists, lodging, and food service will stay closed.
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 @mtbikemccoy: The problem with tying your ship to a rock of hope (which is a great analogy by the way) is that your mental well being is tied to something in the future, so you experience pain whenever you don't have it. The only way out is to cut that rope and enjoy the journey. If you ever want to chat about pain and happiness feel free to send me a message. Always happy to chat.
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 @dthomp325: I was told that it cost about 25k a day to run the 4 lifts that the bike park uses .
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 Is it petty to be annoyed they are charging a refund fee? Having signed up for Burke I would be 100% fine if they held my money for the reschedule in 2021
  • 2 0
 I happened to just check my email and found out Burke was cancelled along with the others. I got to the bottom of the email and see "We are reducing the $20 fee for refunds to a $10 fee. I was like what the f*ck? They are cancelling the races on us. I was signed up for the EWS80 up there. Now I need to get my money from the Wildflower Inn. This should be fun. Stay safe.
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 Oh well, I'll pour myself a drink to digest this news... On the bright side, I'll definitely be able to travel to Zermatt!
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 No joy in saying it but there's no chance until 2021 surely? Long haul flights with people packed like sardines, social distancing, the differing stages of the virus in differing parts of the world. Just can't see it
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 There is a good chance bike parks like Whistler and Burke will not open at all this year. These venues that were planning on reusing mostly existing trails with minor modifications may not have the financial backing to prep trails for a single race weekend. On top of that you can only fit so many events into such a condensed schedule.
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 I really hope this happens! Great to see the flexibility and organisers trying to make it work so we can still have some racing this year. Well done Chris and fingers crossed we are through it by round 1!
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 September, Finale Ligure? Too optimistic I don't know if the gatherings will be allowed in Italy in September. I foresee a revision of the dates ...
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 I would be really happy if regular bikers can again cross the border into Italy in September. I however can’t imagine that they will be allowed to organize any kind of event that soon.
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 no ews whistler = no crankworx pretty much = no bike park.
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 Bike park here in Onterrible announced they wont be opening this year.
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 These events have far less spectators, competitors than most, if not 'all' main stream sports, so I believe the optimistic outlook for EWS (and UCI DH). LETS GO RACING. I am so sick of this lockdown.
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 We’ll be lucky to have even a somewhat normal 2021
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 I wonder how they will go about calculating points for the 2021 series if we only can ride limited / zero events?
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 2020 can be the year of the enduro Alley Cat races!!
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 DOH! I was signed up for the EWS100 and had a full week planned around it....damn it!
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 Same here. Me and a group of riders from around Raleigh were all planning on heading up to race. Maybe next year.
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 This pretty much sucks!!!!!
  • 2 0
 Everyone to rampage!!!
  • 1 0
 Unfortunattly i don t see that happening this year
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 The UCI must have a wild herd immunity plan. Blood bags for everyone?
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 South America due to peak covid19 late summer into fall
  • 1 0
 Also, interesting to see how the 2021 calendar is effected?
  • 1 0

I was ready to win that one, bugger
  • 1 0
 So does anyone think bike parks will be open in general this summer??
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 No EWS northstar????
  • 1 0
 It was not on the original 2020 schedule.
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 That is just an ews NA stop this year. Who knows if it happens either way.
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 Why bother at all?
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