Enduro World Series 2016 Round 5, Aspen - Day 1 Results

Jul 31, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
Final Results - Top Ten Open Women

1st Cecile RAVANEL Commen├žal Vallnord Enduro (FRA) 54:23.66
2nd Anita GEHRIG Ibis Cycles Enduro Race (SUI) 55:39.73 +1:16.07
3rd Isabeau COURDURIER SUNN (FRA) 55:44.00 +1:20.34
4th Casey BROWN Trek Factory Racing (CAN) 56:01.01 +1:37.35
5th Anneke BEERTEN GT Factory Racing (NED) 56:05.05 +1:41.39
6th Carolin GEHRIG Ibis Cycles Enduro Race (SUI) 56:12.98 +1:49.32
7th Ines THOMA Canyon Factory Enduro Team (GER) 56:36.26 +2:12.60
8th Rae MORRISON Lapierre Gravity Republic (NZL) 57:22.68 +2:59.02
9th Cooper DENDEL (USA) 57:37.97 +3:14.31
10th Anne GALYEAN (USA) 57:42.57 +3:18.91

Final Results - Top 10 Open Men
1st Jared GRAVES Specialized Racing (AUS) 52:32.44
2nd Nico LAU Cube Action Team (FRA) 53:14.39 +0:41.95
3rd Jerome CLEMENTZ Cannondale (FRA) 53:17.46 +0:45.02
4th Martin MAES GT Factory Racing (BEL) 53:24.36 +0:51.92
5th Curtis KEENE Specialized Racing (USA) 53:28.14 +0:55.70
6th Remy ABSALON Scott SR Suntour Enduro (FRA) 53:37.25 +1:04.81
7th Damien OTON Devinci Enduro Racing (FRA) 53:37.97 +1:05.53
8th Jesse MELAMED Rocky Mountain Urge BP (CAN) 53:38.75 +1:06.31
9th Cody KELLEY Yeti Fox Shox (USA) 53:43.40 +1:10.96
10th Josh CARLSON Giant Factory Off-Road Team (AUS) 53:44.14 +1:11.70

Open Men Day One

Men Day One Aspen EWS

Open Women Day One

WOmen Day One Aspen EWS

We will update with full results once they become available.

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  • + 81
 Stoked for Keene!
  • + 21
 Was gonna type the same thing lol can't wait for the next episode of back on track
  • + 3
 Same here!
  • - 26
flag likeittacky (Jul 30, 2016 at 17:31) (Below Threshold)
 All that Graves has been through and you give the props to Keene. Sure, Keene is on it but Graves is deserving of more recognition!
  • + 16
 @likeittacky: Keenes being performing a lot worse than Graves for a lot longer.
  • + 10
 @likeittacky: Naa keen deserves his... He's been hurting for a few.
  • + 1
 Hmm did he have a dnf on stage 5? Can't see him on the live timing.
  • + 1
 @Trailsoup: lost Maes too...like stage 4? With some holding their chips?
  • + 50
 Say what'cha want about the big S . I'm rooting for Keene and graves!
  • + 34
 Gravey! Keep it up man! Rootin' for ya!
  • + 27
 Get around Chris Panozzo!!! 11th, Privateer Aussie killin it. yew!!
  • + 1
 Yeah doggg!!!
  • + 25
 Cody and Mitch!! UTAH WHAT!!!!!!
  • + 23
 Chris Del Bosco in 29th; impressive for a full time, top 5 in the world, ski cross racer.
  • + 2
 Thats the same guy? I had no idea.
  • + 23
 The bike companies do not like to sponsor women?
  • + 23
 For those down voting @andreyf1 post, he is actually saying: "after looking at the results sheets and seeing most women apparently without a sponsor, more bike companies should sponsor female privateer enduro racers, and/or the reporting of results should actually name the sponsors that they do have."

I agree: more bike companies should sponsor women to same extent that they sponsor men.
  • + 2
 Wow. That's a lot of privateers!
  • + 6
 Ropelato and Blenkinsop show no sponsors - perhaps these women have sponsorship but are not on an official EWS team.
  • + 2
 @iamamodel: at least 2 that I see...Lauren Gregg is sponsored as is Teal Stetson Lee
  • + 9
 Graves hasn't lost a race in the US in years. Fingers crossed for a comeback!
  • + 10
 Cecile went T-Mo on other girls...
  • + 5
 3 Canadians in the top ten in both the Men's and Women's categories, that's gotta be a first. And it's been said before: somebody please give Miranda Miller a factory ride!
  • + 4
 Man, soo stoked for Keene AND Maes, so glad that Martin could bounce back from his injury the way he did!! Bummer for Rude, hope it's not too bad... ? Also, where's Sam Hill? He doesn't race all the EWS stops, I take it?
  • + 2
 I think he said in the last EWS round that he would miss this one but be back for the next two..... I think in years to come we may see Sam racing EWS over DH....
  • + 1
 @listofdemands: next year for sure. Hasnt been anywhere near his best in dh in the last 2 years.
  • + 7
 KRUNK! shake those shocks!
  • + 7
  • + 5
 Stu Dickson 24th in Stage 3 Revy-Stoke!
  • + 6
 Whats up with rude?
  • + 3
 Injured during practices :/
  • + 1
 He also raced, but ran into problems on stage 3 that drop him back from 20-somethin to above 80.
  • + 4
 Those Rocky Mountain urge guys must ride together!
  • + 2
 So much here! Graves on top! The best front nose pick Nico Lau in 2nd! Maes, 3rd NICE! Keene 4th, Specialized knew when they signed you! Mitch Ropeleto, top 20 MY MAN!
  • + 1
 Chris del Bosco - isn't that the same guy who's on Canada's Ski-Cross Olympic team? If so, he's got some serious privateer bike skills, sitting in 29th ahead of some big dogs.
  • + 2
 Sweet ride Codey Kelly. Our kids love seeing him show up at our local bmx track manual the whole thing.
  • + 2
 So stoked for Keene. It's super interesting he's doing well being back on the Enduro 29 again.
  • - 1
 Looks like graves finally found terrain his tires can handle: tip toe to victory grubby! And good for you teaching curtis a thing or two eh? Get some guys!!! Oh and I bet specialized will be bringing back the SX casing tires soon. Enduro is raw! Tough tires!!
  • + 2
 WOW that is tight racing! 20th place is just 30 seconds off the podium! Go Keene, Venza, and of course Graves!
  • + 2
 #thebasegodscurse is over on Graves!
  • + 2
 Did Rude start today? Hope hes ok and not a big injury!
  • + 3
 Yes I think he ended up around 45th.
  • + 1
 @brandaneisma: thanks mate. Ta
  • + 2
 Wyn is racing? PLEASE let there be WynTV at EWS.
  • + 2
 Yea Miranda Miller
  • + 1
 Rocky Mountain team like a train!
  • + 1
 Hmm Remy Absalon in 7th with the 2nd day all long stages apparently!
  • + 1
 Krunkshox!!!! Stu!!!! You guys are killing it
  • + 1
 Graves is back on 27.5. Thought this course was easier than last round?
  • - 3
 Tough because I hate spesh but they have two of the coolest dudes on their team! Go Keene and Graves!

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