Video: Ensenada Urbano Downhill, Mexico

Nov 13, 2018
by eric carter  
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Steven Walton headed down to the beautiful city of Ensenada, Mexico this past weekend for one of his favorite races of the year. While the tacos were great, the riding was even better! The race organizers created a very respectable track that proved to be fun and challenging for all competitors.

EntronkeMTB captures Steven zipping past a large stack of crates as he drops into one of the steeper stair sections.

Nearing the end of the last stair section, only two large jumps stand between Steven and the nearest churro.

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 in summary: this is another video that has more footage of checking into a hotel than riding.
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 For you young 'uns out there, the food truck by the podium was out of necessity, not to try to engage the hipsters.
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 Shoutout to my boy Dylan Stark who was killing the game
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 Having visited Ensenada recently, this has all the sketchiness I hoped for!
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 So I'm confused, does Hyper sell non-walmart bikes? This video seems like a high-end bike but their website has nothing
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 I have seen their two high end frames at the trade show but besides that they are like a ghost. They looked really nice so not sure why they started developing them five years ago if they aren't going to produce them.
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 I believe they always have, though maybe not mountain bikes. Back around 16 years ago when I was racing BMX I knew a pro who was sponsored by Hyper. Back then if you contacted Hyper directly you could buy the frame that they gave the pros, but I don't think you could buy a complete bike.
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Yeah I saw Eric Carter (90's GT downhill Racer) at the booth and I believe he is an owner. The downhill bike frames were really cool and there was a slalom style frame. Looked like they would really make a dent in the bike market but who know.

The pulse I get from the industry is everyone is lite on capital and barely making it. The downhill groups are not in a great financial position.
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 Lot of the same B-Roll as the Vital MTB video...
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 Queue all the comments about Guide brakes.
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 At least the pistons didn't seize like they do for the rest of us. hehehe
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 @vjunior21: Use your warranty, man!
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 "haul yur bike upright"..a tip i got from a bike tech about sram breaks
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 Almost spent my money on a set, glad I went with Magura now I've seen this!
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Warranty them about 3 times a years. XT brakes on the other bike haven't has a problem in 18 months. Just saying.
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Not sure I understand the statement but will take any tips you have to keep the bike moving.
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 papas and beer still there? I don't remember going there twice.
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 Heard this is a tough race because if you fall you get an infection disease.
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 Sketch cartel.

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