Vote Now on the 5 Finalists Who Could Win 6 Day Party on Bikes with Schwalbe & the Trans BC

Apr 30, 2019
by Schwalbe  
All Photos Provided by Trans BC Enduro

Part 2:

The 5 finalists for an all-expenses paid trip to the Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro have been selected!

First off, we would like to thank everyone who entered into our contest to win an all-expenses paid trip to the sold-out “6-Day Party on Bikes”, the Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro. A $2500+ value.

We had an overwhelming number of entries and it was difficult to pick our final five, but we’ve done it. The 5 finalists are:


Each of the finalists will receive a free set of Schwalbe tires of their choice and you all get to vote on who wins the grand prize of a VIP trip to the Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro.

We've posted all 5 finalist’s videos or photos to our Instagram page @schwalbetires and the post with the most likes by midnight PST on May 3rd will win the trip. Go vote for your favorite!

Part 1:

Win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro

We have taken over as title sponsor of the Trans BC Enduro. We are so excited about this partnership that we are giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to the sold-out “6-Day Party on Bikes” to one lucky winner.

See contest details below.

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

Dating back to 1973, Schwalbe has solely focused on the bicycle tire market and have a passion for everything on two wheels. As a company, Schwalbe continually looks to support and grow the sport by partnering with people and events that share that same passion.

“The partnership with Trans BC Enduro is a perfect avenue to continue to help Schwalbe progress the sport of Mountain Biking and share our passion for bicycles. We absolutely love these ‘Trans-Style’ events for their comradery on and off the bike and the reminder that no matter where life has taken you, bikes are all about fun.” Stated Sean Cochran, Schwalbe North America Brand Promotions Manager.

Megan Rose, Trans BC Enduro Race Director, - “We are thrilled to see Schwalbe come on board as Title Sponsor for 2019 and are even more excited to have them integrate into the event offering some neutral support during the race days to all the racers. We are working on some pretty neat ideas, that I think all of the racers are going to appreciate!”

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

About Trans BC Enduro:
Schwalbe Trans BC 6 Day Enduro is heading into its 4th year for 2019 where this sell-out event heads back to the East Kootenays. Trans BC rotates between communities in the interior and the organizers are super excited to be bringing the event back to the East Kootenays for 2019. They loved the communities that this region touched in 2017, so race director Megan Rose and Trans BC’s ‘jack of all trades’ Nate Corrigan, headed back to the area last September to source out some new trails and new adventures and are stoked to show this year’s racers what they have found!

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro
Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro
Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

The sold out “6-Day Party on Bikes” is a fully catered experience from the moment you arrive at the Calgary airport. Shuttles will pick you up at the airport and transport you deep into the East Kootenays to ride hand selected trails through the small mountain communities of interior BC. With accommodations, 3 meals a day, a fully stocked on-course feed station and all the beer you can drink provided each day, your only worry will be a casual paced 4-6 hrs a day on the bike and firing yourself down timed descents on some of the best trails BC has to offer. This isn’t for the faint hearted though, you need to be fit and you need to be a solid, skilled rider. BC's black trails are not like other countries black trails! Schwalbe Trans BC's biggest goal is to provide trail variety and a vast riding experience throughout the week. Some crazy steeps, some raw trail, loose and dry, roots and rock with some flow mixed in (but not much!). Something for everyone. Everyone at some point will love a trail and hate a trail. But that’s just a part of the adventure!

Although it’s a race, the atmosphere is not really about that, it’s just about exploring new places and new trails on bikes, pushing your limits to heights you haven’t pushed it before, beating your buddy’s time down each descent and just having one of the best weeks of your life on a bike.

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

Photo provided by Trans BC Enduro

Contest Details:
Post your best ‘shred edit’ or photo to Instagram and tag both @schwalbetires and @transbcenduro and use #6daypartyonbikes any time between April 3rd and April 19th. We will select our top 5 and let the fans vote on their favorite during the week of April 29th-May 3rd. The five finalists will receive a free set of Schwalbe tires. The fan favorite will win a VIP trip to the Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro!

MENTIONS: @schwalbe


  • 54 2
 Contest: Fab post shredit to Insta: Cry
  • 23 10
 Is a "shedit" just a short edit? All these new fangled terms have me more confused than Trump trying to pronounce a word with more than two syllables.
  • 39 18
 No shit, I don't have an insta account and not sure I want to sign up just to enter this contest. WTF people, not everyone wants to be a social media whore!
  • 14 0
 The guy at the counter said I could get shredit cheese on my burrito for no extra cost. Smile
  • 49 11
 No problem @davec113 if don’t think signing up for an Instagram account to win a $2500 entry is worth it then you don’t have to. You also don’t have to be a social media whore to have an account. Just saying. It just super cool the Schwalbe have decided to give the entry away rather then us it for one of their pro riders which they could have! Giving everyone a chance at the entry! Props to schwalbe
  • 16 40
flag mhoshal (Apr 3, 2019 at 10:58) (Below Threshold)
 @TransBCEnduro: chances of winning are next to nil and not worth me dumping info to some stupid intagram bullshit Im not even on insta and I get notifications on my phone I never asked for from them. Could have used facebook instead at least most of us have an account on there. But the whole point of your scheme is to get more people on Instagram probably. Wonder how much they are paying you to advertise for them.
  • 15 14
 @TransBCEnduro: There are ligit reasons some people might not want to use social media platforms like FB and Insta, imo you're being willfully ignorant not to understand that. You MUST have some friends that don't do social media, ask them why if you really don't get it.
  • 8 1
 @mhoshal: Wow, I don't like it because I don't have an easy way of getting a half-decent pic or vid and uploading it, but I still appreciate @TransBCEnduro and @schwalbe for it, it would be a dream come true and even a set of tires would be amazing for a poor guy like myself. lol A little excessive on the hate and aggression methinks. Edit: just noticed who I'm talking with, makes sense now. Facepalm thanks anyway for putting this together guys
  • 11 5
 @davec113: The dont enter. Simple
  • 14 6
 @TransBCEnduro: Well said. So many people are bitching about not having an Instagram account and blaming it on you guys? You guys and schwalbe didn't have to do this. Its ridiculous how privileged some people are!
  • 4 5
 @davec113: well then, if you don't want to insta-whore, you can't expect to be paid for not f*cking on film! lol
  • 2 0
 @scott-townes: It's a ShredIt!! And edit of you Shredding!! (not paper, your bike)
  • 4 0
 @mhoshal: Instagram is owned by Facebook...
  • 4 6
 @TransBCEnduro: I'd also say my disappointment reflected in my original post is an indication of the excitement I first felt when I thought I had a chance to win an entry.
  • 5 1
 @davec113: Pinkbike is social media
  • 1 0
 @SHEESHKAH: yeh but he wont get that!
  • 40 9
 Should just post up all my schwalbe tires that died because of their poor sidewall strength
  • 7 6
 Could not have said it better. If I was sponsered I would not run these tires!
  • 6 1
 Should just post my huge collection of Schwalbe tires I've been buying for the last 10 years... Wink
  • 12 0
 Enduro racing a Magic Marry and Hans Dampf in Super Gravity casings and they have been bomb proof. Awesome tires.
  • 2 0
 Could only be the tires, though, right? I have been super impressed by my magic Mary / bobby nic combo. But I guess so don’t shred tires here on rocky Vancouver island.
  • 3 0
 Grrr autocorrect + Cannabis = can’t type
  • 10 0
 I have raced the Trans NZ & Trans BC and I can safely say if you ride bikes and like getting rowdy Trans BC is an absolute must. Megan, Nate and all the volunteers absolutely kill it! Amazing trails every day for a week and an experience you'll never forget. DEFINITELY take this opportunity to get "sponsored in"!!
  • 14 3
 This is so rad... 3 tags on a image and you get a once in a life time trip paid good on you guys! Wish we had less negativity online.
  • 1 1
 I would be surprised if a single image won when edits are also entered.
  • 9 2
 Well, I don't make shredits so...
  • 6 1
 The fact that people are on here fucking whining about the social marketing methods companies are using to offer free shit to the public is a bit ridiculous
  • 1 0
 Unbridled entitlement sure is a sight to behold, isn't it?
  • 2 0
 What was there even "read more" link?
  • 2 1
 Like maybe the dates of the race?
  • 4 6
 @BetterRide: maybe just Google it bro?
  • 1 0
 @jchilltoppers more info on the event is on the website
  • 4 2
 @NateCorrigan: So aggressive
  • 1 0
 @TransBCEnduro: I meant that like: the title was enough...I did not need to read had me at the title.
  • 2 0
 Getting stoked for July!!!
  • 1 0
 The hotlink to Lynden Corley's insta is missing the L in his first name. @TransBCEnduro
  • 1 0
 Watch out for Mr gazoo at this years event. Total trail crusher!!!
  • 2 0

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