Winner Announced: Backcountry MTB Tour with 7mesh

Jul 17, 2019
by 7mesh  

Congratulations to Euan Camlin @Smelly888 on winning the Backcountry MTB Tour with 7mesh!


7mesh is blessed to have a multitude of world class trails in our Squamish backyard and in the surrounding areas of southwestern British Columbia. One very special place is the South Chilcotin Mountain Range a few hours north of Squamish, home to world class mountain biking on a network of the finest backcountry trails in the world.

You may have seen our photos and stories from past trips and now might be your time to experience the magic first hand. We’re giving away a bucket list trip for one lucky winner and a friend to join us on August 18 - 23 for 3 days of backcountry riding through the South Chilcotins supported by our partner Tyax Adventures. Float plane into the wilderness from Whistler to spend three days and two nights in Tyax Adventures' backcountry camps with a guide and all meals provided.

The lucky winner will receive:

- 7mesh Riding Gear
- Travel to the heart of the South Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia for a 3 day, 2 night mountain bike trip for two people guided by Tyax Adventures
- Airfare for two to Vancouver, British Columbia
- Transportation and lodging for two from Vancouver including a stopover in Squamish, where the adventure begins!
- Prize dates – August 18-23, 2019

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 Honestly, it's super nice to be able to enter a contest without the "like, share, tag your friends" BS. Simpler and doesn't contribute to the social media clutter.

Well done, 7mesh.
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 Yes @tj7mesh awesome! Did I mention I'm off that week? :-)
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 Thanks guys! Y'know, I have kind of mixed feelings about this. I totally get it, but doing stuff like that can help small brands spread the word if they're doing something worthy. It can be annoying, but it can also help people find out about good things, and it ultimately helps generate awareness & sales that pay for contests like these (and put beer in the fridge!). So don't give us too much credit as we do stuff like that sometimes too. The pros and cons of the free market...
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 @tj7mesh: Honestly, I'm much more interested in buying your stuff now that you haven't gone that route. I didn't know much about 7mesh, but since this article and hassle free contest I've gone to your website and found many things I'd like to buy. When the crappy contests come along that dominate my social media feeds I'm typically more likely to avoid those brands.
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 @ldhbaker: Roger that. To give ourselves some credit, we haven't done the full-on "Like! Share! Tag!" thing, that gets super tacky. But brands do it because the Facebook/Instagram algorithms are using those to help decide whether to show posts to more people. Even if people subscribe to our FB page, they likely won't see many of our posts because FB filters the content so much. Thanks for the interest and feel free to ping us any time with questions!
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 Agreed... I understand social media is not optional, but if an entry requires producing IG content in order to win then that's a job... and I already have a job thank you very much! Wink
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 Paging @Smelly88 ..............

Good on the Scotsman! Have a blast!!!!
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 Open to UK, USA and Canadian residents only... Yeah I did see that coming
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 Why only UK residents & not EU...? I would pay for my own flight to UK, if necessary...!
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 Yeah what's that bullshit all about..? Flying to Canada from the UK is about as far as from any other country in Europe....
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 Spotted that also, surely can't be a air fare thing, they say it's capped at $1500 (presume CDN) which is more than it costs from ole Nue Zulund
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 @holdogs: Not yet, if ever Wink
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 Hi all, our ambition was to offer the contest globally but we weren't able to ensure that we were legally compliant with all the rules & regulations in all the different jurisdictions. Unfortunately as a small business it's tough to figure out & navigate all the legal aspects of offering something like this. It would be better for us if we could offer it to everyone, and we're definitely going to keep working to expand our offers in the future. Sorry to disappoint anyone and hope we can bring you to Canada another time! Cheers and all the best, TJ
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flag lmackay (May 23, 2019 at 0:38) (Below Threshold)
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 @lmackay: indeed you are
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 Top Gear Top Tip.. Don't book your Tyax adventure 2 days after you plan on hitting the Whistler Bike Park day.. I missed my plane ride, dragged my trail bike across the country for no reason, then had to drag it back with a broken shoulder. Goodtimes.
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 But the logo looks like How ATHERTON BIKES logo should look
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 Banging prize, no stupid social stuff, outstanding!
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 Those bikes leaning against the cabin, ARE NOT hung with current standards!!!!!
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 I already won an all-expense-paid trip from Uncle Sam so I'll be out of the country that week, but kudos to 7mesh for a killer contest and congrats to whoever gets to enjoy it!
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 Is this how we find out when the Iranian conflict starts?
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 Guantanamo bay?
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 God - if you help me win this I'll believe in you again.
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 @7mesh stuff is so dialed. Love their road kits
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 @tj7mesh: @7mesh: full Merino riding shirts please.
My whole family has the Revi jackets. Quality stuff
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 @7mesh can I enter if I am a NZ resident but am going to be in Canada during the prize period18-23rd of August?
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 @ChrisW23 sorry but we had to limit it to legal residents this time around. We'll be running more contests in the future and will work to expand our range. Enjoy your trip here, if you're passing through Squamish feel free to come by!
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 Even in Whistler where it seems everyone is riding a $10k bike, no stores stock 7mesh.
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 Found some Glidepath shorts in Cowichan Cycles in Duncan. Thanks guys.
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 You said the sane thing on May 22nd...get a life dude.

Oh and Coastal carries the line in CreekSide so you’re wrong
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 @tuumbaq: According to the Dealer Locator yes. But their stock says otherwise.
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 @bsedola: Yep we were in Coastal for a season and did fairly well. It's a great shop, but we weren't significant for them and they're focusing on different parts of their business now. Whistler is challenging because many of the stores are resort-owned and stock product based on bigger marketing partnerships. That said...we're working on it! If you're a fan, spread the word, and if you're not, you can enjoy watching our struggles there haha. Wink
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 @tj7mesh: Love your products. All I can say is BELT LOOPS! I own a pair of Revo shorts and now a pair of Glidepath. Great fit, function and durable. Some day maybe one of your jackets. There are a couple of us in our riding group who know where our money is best spent. Keep it up.
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 @bsedola: Thanks, really appreciate it! I'll share your feedback with the whole team here.
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 Awesome prize! What a dream trip! Great gear and what a place to get it dirty!
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 "You will receive one entry per valid email address." Time to create a bunch of new email addresses...
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 Is this going to be like the Instagram Devinci contest from a few weeks ago? Nothing but a lie.
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 Don’t know anything about the Devinci contest, but ours is real. This is the second we’ve done, and we published a blog and full photo essay with the last winners.
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 I jus bought myself a helibiking trip for my birthday. There are some things you've got to check off the list.
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 That was my fukng trip ! I was robbed !
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 Crazy man. £100 shorts! Il wear them if I win.
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 Of course... my friend just HAD to have a wedding planned for the 24th
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 What a great adventure! I’ll pass on this contest, because I don’t think could keep up. Frown
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 Don't let that stop you, it's a no drop ride!. The route will be tailored to the winners riding level as there's many options to choose from. Only person you'd need to keep up with is yourself and the friend you bring.
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 @7mesh: well that made my decision Smile
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 I'm gonna be a lone wolf and sit this one out...
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 Great prize! By far my favourite place to ride!
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