Enter to Win A Weldtite Prize Pack - Pinkbike's Advent Calendar Giveaway

Dec 23, 2019
by Pinkbike Staff  

CONTEST NOW CLOSED. The winner of the Weldtite Prize Pack is Pinkbike user ntns .
Congratulations ntns

Prize Details:

Reformulated for 2020, the powerful Weldtite Bike Cleaner is guaranteed to rapidly remove dirt from anywhere on your bike, leaving your frame fresh and rejuvenated. It’s aggressive on dirt without being harsh to your frame or components.The ergonomic power trigger features a range of sprays including ‘Fine Mist’ and ‘Power Spray’, giving you the all the settings you need to target the muck that can hide behind derailleurs, stays, axles and forks. It’s already used and approved by pro’s on the DH and Enduro circuits so now is your chance to get your hands on the orange stuff.

But that’s not the best part…the Bike Cleaner itself is biodegradable meaning you can clean your bike wherever you like. Like anywhere. Really! And with a year’s supply of Bike Cleaner Concentrate you will be using over 1kg less plastic when you clean your steed next year. If everyone on Pink Bike followed your example that’s close to 2,000 tonnes less plastic being used in 2020! Not a bad way to protect the environment we ride in.

• Spray the whole bike with Bike Cleaner to bring a sparkle back to the paintwork and any polished metal parts. Then rinse with clean water. Bike Cleaner is the ultimate mechanic approved total bike cleaner.

• Save on packaging and reuse your Bike Cleaner bottle with our Bike Wash Concentrate. 200ml of concentrate makes 1 Litre of Bike Cleaner.

The prize includes:
• 1 Year’s Supply Of Bike Cleaner - 3 x Bike Cleaner 1L, and 24 x Bike Cleaner Concentrate

Learn more at www.weldtite.co.uk.

To be eligible, you must be logged into your Pinkbike account. If you don't have one, you can sign up here.

There will be new prizes revealed every day in the lead up to Dec 25th so check the Advent Calendar daily on the front page of Pinkbike and make sure you enter for a chance to win.

Winners will be notified via the email associated with their Pinkbike account within 48 hours of their name being drawn.

Happy Holidays!


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 On the twenty third day of Christmas Pinkbike clickbaited me, for:
23 days worth of UK bike cleaner
22 prototype rear ends
21, Primary school Propains
......20...... tantalising Troy Lees...
19 bear arsed saddles
17 orgasmic ohlins
16 Viral Value Vitus’
......15...... ..... Rectal Helmets......,
14 things I didn’t know I needed
13 skinny fit trail kits
12 cornering Kaisers
11 kickass Kuat racks
.......10...... Reverb beating droppers......
9 Hayes “huckin” hampers,
8 refreshing repair stands,
7 Brendog (got robbed) bundles,
6 Jizzing Joysticks
.......... 5... surprisingly priced Siskiu’s!!!!...........
4 functional Forefront’s,
3 detailed dentist stems,
2 pairs of over priced goggles
and some brakes to stop me hugging a treeee.

(baritone voice) and some donuts for Mike Leevveeey

Bad santa / troll edition
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 Home stretch @sewer-rat! Keep up the great work!
  • 2 0
 @redshift: trying dude!
  • 1 0
 @sewer-rat: killing it!
  • 15 1
 I agree that it's ridiculous that fake accounts are winning but it's happened every year since they started it and pb still does nothing so I don't think they really care. I tell ya it does piss a long user like me off just a little.
  • 17 0
 how would they police fake accounts? they can't even manage emojis..
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 @tobiusmaximum: they could help limit it by making us add our full names, email, and a valid phone number. Any duplicate name, numbers, or non working numbers get thrown out
  • 1 0
 @oregontradesman: how do you check if you won? I assume i'll just get an email? (not sure how you know the old winners though)
  • 1 0
 @oregontradesman: Duplicate names probably wouldn't work as there are several people that share your first and last name
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 You could have a condition of the contest be: 'reply to email within 3 days to be eligible to receive the prize' then if no reply move onto the next person
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 And the winner is... none uf us! maybe next year with your fake account.
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 This is Jeff Bezos fake account. I too want to win something, nobody gives presents to rich and famous people unless they want to film it to promote their shitty product. And that’s not nice
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 It worked for the winner of the vitus bike.
  • 2 2
 @oldfaith: really? So it was not a fake account. Or, it could still still be a second account. Do you know the answer to that?
  • 5 1
 So Ocdmimi joins PB on the 4th of Dec this year and enters to win a prize. Yes I believe it to be fake because I would say a second account is fake, a third, fourth, thousandth account is fake.
  • 1 3
 @oldfaith: so then how do you know that you worked for him?
  • 1 3
 @oldfaith: does he have another account that you know about?
  • 16 1
 You’re acting kinda nervous there 20060713.
  • 1 0
 @oldfaith: if you Google the name OCDMIMI it looks like they are a pro comper, just entering loads of competitions. So I guess they just got really lucky.Can't really stop not MTBers from entering the advent competition.
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 @oldfaith: I am just wondering how you know that you worked for him In the past. I think it is a funny coinsidense. What was the job that you did when you worked for him? (You don't have to answer that, just curious)
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 @20060713: Dude he said 'IT' worked for him, not 'I'.
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 @Tmackstab: no, he did not say him, he said "the winner" I assumed that he meant "i", as his statement is not grammerly correct, and I thought that that would be the most logical solution
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 Grammerly ?
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Grammerly - the act of grammering.
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 If you want to buy less plastic, getting the concentrate in a plastic bottle isn't going to help much compared to Proper Cleaner from Guy Martin. Best of course is just to clean your bike less.
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 I just brush more and don't use cleaning products in my bike. Saves a lot of plastic. And no detergents into the soil either. Probably better for the bearings too.
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Yes, good old water and a spounge works just fine.
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 I've never found any mud that's not easily removed by just water (and a brush). Road grime or chain slap grease, yup, fair enough, but the rest of it, just don't need this stuff.
But we could do with a discussion about what really is the best way to clean your chain. Solvents just get rid of the really important lubrication between rollers and pins, that you can't get back without soaking your chain in a pan of lube. IIRC, kmc suggest not using them. Thoughts?
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 Found the page:
Do not dip your chain in (aggressive) degreasers - they remove the remaining grease from the chain’s bearings, and may cause cracks. They are also bad for our environment.
If the chain is really dirty and difficult to clean, besides using a brush for the inside, try putting some solvent on a cloth and use it to clean the chain’s exterior.
Try to avoid a so-called ‘chain washing machine’ in combination with solvent. This will instantly ruin your chain
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 @mountainsofsussex: The "chain washing machine" does work nicely with just water though. After all it doesn't do much more than rub the exterior of the chain.

And of course yeah, I doubt the black gunk wears the chain that much. It makes it sticky which slows you down, but I think the dust it contains is so fine that it doesn't grind. The more coarse grit doesn't stick to the chain anyway.
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 @ak-77: This.
I have one of those gardener's aqua-sprayers you carry on your back on my garage, after a good winter ride I wash my bike with it and a brush, from spring to fall I barely wash it.
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Here is a link to a full article on chain cleaning. There's options.

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 do u actually care about liquid in a frggen plastic bottle. not gonna change the world specially coz mtbers who buy this product make p no percentage of the world mebbe 0.000001 percent
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 @AngusG: Google translate is drunk?
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 @Chris97a: hmmm, interesting, and totally against what kmc recommend (other than the quick wipe-over). I am intrigued by those "chain in a pan of molten wax" lubes - think that's maybe the right answer after a periodic chain bath clean when the bike has got British winter muddy. This lot wasn't really a problem when we all ran cheap 10spd chains, rather than £40 Eagles..
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One if the interesting pieces from this same series of articles was the interaction between certain lubes on different coatings applied by the manufacturer. For instance the DLC coating from kmc hated being waxed and sounded totally dry after a short period of time according to one of the articles. The main takeaway I got was if you so some work upfront you get a lower friction and longer lasting chain that wears out drivetrain parts much less quickly. They were suggesting that the difference could be as much as 5x drivetrain life.
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 @Chris97a: I always wonder how much it even matters to have a chain perfectly clean if you're going to smash through a puddle within five minutes into your next ride and then crank on like that for two hours. Seems to me having it lubed properly is main priority. The first approach seems best to me. In fact I often first add lube, spin the cranks another few times to let the dirt float and only then wipe the chain. Effectively I use the lube as a cleaner. Either way as mentioned in the article, a chain cleaner device doesn't seem any worse to me than using a brush. What's nice about the device is that it contains a magnet that catches steel particles that come from the chain. Wouldn't do any harm having that.

I'm actually surprised to see they use such a wide shower type water spray to rinse things off. If you want to spray off detergent from the cassette (which likely contains lube) then you don't want that to land on the brake rotor. I know people don't like this one because it isn't powerful enough for getting your bike spotless, but I recently got this portable Karcher low pressure cleaner and actually like it. It has this thin spray pattern similar to what you'd use for spraying paint. So it is easy to rinse off sprockets without spraying places where you don't want to spray.

All this said, I still don't clean my bike often. Typically I do the lube the chain and wipe it off approach. Works very well for me.
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 Is there really some huge, competitive "bike wash" sector of the UK economy? I frequently imagine all of our brit brothers and sisters spritzing their bikes from colorful bottles and rubbing them down with q-tips and a diaper. $250 for a year's supply aside, where do you even store all of this stuff?

I thought we North Americans were the wacky capitalist consumers. But I've never know anyone in NA who didn't just use a hose and brush, if they even washed their bike at all.
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 Have you not met any British people?

After living in England for 8 years I’m convinced there’s middle aged men who own cars simply for the pleasure of washing them.

There’s a mtb version of those guys.
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 I will pass this one good luck everybody
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 You guys clean your bike???
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 They get dirty pretty quick, you'd be surprised. I did some casual riding, then was like, "wow I'm surprised".
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 I let it dry and flake off. On the living room floor.
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 You don't need protective frame tape if you have a 1cm layer of dry mud all over your frame :thinkingguy
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 Up your bikes re-sale value by washing off a seasons worth of neglect in one go.
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 Not the prize I was expecting for dec. 23... Oh well, not going to win it anyway. Haha.
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 With Dirtwash you can have the cleanest dirt around!
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 Seriously, if you want to use less plastic buying special bike wash in little plastic bottles is not the answer. I just blast my bike with water, no detergents of any kind required.
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 Sorry I meant to upvote you
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 See? Cheap stuff they don't bother putting the actual price in$. That confirms my suspicion you that the prices are made up to make the winner feel special :/
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 The only giveaway where my bike has been asking for
  • 1 0
 To keep yours clean.

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