Entry for the EWS' Trophy of Nations Opens Monday

Jan 24, 2019
by Enduro World Series  

PRESS RELEASE: Enduro World Series

Entries open next week for the all new Trophy of Nations, the biggest team competition in mountain biking.

Devised by the Enduro World Series (EWS), the Trophy of Nation wills take place in Finale Ligure, Italy on September 28-29, the weekend after the final round of the EWS in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Team work will be key at the Trophy of Nations
Team work and strategy will be key at the Trophy of Nations.

Teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship will be pushed to the limit as riders have to work together in teams of three to race for a combined result.

Featuring three categories, the event will pit nation against nation, industry against industry and privateer against privateer team. Each category of team will be made up of three riders. National Teams will be made up from the top three riders of the newly structured Global EWS ranking (with points taken from the main EWS races, as well as Continental and Qualifying events) from that country, and there will be both male and female teams.

Based on current rankings two times Champion Sam Hill is a shoe-in for team Australia at the Trophy of Nations
Based on current rankings, two times Champion Sam Hill would be part of Team Australia at the Trophy of Nations

So for example, based on the current EWS Global Ranking, the team representing Australia would be Sam Hill, Josh Carlson and Chris Panozzo in the men’s category, whilst the British female team would consist of Katy Winton, Bex Baraona and Becky Cook. National Teams who fall short of three riders from that region have the option to apply for a Wild Card from a different country to join them.

Team managers and mechanics will get the chance to leave the pits behind and put together Industry race teams at the Trophy of Nations
Team managers and mechanics will get the chance to leave the pits behind and put together Industry Teams

Industry Teams are also invited to take part, with mechanics, engineers, team managers and race crew from official EWS teams and official supporters getting a rare chance to down tools and compete in Finale. And with the likes of Canyon, Giant, GT, Orbea and Ibis already signed up, expect the Industry competition to be fierce.

Privateer Teams have the option of three categories to choose from; men, women or mixed and they can be from any nationality and feature any age category, with 17 the minimum age to compete. Taking place on Saturday, September 28th, the Privateer race will see riders set off from the stage together to take on some of the most iconic trails in Europe, using teamwork and strategy to choose which order the team drops into the stages together. Rider’s individual stage times are then combined to determine their overall position.

Saturday’s Privateer race is followed by the Nations race on Sunday, when the National Teams will race the exact same course as the day before for not only country, but also for those coveted rainbow stripes. Individual aspirations will have to be cast aside as riders pull together to honour their national flag, and fans get the chance to cheer for their home country for the first time in enduro mountain biking.

Isabeau Courdurier is no stranger to the podium in Finale - but will she be up there with her fellow Frenchwomen at the Trophy of Nations
Isabeau Courdurier is no stranger to the podium in Finale - but will she be up there in September as part of Team France?

Finale wouldn’t be Finale without a party, so as well as the racing, riders and fans can expect a huge celebration of mountain biking as part of the FLOW Festival to round out the 2019 season. Each National Team will be assigned a bar or restaurant in Finale over the course of training and racing, which will become the team’s home during the event, and a place for fans to gather and party with their National Team throughout the event.

Fans will have the chance to get behind their country at the all new Trophy of Nations

A spokesperson for the Enduro World Series, said: “We are so excited to bring a team competition into mountain biking at the highest level.

“Just thinking about who could be racing together in the national teams is mind blowing. It’s going to be so interesting to see how riders change their strategies in a team environment - they’ll have to really work together if they want to do well.

“It’s a great opportunity for amateurs as well - what could be better than riding Finale’s amazing trail network with your friends than getting to share them with the best riders in the world? This race has the potential to become one of the most exciting and interesting races of the year.”

Entry for Privateer teams opens this Monday (January 28th) at 18:00 GMT/ 19:00 CET/ 10:00 PST on www.enduroworldseries.com and places expected to sell out fast, so if you plan to enter, make sure you understand the entry process.

A self-appointed Team Captain must enter the whole Privateer Team of three people
Entry costs £396.75 per team (£132.25 per person) and must be paid in full at the time of entry
Riders need to hold a basic UCI race license in order to compete
More information can be found at enduroworldseries.com

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 It’ll be hard to beat France in both male and female categories, their depth of talent is insane.
  • + 2
 Crazy thought: if Belgium, Ireland, & Portugal field a composite team, based on current world rankings, they would be best positioned to give France a run for their money!
  • + 2
 @Veloscente: Maes, Borges and Callaghan! Nice team...but it would be rad if Portugal went with their own team (Borges, Pombo and maybe Pardal...we still have others...)
Ireland as also the potential to make a good team.
  • + 7
 Enduro taking a page from (gasp!!!) team endurance races like the Cape Epic! Seriously tho, does anyone have beta on the actual rules for this format? It's hard to imagine how "team" rankings & strategy will be any different than a regular EWS race *unless* the liasons are included in the timing or on some sort of points scheme.
  • + 4
 any news on how Rude / Graves will be affected for next season? obviously Graves is out for completely different set of reasons but I would be interested in a follow up article about the failed drug tests.
  • + 7
 Universal rule for all failed tests everywhere in cycling: you won't be racing *anything* until your case has been heard, & your name has been cleared - or you've served your sanction. In the meantime, lawyers for the riders, teams, and UCI will all tell you one thing: "no comment, please respect riders' rights to due process." The initial articles that appeared when this story broke cited some precedent sanctions for riders who had tested positive for the same substances. That's all there is to know for now.
  • + 1
 @Veloscente: didn't they get notifications of the adverse findings before the season Finale (won by Rude)?
  • + 1
 @sspiff: Last year, testing at EWS events was performed by national federations, and EWS riders were *not* subject to UCI rules. I haven't read the 2018 EWS rulebook in full, but what I have read only addressed banning any and all riders who have been *previously sanctioned.* The UCI rules on "provisional suspensions" before a ruling is returned are a response to the ugly situation that occurred in the early 2000s after the introduction of a test for EPO, where riders would test positive & still be out winning as many races as possible while their lawyers dragged their feet to delay actual sanctions.
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 Interesting race concept. That weekend will be a top notch party!
  • + 2
 Sounds gooooood for us Wink
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 Diluting EWS content, is it a smart move? For me, no.
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 Something clever.
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