Entry Lists - Mont Sainte Anne World Champs DH 2019

Aug 27, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
Greg Minnaar had a strong race today to finish just over 2 seconds out of the medals.

Time to find out which riders made the cut for National teams for the 2019 World Champs.

Elite Men

Elite Women

Junior Men

Junior Women

Regions in Article
Mont-Sainte-Anne DH Park


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 Minnaar 1981 ... pure legend!
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 @TineRavnikar absolutely, still top of his game, he'll hang it up before he slips to much like the champ he is, but I bet he could continue to get top 20's well into his 40's....

Go GM!
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 First time met Greg in Kaprun, where he won his first ever world cup. Very forthcoming racer, he even asked me if I'll come next year Wink
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 Thibaut Ruffin only 3 years younger at 1984. Then I believe it's Wyn and Gwin at 87.
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 @mtbmaniatv: Dont forget Michael Hannah in 83'
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 @Chilternburt: oh wow true. old Michael hahaha
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 Given the shit run if luck Gwin has had of late I'd love to see him win the world champs!
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 Minnaar better win, but glad we (South Africa) have someone in all the categories above. For a crappy little African country at the tip of the continent. haha.
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 Looks like a rad place to me.
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 I think you might need to go to the eye doc. No RSA in Elite Women.
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 @SimonD you guys also had some incredible moto guys....Grant Langston and Alby....
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 I've been to many African countries. I agree, South Africa is crappy. But when compared to other African countries? It's the absolute best. You should look at it from that point of view.
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 I want Maes to win
  • 18 8
 Martin Maes is going to destroy the competion pure on anger and revenge because UCI STOLE his overall title in EWS !!!! Alez Martin , les belges sont avec vous !!!!
  • 11 16
flag Nicotrias (Aug 27, 2019 at 7:53) (Below Threshold)
 "stole" cry baby
  • 4 2
 "anger and revenge" - that sounds like a brand name for a cool new PED
  • 11 4
 Nope, GT and staff all f#%ed up and their rider received due sanctions. But dream on little boy
  • 2 4
 If he wasn't doping before then he should keep winning, right? He didn't last week. Let's see what he can do this week.... if not then we need to consider maybe the masking agent in his blood was really masking something.
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 @thesharkman: has to win immediately when he comes back??? Get real
  • 1 0
 @thesharkman: poor logic. He simply didnt want to take any risk in EWS in order to be present in DH world champs.
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 @thesharkman: He was 4th behind Rude, Hill and a local - I'm sorry but doping won't get you much higher against that crowd.
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 Do the results from World Champs count in the Fantasy League?
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 I checked the first post on the Fantasy League. They do count.
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 Go myriam go!!
  • 1 0
 Is Tahnée racing for sure?
I know Gwin is (via his Twitter account) but can´t find confirmation that Tahnée will be back on the bike? Same with Myriam..? Anyone knows something certain?
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 Going by her Instagram she sure sounds like she’s racing ????
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 Myriam raced Crankworx Whistler and she looked on pace!
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 Aaron Gwin 100 065 166 63 - - - - - - - 66 6 - 666
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 If I am Tracy Hannah do I feel confident with my pace and recent successes or am I freakin' 'cuz Tahnee and Myriam are back on track and I'll have to ride risky fast and endanger the overall at the next race???
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 GO GO Baguettes !
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 Thibaut Ruffin but no Flo Payet... Seriously!!
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 @Clem-mk: Flo Payet is on the list... No. 44
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 Ce weekend, à Québec, on chantera la Marseillaise... deux fois.
Sortez le champagne du frigo 20 minutes avant le podium, je crois que Loic et Pompon n'aiment pas ça trop froid.
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 @Bragelonne: Prépare une bouteille aussi pour les juniors, on sait jamais Wink
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 @evildos: Vive les francais! Si Loic ne gagne pas je serai tres énervé. Mais quad Loic gagne comme je sais qu’il va, je serai tres heureux.
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 @cessman: ha oui didn't seen the riders on the right list with the phone
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 Got to admit the Brits are looking strong, shame Gee never made it, but he has got hardline and rampage to think about Smile
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 Thought Eddie broke his wrist?
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 I imagine the selection was made before he broke his wrist, so technically he is entered but won't be riding?
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 @hairy-g: Yep, Hoffman is also on the list, despite being out for the season.
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 Spirit of enduro can do it handsfree, who else could better him?
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 Gwin for the magic win Wink
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 He better start praying!
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 Looking at the YOB you see that Greg Minaar is a real performer !!!!!
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 Damn I'm getting old, met Greg in Kaprun where he won his first ever world cup Wink
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