ENVE Announces New Tool to Build Custom Decals

Apr 28, 2020
by ENVE Composites  


We have released an all-new online decal builder that gives riders the opportunity to customize their M Series, G Series, SES and Foundation Collection wheelset decals. Users can pick from existing templates that offer a semi-custom design or can have full control by uploading a custom design or image. The builder is limited only by the user’s creativity.

The tool provides a complete library of pre-loaded graphics and colors, including popular colors that match OEM paint schemes for frames and forks -- making it easy to match ENVE wheels to any bike. We have partnered with veteran decal print houses Stikrd and Slik Graphics to ensure that customers receive best-in-class printing and service quality.

Each kit includes a full set of rim decals, rider name tags a few other color-matched goodies. Pricing starts at $40 for the Foundation Collection and goes up to $80 for M Series models. The custom decal builder allows customers to purchase new ENVE wheels with the decals pre-installed, or as decals-only, for use on an existing ENVE wheelset.

Our ENVE Decal Configurator is now live on ENVE.com/custom-decals/. Happy designing.


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 Stick these on your aluminum rims, post your bike to buysell, profit.
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 There was a guy in Hamilton Ontario who bought carbon rims and did exactly that. Nobody knew until someone sent their rims to Enve for repair.
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 "Hi there I dented the carbon on my Enve rim, can I get it warrantied?"
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 Stick them on some Stan Flows.
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 @DownHooligan: I caught a guy on here once selling Enve knock offs - red external nipples were a dead giveaway. Called him on it, and he gave me some BS story about buying them from a shop in Alberta, and definitely being real. This place is full of fraudsters. Buyer beware!
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 My Chinese wheels just became enve's
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 I always wanted to do this on my old bike,but I'm not gonna waste 80 bucks on stickers just to troll people a little once in a while. Looks like I'm keeping Fox 34 rims on there for now.
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 @RonSauce: the Fox stickers are the best. A friend of mine now has a single crown Fox 40 with rusty 28mm steel stanchions on his city bike.
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 Just having a red Santa Cruz Reserve strip is a lot cooler.
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 @sean916 I call mine "Chenve's"
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 I wonder what colour Paul Aston likes.
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 @Prax: Haha awesome!
  • 2 0
 @sean916: when I was a kid I painted my full face up witha semi convincing redbull paintjob... can vouch that people are gullible from a distance. Send it
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 @Upduro: guess 40 standa for the travel in this case
  • 28 1
 Brb, "JOE EXOTIC FOR PRESIDENT" going on my AM30's.
  • 26 0
 I'm going to make mine blurry so it looks like I'm going faster than I am. $80 well spent.
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 "how much could a decal cost? $80?"

  • 31 2
 I assume you put the sticker over the crack and keep riding.
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 Sweet arrested development reference. Classic show
  • 6 1
 @Rigidjunkie: dentists dont get cracks on their rims while riding flow Trails at 10mph
  • 22 2
 If I can make a Dixie cup color scheme, I'm in. 100% worth it.
  • 8 0
 A E S T H E T I C
  • 14 2
 @Aventel: no no no. you mean:

ȧ̷͈͈̪ ̷̖͔̎e̵͎̦͗ ̵̼͍͙̝̔̆̆s̸͖͇̮̾̽̚͝ ̵̛̬̰͕̘t̸̟̾̊̂̚ ̷̨͚̈́͜ẖ̷̼̗͇̀ ̵̛̼̤̠̑̈́̚e̴̳͊̑ ̵̨̤͗̕t̵̢͓̎͘ͅ ̶̘̿͒̓̔i̷̙̤͖̦̇ ̵̗͍͕͙̅͋̐͝ć̵̯͍̺͒̄
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 Coming to my mailbox soon. Skin colored decals for my Pole Stamina and that kinky new “bead” tool from cushcore.
  • 1 0
 I’ve heard from reliable sources that a CushCore tool can accentuate the experience of riding a Pole for some.
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 Way cooler than actually drinking hand sanitiser.
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 duh your supposed to inject it.....
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 Enve press release: You still have to pay 3500€ for the wheels but hey at least you can get some custom stickers( as long as you are going to pay for them obviously)
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 Oh how I wish Enve would provide more HUB options - something really useful vs cute decals. I asked Enve for DT240's... told me to shop elsewhere. Not everybody wants a super loud hub.
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 I have a set of enve factory built M635 with DT240 hubs. I am surprised you can’t seem to get something like that?
  • 3 3
 They sell them with CK... what are you talking about !? Also, 240s are not loud... this sounds like some BS...
  • 1 0
 They were really helpful getting my onyx hubs on m730s..
  • 1 0
 I had them with 240s as well. But it’s been a while.
  • 2 0
 @rzicc: he literally said "Not everybody wants loud hubs" meaning he wants 240s because they are more quiet. I think you misread it.
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 Lots of wheel builders use Enve rims. Pick whatever hub you want.
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 @mhoshal: thank you - some people come out gunning before reading/thinking
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 Or... just pull all decals off and run your rims black like sweet baby jezzus intended.
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 I don't even wash my bike
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 There should be a group buy on these, then everyone sick them on the old bikes in the garage, my 12 year old Hardrock with Sun singletracks would look awesome with $100 dollars worth of stickers. This way it’s even more insulting to person that spent $3k on rims to putter through the walking paths in the don valley that some junker old bike has their prized wheels.
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 80 bucks for stickers lmao how does this greasy greedy company stay in business with those ridiculous prices. No wonder their rims cost so much with 80 dollar stickers on them. I bet it doesn't even cost them a dollar to make.
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 Design it on Enve's site, then order it from Stikrd. Just saying.
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 I’ve done ENVE’s custom decals and really love them. Great attention to detail and nice material. Glad to have a unique bike that I’ve put my personality into
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 says frappuccino, or course
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 The only reasonable way to go matchy-matchy is to remove rim decals. They are usually ugly AF anyways.
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 I just tried this. Cool feature tup
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 That’s bad azz!! Quit the internal nips and drop the price a bit and I’m in!
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 The new am30’s are rad!
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 @IstreetSandRooster: I had no idea they came out with these, Thank you for letting me know. .. American made at 1600, Hell yes!
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 I remove rim stickers as most of them look like an advertising after thought.
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 Great idea... I just want it for my frame decals
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 If you make the decals long enough and layer them up, they will hide the cracks and maybe hold your rim in one piece! Bingo!
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 80$? hahahaha Big Grin
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 i bet Amer told them, make more money and we always can sell you to china
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 I think anything but stealth looks tacky
  • 2 1
 Time for a bourbon
  • 3 5
 Entertainment for the 1%
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