Epic Cymru - Wales' Very Own Stage Race

Jan 8, 2015
by Paul Aston  
Epic 5 day stage race arrives in Wales

International Elite Pros already confirmed for new 2015 five-day bike race in South Wales. The UK's answer to Trans-Provence and the BC Bike Race, here's what the organisers have to say about the event:

Following the very recent announcement of the brand new five-day bike race, Epic Cymru, that is set to take Wales by storm this year, from 15–19 August, 2015, two of the world’s top international Pro-Elite riders’ have already confirmed they will compete in the event. Epic Cymru – a Mountain Bike multiple-stage race - will encompass several styles of riding and is aimed at the entire spectrum of riders, from Cross Country (XC) to Enduro and Downhill, appealing to the ‘weekend warrior’ as much as the Pro-Elite stars. With entry to the race having now gone live, two Pro-Elite riders from the US, Mark Weir and Jason Moeschler – both with Team WTB – have already been drawn to the challenging new event and will prove to be serious contenders for the inaugural title. Weir, 40, is an eight-time Downieville Downhill champion and has climbed over a million vertical feet in one year, whilst Moeschler, 33, has become a three-time MTB World Championship competitor and a three-time Downieville All-Mountain Pro Champion, having first made his presence felt on the racing scene in ‘97 as that year’s US Junior National Champion..

Epic 5 day stage race arrives in Wales

Epic Cymru will include some of the best and most famous riding spots in South Wales, including Bike Park Wales, Afan Forest Park, Rheola Forest & Margam Park, with a mix of trail-centre and natural riding, including areas within the Brecon Beacons National Park. The race format will include timed sections and linking sections over five days, with riders competing over 18 timed sections, with separate XC and Downhill sections. Stage distances will be a manageable - but still challenging - 45-75km, with an emphasis on providing fun, technical and fast riding throughout

Epic Cymru logos

Full details are available at: www.epiccymru.com

Epic 5 day stage race arrives in Wales


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 Sounds good, but £400 to ride trails I ride for free anyway? No thanks
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 Yep and that's camping, cough up another £125 to sleep in a dorm. I love Wales don't get me wrong but I could fly and do the Alps for that
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 Exactly what I thought. There are much better ways to spend that kind of cash!
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 Not wrong, Wales and climbing or Alps and ski lifts ?
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 I agree with you there ! £400 is steep
However the race event itself should bring even more focus on our trails and hopefully some money too to keep them maintained through all the advertising and media. Maybe even new ones Smile

I'll go to BPW and Afan for a Looksie though just to see the pros hitting the trails
Then I'll go ride them a couple of days later at half the speed ! Lol
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 money to keep trails maintained in wales would be a bonus, ridden a few places there and the rubbish on the trails was a bloody disgrace (top of cwmcarn particularly). either that or the locals could take some responsibility for it themselves.
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 ALLSO as a none driver ive noticed a huge need for MTB trips for none drivers looks like a gap in the market for this . I'd love to go to more events /places but ive not seen a event yet that could offer transport all in ? Maybe I'm missing these ?
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 Super bummed you have to be 18+ to enterFrown
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 I'm super bummed to be nearly 50. Life sucks eh?

Wanna swap?
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 So thats about £80 a day to enter each day with camping and timing and marshals and first aid and food and ......................... ok not cheap but not expensive ether
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 Expensive, steep?? Surely one of the cheapest stage races out there?
Food all included, first aid, land fees, insurance, toilet hire, shower hire, logistic hire, venue hire, security, staff, I could go on and on but I am sure you get the gist.
Respect to the organiser who is organising a stage RACE in Wales.
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 Not sure I'd fancy sleeping in a tent to try to recover from some of those days in the hills. Looks good though.
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 Yea I don't know how they justify the price, no uplift, tracks already exsist, and sleeping in a tent.
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 does seem a little pricey. although the trans province isn't cheap and you sleep in tents ( i think )
75km does not sound like the average riders daily riding though.
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 'The UK's answer to Trans-Provence' my ass. The Epic Cymru was nothing but a very long and tedious xc race, day after day, mile after mile of fire road, timed stages were (climbs!) on fire roads, the 'Trail King/Queen' category was an after-thought, all the way to BPW for just 1 timed DH run, the other timed run at BPW was up the xc climb. They put 1 km fire road climbs at the start of of the timed DH Trail King/Queen sections, no time could be made up on the downhill section because it was full of highposters who had sprinted up the fire road (seem people love a good fire road sprint and often confuse this with mountain biking) carrying their bikes over rocks. After the Sunday and many complaints from riders who had been blocked on the timed DH, the organizer decided that the person who was ahead on the trail no matter how slow had right of way over a faster rider trying to overtake. The slower rider did not need to let the faster rider past. The organizers did like the Tran-Provence comparison and used it to get entries the Epic Cymru was a falsely marked lame tame and tedious xc event and a total waste of ££££
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 What are you talking about? To quote : "mile after mile of fire road, timed stages were (climbs!) on fire roads,".... The Wall descent at Afan. Mountain Ash DH course, BPW descent, Whites level descent at Glyncorrwg, The Blade final descent at Glyncorrwg, most of the Penhydd descents at Afan.... shall I go on?

Your post is nothing but trolling bullshit. Or maybe you have a gripe because you didn't do as well against other MTBers as you thought you would?
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 I don't like or usually write on forums but you are really getting my goat. I have seen you post lies and negative comments about this event ALL over the internet. I was there, I rode the event, I loved it.

To quote "The Epic Cymru was nothing but a very long and tedious xc race, day after day, mile after mile of fire road, timed stages were (climbs!) on fire roads" Am I right in thinking you rode a couple of days then pulled out and were moaning the whole time to everyone?? If so how exactly have you come to this conclusion about the whole event?

To Quote "The organizers did like the Tran-Provence comparison and used it to get entries the Epic Cymru was a falsely marked lame tame and tedious xc event and a total waste of ££££" I have had a look on the Epic Cymru website today and can not find one mention of Tran-Provence. You really do have an issue with this event not being like Tran-provence, I mean you are coming to Wales to race not France what were you expecting a lift from the camp site to the top of a mountain so you can ride your bike back down? If so again I can not see one mention about uplifts on Epic Cymru Website.

I just dont get people who go to an event dont like it for some reason or are just not fit enough to finish it and then go and slag that event off all over the internet and try and put people off entering again. Why? why would you do this to a poor organiser who is trying to do something good for the sport create unique events and bring a stage race to the UK. While I was sitting in the evenings eating my food there were all kinds of people from all over the world, is this not a good thing that they are trying to attract people to come to the UK to race their bikes and see our country?

I am sure you would be the first to moan if there were no more events in the UK because of people like you.

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 singlespeed1985 TP dont give you a lift to 'the top of the mountain' in TP vans usually drop you where the fireroad ends transitions are long and tough you ride/hike a bike across tough stuff mountains google donkey darko! good that you rode and enjoyed the epic cymru not everyone did a few who did not I was one of the disappointed riders who left the race early. mate you need to accept different type of people and riders live let live you enjoying the race will not mean others have to agree with you. 2nd thoughts I had leaving the race are gone after reading the kind of angry comments made by you and huwie123 you can call me names now and tell me I cannot ride because I enjoy a diffrent riding type to you and did not enjoy the race you enjoyed.
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 wow expensive, but does look great so maybe next year!
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 80 pound a day with all incudled does not seem steep at all
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 I would rather spend that kind of cash on my bike
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