Episode 195 - Getting to Know Pinkbike Fast Guy Matt Beer

Sep 14, 2023
by Henry Quinney  
Art by Taj Mihelich

Matt Beer joined Pinkbike in 2021 and has made himself something of a niche in the intervening time - testing downhill bikes - as well as contributing towards the editorial department's efforts in everything from Field Tests to gear reviews. Prior to Pinkbike, however, Matt won two national downhill championships and Henry was eager to learn more.

Featuring a rotating cast of the editorial team and other guests, the Pinkbike podcast is a weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between.

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I asked Matt if he had any pictures and comments from his racing, and he sent in these.

Flying the Canadian colors at the 2013 Fort William World Cup - I never could keep that garment very clean. Finding consistency while trying to climb the ranks is a formula that only a select few have figured out.

Winning the 2015 National Championships at Sun Peaks was even more meaningful because Canada's legendary racer, Steve Smith, was in attendance.

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 You've been a great addition to the team Matt! Really cool to hear about new tech from the perspective of someone that can push it at the highest level, but doesn't need to satisfy sponsors. Keep it up!
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 Fastest journo in the industry for sure. Who can forget 2021, when he won the Absa Cape Epic alongside Jordan Sarrous. Literally unbelievable!
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 YouTube recommended me watch a BCPOV video one time, where the guy battled through a super tech trail with a bunch of others. His confidence was shot by the end, but midway through, Matt Beer showed everyone how to ride this techy line off of the main line, and just greased it. It's rad to know someone of that calibre is reviewing bikes at Pinkbike, he has some impressive skills! Shout out to the rest of the team too, you all bring solid content. Quinney, get someone to interview yourself on the next "getting to know" podcast.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFjK_3i-NHQ - it's at 6:20 if you want to check it out. The rest of the video is a good watch in seeing someone implode as every bit of confidence leaves their body, we've all been there.
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 Best part of that is at 3:01 "F-ing Beer is F-ing good, eh?"

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 HA I was the guy on the Pole who was not having fun. I remember Matt looking at the rock roll all quiet so I rode the chute next to it and got to the bottom. I told the guys 'get your cameras ready he's gonna hit it for sure' and he did. It was wild.
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 Really enjoying these get to know the pinkbike people podcasts. @henryquinney you’ve heard the original version of gouge away right? Pixies are one of my fav bands.

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 Thanks - they're super fun to record. I discovered this in my searching and it's great. I have to say, I haven't really gotten into them apart from the obvious hits but perhaps I should do some digging - it's a fantastic song.
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 I know all the Pinkbike reviewers are great riders but it is nice to know that Matt has the credentials to really be a trusted voice.
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 The greatest lead into the return of Mike Levy “Getting to Know Pinkbike’s lost boy Mike Levy”
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flag mrchrisj (Sep 14, 2023 at 13:17) (Below Threshold)
 How come we didn’t get a big Levy Send-off Pod @henryquinny?

Also Matt Beer big :thumbsup:
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 @mrchrisj @Darkstar187 @mrchrisj @darkstar187 - Seems like it would've been easy & courteous for PB and/or Mike to say "hey guys, Levy's taking a year off & will be back (or leaving, whatever)..." - but instead - only angry replies from the "privacy" types & Mods saying we're a*sholes for wondering & asking and that we're invading Levy's privacy - as if Levy's not already a public figure who divulges all kinds or personal info on the podcasts for years we didn't ask for, and as if a prominent figure just disappearing from media is actually normal. It's not and no normal media biz does that.

One thing if he was a behind the scenes type, but he was front & center, was PB (fo me) and was the Bike Voice of the Pandemic that literally got me laughing through covid...shit like that is important to lots of us. I honeslty don't care if he stays or goes & I'm not asking for his address or phone #, details - nothing. Just wanted to know if he was still on or not, doing the pod or moving on - simple thing to expect & wonder given his awesome pod-personality & presence for PB. Instead is just "f*ck you, ya privacy invader" and only in random comments on articles here I couldn't even relocate if I wanted.

Anyway - not to overshadow Matt's inteview here - clearly a down to earth & humble guy, helluva dude, killer rider and this is his moment. His contributions online & on the pod are great. I'm sure he's an even bigger asset to friends & family, BC riders, etc. And likewise if he were to disappear w/o another word - I'd also ask why if PB just went radio silent about it.
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: I stumbled into this one… I listen to (and love!) the podcasts every week, but I’m not in the pb loop, I don’t live in the forum, so I honestly don’t know what has happened to Levy. Google told me he’d joined Velo (cue interwebs roasting for trusting the interwebs). I’ll be sure to keep quiet on matters I don’t have an intimate knowledge of in future (which will make me something of an oddity these days (opinions being like arseholes and all that)). Best wishes to Mike, hope he’s well.
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: I agree pinkbikes info behavior on their staff sucks. I work with a large group of people and if someone here is sick or injured people are informed in a way that is not personal but informative. With PB, one of the editors is nearly killed in a crash and not a word- the staff sits together in a podcast and act as nothing happens, another editor goes for maternal leave and just falls off the edge, not sure what's up with Mike but after many questions the answer is "It's personal- how dare you ask!" .. I think everyone misses Levy - hope he is OK.
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 @chrsei: I hear ya, tho I don't think the behavior sucks...from what I can tell in the comments (since PB still has never made a formal statement) Levy didn't want to make a statement whatsoever - just wanted to vanish so - what can you do but respect that wish. Totally get Alicia's crash too - we didn't need any details but w/o even a generic PR 101 statement from PB... we only caught wind of it through whispers in comments...and that's "respectful" of privacy? Not at all.

It's unsettling to me, but - whatever. These guys talked about themselves for years, enough so that you know what cars / vans they drive, dogs they own, food they eat - whatever & I'm not taking notes and I could care less really but when you've got a charismatic, funny, front-man like Levy & then one day he's just gone. Two months later you can only find info in obscure comment threads - I just don't see how that helps quell speculation - after all we are the product here. Live & let live - Mike can do whatever he wants & we don't need details at all - just seems like diplomacy would help. And ditto - only want the best for Mike, PB and everyone
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 @mrchrisj: Me too - and I expected the downvote Russians to pile-on (its how the net works you know). I am not in the forums either (seems more useless than comments) but was a weekly pod devotee...I still follow and Henry's entirely fine, but its not the same w/o Levy.

Dunno what Velo is - don't even care. I'm not gonna hunt Levy down, much as I enjoyed his weekly humor & jokes, insight, anecdotes & experience... as I said, his life is his, but I'm as much annoyed by the downvote Russians here as I am w/ PB (and Mike) for having is us post 100's of "wheres that guy we can't name or get downvoted" as if that's normal or respectful. Its just dumb. And yeah - all best wishes to Mike.
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 Got me thinking about muddy races at White Hills! Newfoundland was a hell of a place to learn to ride DH. Great work out there Matt.
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 The integrated hose thing has been done a few times...just never in the mainstream. I have a version on my bike. There are reasons why it'll never be done on the mainstream - basically because it's not serviceable - but it's nice to play/dream. The ultimate would be to integrate quick disconnect fittings too, like the Formula Speedlock...
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 I would love to hear a deep dive conversation about how testing works. I like nerding out on bike geo and trends and preferences. Favorite bikes compared to others. Favorite trail styles.
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 Big fan of Beer.
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 You’ve lost me on your music choice Henry… how dare they do that to the Pixies..
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 That was more like Henry interviewing Henry. But I’m a Matt fanboy so maybe I’m just being overly sensitive.
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 Can anyone tell me the name of the song/beat at the beginning and end of the interview? Around 1:21:24.
NOT the Italian Mafia song.
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 Was the audio sped up because Matt Beer was in the room?
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 Sounds like Matt Beer is no coaster…
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 What you did there... I see it.
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 No time for a podcast but this guy is a champ.
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 Thanks Matt and Henry, loved every minute of that pod.
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 Fuck racing, who needs it!
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 people who like to race their bikes
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