e*thirteen's New Stems and Handlebars - Crankworx Whistler 2019

Aug 12, 2019
by Mike Levy  
e thirteen handlebar and stem

At the rate e*thirteen's catalog seems to be expanding, they might soon have all the parts needed to build a bike from scratch. The latest addition is their new range of stems and handlebars, the latter of which can be had in either carbon of two different aluminum flavors.

Pictured here is the $139.95 USD Race Carbon handlebar and $95.95 USD Plus stem that I got my hands on during Crankworx.

e thirteen handlebar and stem
e thirteen handlebar and stem
Markings on the handlebars and stems make setup easy.

As bikes, forks, and wheels get stiff and stiffer, we're seeing more options aimed at helping to eliminate some of the chatter and vibrations that all that rigidity can cause. e*thirteen's new handlebars are said to do exactly that through a layup profile intended to allow for a bit of compliance without taking about any steering precision.

So while the 225-gram Race Carbon handlebar looks a lot like, well, a handlebar, it's claimed to do more than just help you steer your bike.

e thirteen handlebar and stem
The Race Carbon handlebar weighs 225-grams and was designed to offer a bit of "engineered comfort.''

If carbon isn't your thing, both the $69.95 Plus and $34.95 Base handlebars are aluminum and sport the same 9-degree backsweep and 5-degree upsweep. Interestingly, e*thirteen says that their alloy handlebars also offer a degree of comfort via butting and bend profiles. All three options also start life at 800mm wide, but with trim lines so you can cut them down easily.

e thirteen handlebar and stem

e thirteen handlebar and stem
e thirteen handlebar and stem
More air than stem, the $95.95 USD Plus model sees a ton of material removed.

Stems and handlebars should match so you don't get a trail-side fashion citation, and e*thirteen's Plus and Base stems do exactly that. The $95.95 USD Plus is the lighter of the two at 145-grams, and you can tell it apart from the $49.95 USD Base stem, which comes is just 10-grams heavier while costing nearly half as much, thanks to the shiny finish and much more material removed from the steerer clamp.

Both stems use T25 hardware for the handlebar and steerer clamps, and the latter is smoothly rounded at the back to keep the painful core samples to a minimum.

There's really just one answer to all these handlebars that claim to reduce vibrations and fatigue or offer some kind of engineered flex, and that's a good ol' fashioned blind test. The handlebar, not the rider. Stay tuned for the first episode of our 'Goin' in Blind' video series where we do exactly that with e*thirteen's Race Carbon handlebar, as well as a handful of other options, in the near future.


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 Really disappointed with e*thirteen parts on my YT. Hopefully their stems and handlebar have a higher quality than their wheels and cassettes.
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 What issue did you have with your wheels? I just bought a pair of TRS wheels and I checked the bearings for grease, the hub bearings looked good, but the free hub bearing looked dry...I’ll have to keep an eye on it cause that is the only downside I saw online concerning the wheels before buying them.
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flag mitcht (Aug 12, 2019 at 15:19) (Below Threshold)
 @unrooted: what issues didn’t we have with them... They should stick to chain guides. Look at the sweep on those bars = Way too much.
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 @mitcht: agree. Too many brands go 9° back and 5° up. How about some variety or point of difference?
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 E13 has to cut costs to pay Gwin. Duhhh
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 @mitcht: 9/5 is fine especially dependant on the bike.
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 I too have had a lot of issues with the E13 stuff that came on my YT. Their customer service is awesome but I will never buy a bike with a major E13 components again. In about 1,500km on the drive train, I've gone through 3 front chain rings, 2 cassettes and the rear hub has to get tightened up after every 5-10 rides. I'm actually looking at swapping out the cranks and front chain ring for a Sram setup as I'm sick of blowing through chains and chain rings.

I also bent my E13 bash guard very badly and I had to file it down so it wouldn't rub against my chain ring... not sure if this is just user error but whatever, ended up replacing it for a One-up system and have had no issues.

I have had no issues with the hoops but I don't get too sendy on my bike. That being said, I know someone who's quite a bit smaller than me who has destroyed one of their 650B carbon rims.

When it comes to their bar and stem, I honestly don't see how it could be bad. However, looking at the profile of the bar, it doesn't look that compliant (comfortable). If you want a carbon bar that's compliant, get a One-up one. I used to get severe hand pump and now I rarely get it... I think anyone who's switched to the One-up bar can confirm.
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 @MRwillP: No more E*Thirteen for me. Bunch of good ideas, failed execution and materials.
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 Replaced some of their carbon wheels recently and when I was taking the rim tape off some of the carbon came with it. I don't think that's supposed to happen.
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 @mitcht: Funny you mention chain guides. At one point they even managed to screw up those. When they introduced the versions with the tool less opening of the top guide... those things were falling apart at an unreal rate. Some folks managed to break several pieces in one week.
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 @makripper: Ya it not bad, but I’ve always been the 8 back guy like Race Face does. Feels like home.
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 @Ferisko: I’ve been through a few of those over the years too... Their quality has left me wanting more lately.
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 When I changed my brand new E13 wheels over to tubeless I noticed it was leaking air - THROUGH THE WELD ON THE RIM! It sealed after shaking it around, but doesn't give me much confidence in the rim holding up over time.
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 @GorgeousBeauGaston: the non plus TRS and LG1 rims are not welded, only sleeved.
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 @Ferisko: I'm not sure if I should be more or less concerned now considering a significant amount of air was finding it's way through there. Oh well, hopefully my egg shaped Minion DHR keeps it in once piece
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 @mitcht: i like the OSX at 8/5 for slightly shorter reach bikes like my DH and 9/5 for longer reach bikes so i can get off the back slightly easier. I'm wierd
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 @mitcht: depends on the rider
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flag WagonWheel (Aug 12, 2019 at 18:29) (Below Threshold)
 If your e*thirteen parts on your YT aren't up to standard just go back to the LBS you bought it from and complain... Oh wait...
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 @MRwillP: E13 rings I’ve had have lasted longer than the SRAM rings and my cassette lasted as long as my XO1 cassette. Unless you go to steel rings and cassettes not sure you’ll get super long life out of them. My stuff hasn’t been better or worse than the competition. It’s all pretty on par.
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 What, is e*thirteen the new Crank Brothers? Certainly sounds that way.
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 @WagonWheel: Yes, because I’m sure if you complained to your local shop about your Trek with dinged rims and bent chain guide that they would totally give you free upgrades and repairs.
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 @makripper: Depends on the rider. We are not all built the same. I like what Spank are doing in providing different options throughout their range. I prefer 8° back and 4° up which Race Face used to provide. Now only Spank, Pro taper and Enve provide.
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 @MRwillP: I’ve had similar experience with e13 parts on my Tues. The LG1 hub comes loose every now and again and there’s definitely a bit of resistance in the free ratchet system.

The first 2 weeks I bent the LG1 rim, but they are cheap OEM rims that are pinned and not welded. I’ve rebuilt the wheels using the same spikes and hubs but with dt Swiss ex471 runs (similar erd) but wishing I replaced the hubs at the same time.

The upper slider for the chain guide will occasionally come loose and slide down to catch the chain ring. I guess lock tight will fix this. Happened to me and e13 sent me a new part without any problems.

My LG1+ cranks would constantly come loose, I think something to do with the APS adjuster. The E13 BB was totally seized in half a season of riding. I’ve replaced the cranks and BB with hope stuff.
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 And to add another disappointment about the LG1 wheelset, if I was a different 7 speed cassette I need to buy a whole new wheel, or at least a new hub and relace the rim as the e13 lg1 hub only accepts their cassette.
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 If I want**
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 @MRwillP: Wow. Guess just the guys with some issues write in these comments because me and my friends all ride YT's with zero E13 issues. The whees have been bomb proof (way better than the WTB stuff I was riding before) and the cassette has just worked for an entire year now. I had way more issues with my SRAM stuff. The Shimano/E13 combo has been set and forget. The cranks have been fine too (I broke my previous RF cranks). Guess everyone has issues form time to time but as long as the company takes care of you all good in my books.

I think this cockpit looks great. Cockpit seems to be more of a fashion thing in my books though, but I like a 9 deg backsweep so may give these a try on my next ride. Price seems to be right...
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 @unrooted: My wheels and hubs have been awesome (as have the wheels on ally buddy's YT's) for over a year now. Ride them and don't worry. Every company has issues form time to time and you only hear about those small amount of folks having problems on here. SRAM makes pretty good stuff for the most part but check out a SRAM press release on here and you'll see what I mean...
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 Just wanted to add that I have over 100 hard climbing rides with over 1500 feet on average and my e13 cassette has been rock solid. I just replace my chain when it gets past its point on my nifty Park stretchometer.

That said, their chainguide/guard is too flimsy and bent after the first series impact. The MRP one I replaced it with has been sound.

So there you go.
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 I had to replace my rear E13 alu rim after 3 months from buying new. It's soft like butter ...
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 @Marky771: that’s the internet isn’t it. I haven’t tried any e*13 stuff myself except a chain guide years ago, but I have a Capra on order.
I’m just hoping it’s the usual case of the internet - only the people with negative experiences chime in. People with positive experiences don’t bother, because the emotional response is not strong enough.
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 @PeaFunk: I had to replace mine after 1 ride from new. No big impacts and when I contacted E13 about it they told me it was clearly my fault for not tightening the spokes (on the first ride??).
My E13 cassette also has to be tightened every few rides as the cones magically work themselves loose. I've never had the same problems with any other brand of wheels and the customer service in the UK seems to be pretty terrible
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 I bought the E13 kit to upgrade an 11 speed Sram shifter to 12 speed. On the very first ride the shift from 8th to 7th became very vague and after ten rides in total it failed completely. Correct ratchet for the shifter (it comes with 2 different ones) installed following their video instructions. I put the shifter back together as 11 speed and it worked fine.

Both @ethirteen-components and Silverfish competely ignored my emails about it and I don't think I'd bother with their stuff again as a result.
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 I had e*thirteen wheels, cranks and bashguard on my DH bike, all of them and only them failed in around 15 days of bike park, I was amazed by the consistency of their components failures though, all of them at a similar time Smile
Will never buy a model with e*thirteen components again.
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 @Marky771: I'm on a 2019 Tues AL and have no issues with the components - I might have gone through my first chain fairly quickly since I mostly cruise control ( and avoid pedalling at all costs ) - only riding it since March so maybe not long enough, but am just shy of 1000kms and probably would have experienced some issues by now - I don't send anything Smile

Having that said, nor only this was the bike I really wanted : Tues carbon frame design in affordable aluminium ( and in my favourite colour ) - better components would bump the price and put the bike outside my buying reach - so if the components aren't top quality, that's a compromise I'm willing to accept
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 @jaame: E13 really does make some crappy components, it’s not a conspiracy as some are making it out to be. Most bike shops would agree that not all E13 stuff is great.

A big reason to this is because lot of E13 is used for OEM and they genuinely use their lower quality stuff (or OEM only stuff) on bike builds to keep the overall cost of the bike down.

Lots of people have never had an issue with the lower quality e13 stuff, but a lot of people don’t ride as hard as others do, either. Some people could ride the pinned (OEM only) LG1 rims for years without issue and other people, like myself and many others have to replace them very early on...
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 @nateisgrate: It's not just the OEM cheap stuff and its not just hard riding people. When your freehub starts slipping after less than 1000km it has nothing to do with how hard or how much you ride. And then they tell you that "they had weak pawl springs batch and you need to replace them with a new improved version". Fast forward a couple years and there is the dropper seat post. And once again customers are replacing springs for a new and stronger one ... see the pattern? One generation of their chain guides was made out of plastic that was too brittle and the things were just falling apart. Cranks which could not be removed ...

Almost every company puts out a lemon once in a while. But e13 just seems to be so consistent with it.
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 @drummuy04: Ive seen this happen on several different brands of rims. Especially if the tape being used is agressive (like the savages using gorilla tape!)
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 @ryan83: This^^. I find it odd that people are complaining about the rate of wear of 1x rings. Ive tried many different brands and with the exception of steel rings, they all wear about the same. People seem to still expect the wear rates associated with 2 or 3x drivetrains. If you are running a 28 or 30t ring, its possible that thing will wear out before your chain needs replacing. a 30t ring which seems to be most common on LT 29ers these days will wear over 10% faster than that 34t you were running on your 27.5 or 26".
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 So is E*Thirteen just putting their name and decals on the cheapest gear they can get from China, assigning “industry standard pricing” to it, then offering it to bike companies for ridiculously low prices so consumers will think the build quality is higher than it actually is?
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 If quality isn't your thing then that sounds like a damn good marketing strategy. Lets see if it pays off.
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 Not likely. If that was the case you would see similar looking products with different branding/logos.
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 It should be illegal to design handlebars with out markings.. Making sure they are centre is really a pain in the arse
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 @conv3rt: I mean donkey of course.
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 It should also be illegal to screw up the information on said carbon handlebar. Looking at the main carbon bar pic in the stem, the upsweep reads 9° and the backsweep reads 5°. Pretty sure that needs to be swapped. Also pretty sure that would totally suck to ride if it were correct.
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 @ka-brap: Ha! Nice catch. The article states 9° back and 5° up, but that writing on the bar is opposite. That says enough about their quality control for me.
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 If only someone designed a smaller diameter handlebar at the clamp to improve ride compliance, that would be ground breaking!
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 you could patent it...like 30+ years ago. Then name it Renthal...and see where it gets you.
Time machine?
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 Something around one and a quarter inch would be perfect...
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 I take a lot of risks in life because, like a lot of mountain bikers, adrenaline is the feeling that motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. The older I get the riskier I get as the potential loss of years from death shrinks every year. Everyone has their limits, however. I can say with zero doubt that there are two risks I will never be able to push myself past: Jumping out of an airplane and using an ethirteen stem.
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 Everytime I see a carbon bar I think of how valuable that inanimate carbon rod was... a true hero, you can have one on your bike to save your day too!
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 In rod we trust.
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 @gbeaks33: well of course, they were employee of the month after all
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 Well engineered comfort is on the mouths of carbon component and frame makers since at least 10 years, while reality of most cases tells the opposite story. Especially in case of bars and rims. Hours and hours of testing in the lab and by the test riders, heard it back in 2010.

So... why is this iteration different?
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 The only carbon bar I've seen that looks like it would make a difference as far as comfort goes is one up.
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 It seems to be the pattern and there are certain companies that do make them waaaay too stiff, but... The problem with flex and comfort of the handlebar is that it is a very subjective topic and depends on many factors. Rider weight. Different geometries of the bars. Position on the bike (how much over the bar are you). How much you shorten the bars from stock length (this has a huge impact on how stiff the bar feels because the formula for deflection of the bar based on force has the length of the lever as power of 3 in it).

In the end you often find conflicting information on how comfortable certain handlebars are where a 90kg guy who runs them full length will tell you they are the most comfortable bars he had, but 70kg guy who cut his down to 760 will complain they are stiff and he gets arm pump or finger buzz.

Me being a 70kg guy who "runs them at 760" I can vouch for the Renthal Lite carbon . Even the 35 carbon version is very comfortable and comes in at 760 so I don't have to cut anything Smile The 7° back sweep is not for everyone though.
  • 2 1
 and racefaces sixC
  • 4 1
 @OHall531: See, excellent example. I found all the 35 raceface stuff I ever encountered to be stiff AF.
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 "At the rate e*thirteen's catalog seems to be expanding, they might soon have all the parts needed to build a bike from scratch."

If my previous experience with their products is any indication, that would be a terminal punishment.
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 Hey more e13 stuff to fail for people.
  • 12 0
 E13 went from making really neat and innovative and quality components to making hot trash that breaks if theres a stiff breeze in the room. Dear e13, please focus back on building high quality items that you WERE good at making instead of trying to break into markets and channels that already have plenty of good viable options in them. (Like cassettes and wheels).
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 So I pay double the price but get less material with the more expensive stem?

And I don’t even know why stems are so expensive. It’s machined metal and some screws. What makes it worth 100 bucks?
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 10g for double the price... ah, there it is: "thanks to the shiny finish". OOOO SHINY!
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 Them metal machining machines ain't cheap.
  • 8 2
 Brand-x enduro stem, cost me $15 for 40mm length and is a great looking stem without all the harsh sharp angles from cnc machined stems as its forged and shot peened finish, there really is no reason to pay any more
  • 1 2
 @jefe: just like borderlands 3
  • 1 0
 Because its really hard to think up a design that looks slightly different from the 1000 bazillion other stems with identical technical properties.
  • 10 3
 For $95 i'd like to see a machined stem from billet that is aesthetically pleasing, not a half-ass relieved forging...
  • 13 0
 Fashion aside, you do know that cold forging done right is a superior method compared to machining for producing light and strong components, right?
  • 10 0
 @Ferisko: You're right and I totally agree with the process of forging, but you can also further machine the forging for the aesthetic purposes.
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 I think bar/stem combos should have a marking for a "0 degree" tilt for the bar (along with + and - markings), and then tilt markings at the end of the bar for the brake levers. I've had bars that have one or the other, but not both. OCD nuts like me get major eye-strain from eyeballing everything.
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 I think Hope carbon bars have both. Well the brake lever markings are mainly for distance from the grips, but can also be used for angle.
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 Godspeed to anyone brave enough to try theese
  • 9 4
 say what you want about ethirteen parts, but their customer service in the US is awesome. If you're having a problem they will make it right.
  • 3 1
 The only problem with that is the complete lack of communication. Lead time for my dropper rebuild was “2-3 weeks” but it was sent to them via turtle mail, it took over 3 weeks to “rebuild” and I had to email them for updates and return tracking information. The post I got back wasn’t my old one, it was a new one in my old box. Glad I missed half of the best part of summer for that...
  • 8 1
 The silver lining on that cloud dissipates real quick when you're on your third replacement...
  • 2 2
 @gumbytex: I agree... I’m (was) on my 4th cassette and second freehub since last August. What’s silver lining?
Fixed the issue with a new drivetrain and a new hub. No more issues.... hmmm, weird!
  • 2 0
 I get what you are saying, but I'm too old and jaded (and cranky?) to look past a "man their parts are iffy, but their customer services is top notch!" type of statement in order to support a company.

In my mind, for a company to earn my hard earned bucks....the quality of the parts are what not need to be top notch so you don't ever even have to give a second thought to their customer service.

Good customer service starts with the actual product...not needing to ever need to use any "customer service" (and all gladly pay top dollar for that.
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 @RR1: Yup, the best customer service is the one you don't need.
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 I picked up E13 dropper post over a year ago. I was not sold on the 4 position but ended preferring it. So far best post I have owned. I love the fact that it takes no effort to drop it. I even moved it over to my 2019 Reign replacing the new reverb. So pumped with the post I picked up the TRSr cranks and SL wheels last season. So far so good on them too. I did crack a rim, burped a tire and slapped the edge of a rock with low psi but lifetime warranty had a new rim in less then a few weeks.
Just picked up a set of their new tires and can’t wait to give them a go.
  • 2 0
 My experience could not be more different. I picked their dropper thinking that I would never have to service a dropper again, and boy what a nightmare. The dropper would fully extended, and if I manually brought it all the way up, it would move down to the next position as soon as my arse put some pressure on the saddle.

Worked on the cables, exchanged emails....they sent me a new "stronger" spring (which did not solve the problem), and ultimately they ended up sending me another new post. The replacement post started giving me the same issues a month later, so I ended up buying another brand.

And yeah, their customer service was fantastic throughout the process, but the product itself was subpar....
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 There customer service really is great and they have fixed for free all my issues, but man I've had a lot of problems!

1. Dropper post unreliable after one year of riding.
2. Dropper post lever bolt snapped with very little torque
3. Rear hub inner axle sleeve snapped in half
4. Chain guide broke after couple months
4. Carbon cranks were so tight in bottom bracket it took a rubber malet to remove and I'm assuming that wasn't good for the BB. (To be fair this may have been YT's fault on install)
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 I've had great success with their 12 speed cassette and their LG1 en Race crank, and I keep my bike serviced like I do Arts and Crafts... poorly. I'll give these stems and bars a go! Which grips should I pick up?
  • 7 5
 Wow....some serious venom being spewed here.

Similar sort of venom that's always spewed for many of the component manufacturers by riders that are- by nature- super hard on their bikes. We break sh_t more than any other cycling discipline.

I've had various components from e13 over the years, mostly happy with their wheels and seat posts. I saw the new bars and stem up here, and likely will give the bars a go...mostly because I have a new YT, and wouldn't mind a longer bar and keep my stock RF shiny and clean for resale. We'll see. Side note: love my new e13 TRS tires. I was set to ditch them right away for Maxxis, and thought I'd give them a go first on some of the local Whistler trails. It's been all sorts of conditions over the last couple of weeks, so I've had them everywhere and in everything. I won't be ditching them, in fact, will be looking for more to keep on had for eventual replacement. I've been a loyal Maxxis rider for 20 years, and this is the first brand that's given me the confidence to switch. So...my 2 bits. As for the bars and stem...I guess we'll see.
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 I’m interested in the going in blind video series. I really hope the oneup carbon bar is included in this blind test as I’ve been really interested in that bar. Would be nice to finally have a blind test done since the last one I can remember was ages ago.
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 Pb please throw a Vibrocore in the blind test.
  • 2 1
 Good to see I'm not alone swearing off e13 parts. £250 cranks were total trash, chewed through bearings, pre-load ring was utter garbage and came loose constantly, then the cranks would work loose as a result. Threw em away and switched back to shimano slx, haven't had a problem since. How can you mess up a stem? I don't know, maybe claim to make light weight products then sell a stem for $100 that's wayyyyy too heavy for the length.
  • 9 4
 Chromag for life
  • 7 3
 Same quality as Their cranks? That possibly ruined gwin?
  • 1 0
 E.13 told his mechanic to not run those cranks and he accidentally installed them on Gwin's bike. Not E.13s fault they failed.
  • 5 1
 Hope they're at least as durable as the cassettes!
  • 1 0
 Pretty soon they are going to have the handlebar right on top of the steer tube and super stretched reach. It would be advertised as F1 agility with monster truck bashing capilities.
  • 3 1
 I have no problems with my e*thirteen stuff on my yt bike.
No loose stuff... no rattles... nothing is broken.
And i ride like i don't care... and nothing brakes or so.
  • 6 2
 E13 carbon handlebar very scary
  • 2 0
 Good god just go ride your bike. 1 degree here or there isn't making a damn difference a wider grip would change that in no time. This is getting sad.
  • 1 0
 Good looking setup!!! I’m definitely interested in knowing how the back-to-back testing goes. I’d like to see how it compares to the aluminum bar, as well as how it compares to the carbon bars from other manufacturers
  • 8 4
 That stem is a looker.
  • 2 1
 Said this over on NSMB but - Tidy, nice stuff and all. But more black alloy bars in 20 and 35mm rise... Why doesn't anyone make a 50mm rise 35mm clamp bar yet?
  • 5 0
 Dartmoor make a 50mm rise in 35mm clamp, the 'Lightning Hi'. They are the only company that does.
  • 3 0
 Dartmoor Lightning Highrise DH Handlebar - 35mm
You are welcome Wink
  • 2 0
 Awesome. Cheers for the heads up
  • 1 0
 That stem looks slightly unfinished, more like a prototype than a ready-for-market product. At least they're using a zero-gap install for the faceplate though...
  • 2 0
 I've only ever had one E13 product in my life.....TRS cranks. I had to remove them from my bike with a hacksaw!
  • 1 2
 i have had bad issues with e-thirteen. cassettes that require gobs of grease to connect and thus attract so much dirt. cranks that come loose mostly because the preloader doesn't last but a couple month before wearing out. I would image that their new stem would turn/slip on the steer tube quite easy.
  • 4 3
 What? a 9* back/5* up bar? how original and insightful! I guess everyone who wants a 7* sweep will still be buying Renthal.
  • 2 1
 Indeed I will.
  • 3 1
 It’s personal preference for sure. I have bad wrists so more back sweep (9 or 10 deg) works better for me. Renthal feel brutal to me.
  • 3 0
 i get that, my only point is that that layout is used by the vast majority of companies and there is not a lot of options.
  • 1 0
 @sirsamwellingtonthefirst: Agree. Very limited options. I like what Spank are doing in providing different options throughout their range.
  • 1 0
 @covekid: Same here. I've got Syntace Vector High35s with a 12 degree sweep and they're great for my bum wrists.
  • 3 2
 ...the idea that any mountain biker would be qualified to issue a fashion citation...
  • 2 3
 I really loved Profile’s carbon wrapped bars from “back in the day” - super comfy. Carbon for damping and an aluminum core so that failure mode isn’t (hopefully) catastrophic.
  • 5 3
 It’s true. They mostly make crap.
  • 1 0
 So, what is the length of the stem? Looks pretty short, but can't find a number?
  • 2 2
 I've always been suprised by this way of thightening stems : contact on the top, then tighten at the bottom. I thought tightening in cross with even gaps was better
  • 2 0
 It's a moto style clamp, several manufacturers use them.
  • 5 3
 No thanks.
  • 1 1
 Why would anyone drop that kinda cash on an e13 stem when you can just buy a Renthal for that kinda coin.
  • 2 0
 This sweet parts
  • 2 2
 That backsweep on the bars looks huge!
  • 1 1
 Has everyone just given up making new, lightweight stems for 31.8mm bars?
  • 1 1
 Machining chatter on that stem is disgusting!
  • 1 0
 explain to the novice please?
  • 1 0
 e13, unlucky for all
  • 4 4
 T25 hardware? Nah.
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 I thought the same thing with my new Answer (protaper now I guess) stems this year but was pleasantly surprised by the tool-to-hardware engagement and am now a complete convert. T25 tools come in most tool kits and multi tools nowadays anyway. And, if you're using SRAM control components now you're only using one tool for all of your cockpit vs a mix of 3-4-5 hex keys for various pieces.
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 @Trudeez: my Y wrench is a 4/5/6 not a 4/5/t25
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 I appreciate efforts to unify bolt size. Some cockpits require 4 different sizes between stem, shifter, brakes, dropper remote. T25 could be used way more than it is.
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 @ckcost: however those are small bolts for the steer tube which would cause the stem to slip/turn on the steer tube.
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 Torx is legitimately the best tool interface. Too bad nothing is perfect, and you'll never see Torx everything.
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 @Kramz: prolly Phillips head is the best if we’re keeping it real tho, right?
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 @speed10: My y-wrench is a 4/5/T25 actually. It's my favorite tool in the shop.
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 35/35 stem ?
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