Evoc's Neo Protection Pack is Seriously High Tech - Eurobike 2018

Jul 11, 2018
by Paul Aston  

2018 is Evoc's 10th anniversary, and to celebrate (aside from the party they threw that mostly destroyed their booth) they have an all-new backpack protection system that combines the best of everything they learned since day one.

The Neo 16l pack features their latest Airshield back protector that is a one-piece solution to many pack problems. The Italian-made 'lattice structured Xelion Nanotec Elastomer protector' promises to do it all: offer a flexible fit that can contour to your body, gives 95% absorption protection from impacts and is CE Level 2 certified, it ventilates thanks to the honeycomb-type construction which also distributes forces across the protector, and grips to your body with the softer compound blue pads to avoid movement.

The Airshield is attached on the outside of the pack for improved protection, rather than being placed inside.

The blue rubber sections are a much softer and gripper compound to keep the pack in place on your back.

The protector is placed outside the pack, and attached via toggles so it can be removed, Evoc found through testing that getting the protection as close to the body and spine as possible is one of the most important factors of protection.

The Airshield protector – and now all other Evoc protection products – have a lifetime crash replacement policy, the vulcanized rubber material can take multiple shocks but in case of a large impact, it can degrade as it absorbs energy, simply take it back to your dealer and they will check its condition and replace if necessary. Evoc says that just like helmets, a back protector is there to save vital parts of your body, and should always be replaced if there is any question it is not 100% ready to take on the next crash.

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One of the most interesting facts I learned from Evoc is that there a CE certification for standalone back protectors, and a separate test for protector backpacks. Most brands take a back protector (including Evoc's other packs) and put it in a pack, the only bags we know of on the market that have the protector backpack certification are this Neo and some packs from Deuter, and Orthovox for snow sports. Evoc says this test is basically a pain in the ass, costs a fortune and takes 18months to complete, so simply putting a protector inside a bag is much easier. The Neo Airshield gained the CE Level 2 standard, which is higher than level 1.

The rest of the pack takes nearly every other feature found across their range, and combines them in to one package: Airo Flex hip belt and padded hip pockets, adjustable waist belt height +/-5cm, fleeced eyewear pouch, compartmented tool pocket with two waterproof sections, water bladder compatibility, a pull-out rain cover, antibacterial Polygiene coated shoulder and waist straps, helmet and pads carriers and S/M and L/XL sizes.

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  • + 63
 And when you aren't using it as a back protector you can use it as a door mat. Handy.
  • + 9
 I was more thinking a car mat but that will work too.
  • + 6
 I like riding with a door mat on my back.
  • + 2
 Looks like the non-slip floor mats they use in kitchens.
  • + 18
 This backpack from Evoc looks amazing, @paulaston do you know if they are planning to make a lighter and smaller version? I would love to buy a 12lt or 10lt version as 16lt is way too big for my normal ride.
  • + 1
 Seems to make much sense to me to get the protector close to the back. What I often miss that it goes down to coccyx. I think that's very important.
  • + 1
 @hostforaxenomorph: Yeah, the back looks nicely ventilated however those shoulder straps look way too hot.
  • + 5
 still got an original that must be 10 years old. great pack nearly still going!!
  • + 1
 "Most brands take a back protector (including Evoc's other packs) and put it in a pack, the only bags we know of on the market that have the protector backpack certification are this Neo and some packs from Deuter, and Orthovox for snow sports."

So other evoc fr packs like fr trail team do not have backpack protector certification? Yet it says CE Protector on the pack itself and on protector????
  • + 4
 The back protector itself was certified, not the entire pack.
  • + 2
 "The protector ist most flexible and fits to the contour of your body" - I agree as long the back bag is empty. With a bladder or normal load the bb Looks and feels like a carriing a Basketball on your back.
  • - 3
 But if you have a bladder or anything else (maybe short of your knife collection) in the backpack, you won't need the protector anyway, a folded jacket in the backpack will do the same.
  • + 3
 @FuzzyL: A guy in Australia once broke his back landing on his shock pump through his backpack, even with a bladder. We always make a point to carry hard objects away from the spine now.
  • + 2
 @extremekid: A German bike magazine tested protector backpacks against a normal backpack with the stuff they usually carry on a ride and got identical results for the energy absorbed by it.
  • + 1
 And it looks a bit too thick to me so the stuff is far away from your body. To counter it you probably have to tighten everything down which is usually uncomfortable. I like the bigger belt pockets so a modern phone can fit in.
  • + 3
 Seems like a great idea cause there is more space to fit a bladder into the backpack. Would be even better if it could be used on older Evoc backpacks too.
  • + 1
 Interms of spinal cord injuries i.e hyper extension how will this pack protect against such an incident?

Most falls aren't 'back first' but spat off sideways, forwards with your frontal area facing the impact?
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 beautiful stuff is made by evoc and every increase in safety is wellcome but, bloody hell, i would like to find a company that really test the stuff she produces and follow the advices of those who tested it. it may seems obvious but it is not. i am not talking abt testing in laboratory, but a daily use test. forget abt tests done by the press or sponsored athletes. i mean, give the bloody back pack to a bunch of real users. it would be immidiately evident that most of the pockets are unuseful since the opening side is wrong! it should be lateral. not top or bottom!
  • + 2
 They had me at "Xelion Nanotec Elastomer." But really, this looks like another kick-a** Evoc product. Want.
  • + 1
 im digging the fact that they will warranty the pad forever. nice to see that. sick of these one off consumable breaking force pads that need to be tossed after every impact.
  • + 4
 That looks expensive
  • + 2
 Finally i wont slip and fall in the bathtub
  • + 1
 Looks like a great solution. I love my Osprey Raptor but it jumps around on my back a bit.
  • + 1
 and this is just one of the things that could be improved to get a truly shredding backpack
  • + 1
 Ahhhhhh rescue pack, coming to the rescue, el rescate! Sorry, I was just thinking about Go Diego Go.
  • + 1
 That protector looks like an Audi floor mat .. :O
  • + 2
 Release date?
  • + 2
 Or a waffle maker
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