Trickstuff Aims To Retake 'Most Powerful' Crown With New Maxima Brakes - Eurobike 2018

Jul 8, 2018
by Paul Aston  

Trickstuff were frustrated that their mighty Direttissima brake wasn't regarded as the most powerful in the industry, despite winning multiple major tests. They wanted to put the argument to bed, and created the Maxima. Using the same Direttissima lever, with an upgraded clamp and modified lever pivot position, the Maxima caliper is connected via a Goodridge braided hose.

They claim that in their tests, using their own Power Pads and rotors for each brake for a fair test, the Maxima was 23% - 46% more powerful than every other brake on the market. If you want to go really crazy, you could opt for their €99 223mm oversized rotors.

It carries on many of the features from the older Direttissima version, including four cartridge bearings in each lever and electrochemically polished pistons. Claimed weight is 290grams for a lever, caliper and 80cm Goodridge steel braided hose. Obviously this is not a price point option for the masses and is aimed at race pilots only, Mick Hannah should have been riding at Val di Sole World Cup this weekend but unfortunately dropped out with an injury.

Price? Well, the Direttissma was around €400 per brake, Trickstuff say they were actually under-pricing this and the Maxima is going to cost even more when it goes into a limited production run.

The Piccola, which Trickstuff also claim to be the lightest brake in the world, has gone even lighter with a carbon lever that shaves another 11grams of the pair of brakes.


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 Cheaper to bring a stick to wedge in the spokes.
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 Why do people feel the need to go my "insert product ive bought and am thus protective over" can do everything I need thus this product is pointless. Its a rediculous statement.

If your running 30 min + Alpine runs where your front end is getting battered and your pulling on the brakes hundreds of times then every little bit of power is usefull. Just becuse its not needed for your riding doesnt mean that its not a worthwhile product for some people.

Its great to see a small company taking on the established companies with spome high end parts. That drives innovation across the spectrum. The more choice we have the better and small companies like this should be encouraged in order to keep the big playerswho make the stuff most of us ride, on their game.
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 I can only hope the people doing this are joking. It'd be depressing to treat pinkbike comments as a cross-section of how sound mtn biker logic is and how open minded mtn bikers are.
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 @kuwasabi: YOU are joking here, right? You suggest that mountain bikers are shallow and snarky. Say it ain't so!

(Yes, I am shallow and snarky.)
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 I am on the waiting list for the Direttissima brake simple because of the mega avalanche. Last year I crashed 12h before the qualifications. I did manage to hit the gnarly razer sharp granite with 40kph. I was lucky I only got bruises and smacked thumb and pointer. I wasn't able to pull my rear mt7 for longer then 15 minutes. I hope I can ride further with the most powerful brakes.
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 @Serpentras: Looks like you need to improve the power of your hands,not brakes.
I've raced the Mega many times with not-so powerful brakes without problems.
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 @nozes: I know and that's not the only thing I need to improve. But I hit the ground. With my thumb I could shift only for 5 minutes. Couldn't even use the dropper post. That's why I ask for powerful brakes.
The Mega is compared to other things easy if you pull the brakes late and hard for the finger's.
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 Looks like reach adjust is built into the clamp bolt on the mount? Maybe just pivot the entire assembly away from the bars to adjust? It looks cool, would be fun to put 223mm rotors on the front of rental DH bikes paired with the "strongest brakes" and watch the carnage
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 Love my Hopes but they don't have the power. Sorry but true
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 Depends on the hopes,v4 is the only one I rate for power.
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 @mikelee: I don't think of my V4s as being really powerful. The stopping ability is there but you have to pull the lever really hard to access it
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 @panaphonic: have you got them centred properly? They’re the only brake I know that REALLY needs the set to be spot on. None of that pull the lever then do the Caliper up like all other brakes. That just doesn’t work with hopes. I’m also using galfa green pads which are the most powerful pads they do. Hopes come with black and red pads stock. The greens are the more powerful. Tbh I just love that the bite point is where it should be every time!
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 @panaphonic: that is fully correct. Ive put them on my Dh bike and they feel like half the braking power of Saint. I genuinely hate them.
Also the amount of pressure required to activate them is crazy.
No brake is perfect they've all got their pros n cons.
Hope fanboys will always claim theres to be best though.
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 @mikelee: yeah centred as good as I can.
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 @panaphonic: then maybe they just lack the power you need. Are you heavy? I’m 86kg so not too heavy or light I guess. I’ve had every make of brake from saint to codes and find the hope maybe lack the initial power but there’s not much in it for me,however the consistent bite point and ease of service makes up for it imo. I loved my saints but that weird lever issue started getting dangerous and the codes just leaked from various seals over a few years and I got tired of rebuilding Calipers and master cylinders!
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 @mikelee: I'm 93kg and gave up on hope brakes due to lack of power as well.
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 @mikelee: 95kg and admittedly hard on brakes.
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 I've been enjoying a Shigura set up lately with $4 AliExpress pads and it is really quite good. M6000 levers with MT5 calipers. I'm planning on using some Trickstuff Power Pads for trips away too.
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 @panaphonic: shigura, is that a thing? I didn't know that was possible, but I guess they both use mineral oil...
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 @YouHadMeAtDrugs: it's big in Germany. You get the big pistons and HD calipers from magura and the grunt/ergonomics from Shimano levers. The power is above Saint levels and finger effort is low.
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 @panaphonic: I like the idea but you know at some point that shimano master cylinder will have a wandering bite point!! Just can’t be assed with shimano until they redesign their master cylinder.
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 @panaphonic: 95kg is pretty heavy. It also depends on how you brake and how fast a rider you are. I tend to barely use the brakes but when I do it’s hard a fast,then straight off again. I don’t drag brakes either so I can use soft pads with instant bite power.
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 Hope V4s are awesome, but if in Australia just don't expect to be able to get hold of the brass washers that hold the cable ends to the calliper.... What a freaking mission getting a couple of washers.
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 @mikelee: I had this issue when running a saint/mt5 setup with a majorly wandering bite point. Now I'm using the Deore M6000 levers and so far they have been good but more riding will be required before a judgement can be made. All of the reviews I've read said that's the Deore brakes were perfectly reliable in this aspect.

My braking style sounds a lot like yours and the only time that I drag the brakes is when following a slower rider. Hopes are my number 2 choice and once it drys out here I'm going to put the V4s on again for testing on our longest, steepest local descents to see how they behave when they become really hot.
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 @panaphonic: I agree the hopes are not as powerful as the dh brakes from shimano and sram but for me it’s close enough and I like the consistency after a year of the wondering bite point. I prefer the shimano lever too. I’m sure they’ll sort it at some point with a new master cylinder design.
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 @panaphonic: no kidding. my wifes Rocking a similar setup (MT7/XT M8000) on truckerco pads, and she is only 120 pounds. They are f*ing boat anchors. They are stronger than my MT5/Saint setup.
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 they wander, IME, when you are repeatedly hitting the brakes in rapid succession. IE, in the parking lot, messing around. Not real riding conditions.
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 @mikelee: I've heard that the new 4 pot XTs and XTRs have solved the issue and are great performers.
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 @panaphonic: as it’s the master cylinder that’s the issue I’d doubt the new brakes will solve it as they’re still using the old levers! You never know though. But give it time and I’m sure it’ll rear it’s head again.
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 @ljfran2383: no the bite point shifts under heavy braking at speed. Once you release the lever all returns back to where it should be. For some reason the oil can’t expand into the reservoir under braking so the lever moves out. Once released the oil can move to the reservoir and the lever returns. Once this starts happening you’ll also notice your brake fluid had black degrading seal in it. Change the lever for a new one,all is good again for a few months then the cycle starts again. Tbf shimano replaced 3 sets of saints and 2 pairs of xt8000 no questions asked. I just had enough of waiting between exchanges. Hope v4 now and very happy.
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 V4 have soooo much modulation, it's a beautiful thing. If you really want power, pull the lever harder!
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 @thesharkman: I agree with that. Very happy with them. Oh and they’re orange too so look amazing.
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 @mikelee: read enduro mountainbike magazine they tested loads of brakes. Even shimano xt iš better than hope v4 :-D
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 @Giedrius: V4 do have excellent modulation and thats why i love them. As they say in the Orthopedic world, sometimes you just need a bigger hammer. Thats where the Saints come in.
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 @Giedrius: I have xt m8000 also and can guarantee they have no where near the power! Xt are decent but the hopes are better in every way.
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 $400 a brake?...."real tomato ketchup Eddie?...nothing but the best for you Clark!.
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 "You think you hate it now, wait till you drive it."
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 When formula released The One brake they were $350 a piece and that was 9 years ago
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 Even the Piccola model is a more than sufficiently powerful brake for my needs (62kg, AM/Enduro). Extremely happy with its performance, especially considering its super low weight. Great modulation as well. Well done, Trickstuff!
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 how is that even a comment on their performance. a stiff breeze would bring you to a grinding halt
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 .....but when are we going to see MAGNUM?!
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 Cornelius Kapfinger is my hero
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 So I'm running the direttissimas for almost 2 years now and the biggest issue they've adressed in this remodeling is the handlebar clamp.

In the regular/normal direttissimas the clamp really isn't that durable and weakens almost immediately even on small crashes and impacts. It's that much of an issue that I almost need as much handlebar clamps as braking pads for this beauty.
The new solution looks way more durable to me..

Besides this issue it really is the best brake (much) money can buy.

Btw its funny how this article is about trickstuff and everyone looses his shit about his hopes and maguras..
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 I can lock up front or back wheels with a single finger on Hopes, why do I need any more power?
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 I can do the same with just my finger. Only 9 more times though.
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 @Zanebodd: underrated comment that
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flag tworldsmine (Jul 8, 2018 at 11:12) (Below Threshold)
 @Zanebodd: Actually 7 only, unless you brake with your thumbs... #justsaying
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 @tworldsmine: I heard the Thumb Break acts like 2 fingers.. so in all attempts 12 times you may slow down in one ride~
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 Maybe your not a heavy reader in a steep trail that run faster than you in a high level race
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 "I ride 1x9 ez gg eagle is waste of money for old unfit people"
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 That much cash per brake and slapped on with Shimano fasteners?

At least Ti. me bro. 2/10, would not bang. Big Grin
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 Hope tech v2. All power, all the time. Years ago, have owned numerous others and nothing compares. I want to try the newer tech 3 lever with the v2 caliper, I'm 95kg and they pull me no issue. V4 and E4 haven't really amazed me..
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 So without an sort of cam-action,

Incredibly high braking power = incredibly high leverage ratio = almost no pad-rotor clearance = constant brake rubbing

Or am I missing something?
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 Can someone point me to the tests showing braking power? I am a heavy rider that needs very powerful brakes, using Magura MT7s at mo and they are way overated.
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 I'm around 18.5 stone in riding kit with a fully loaded pack on, shimano saints, 203mm rotors both ends and uberbike race matrix pads does the job for me pretty damn well, though I am anticipating an updated Saint line sometime soon with the 4 pot xt being supposedly as powerful.
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 @vinay: Thanks for the link, interesting article!
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 Hey @yeti-monster you should just try going up a rotor size if at all possible, Hope make a 225mm. If you find the MT7 lacking in peak force then you aren't going to get much more with the Trickstuff. Unfortunately those Enduro-MTB tests are quite flawed (particularly because they don't normalize properly - eg. all brakes use different pads). The Trickstuff does develop slightly higher peak force than the MT7 (in my calculations) but not that much, the true advantages are in higher build quality, shorter throw, and much lighter weight. However if you just want to stop (a lot) harder, you really just need bigger rotors.
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 Maybe better to focus on delivery time and quality control instead of show everyone who has the strongest brake.
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 Breaking news
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 Just stop.... Smile
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 Pun destroyed by bad spelling.
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 So now waiting time is probably extended from 6 to 9 month
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 For power I need nothing more than my Hope Tech3 EV4's. plus I can buy a full set of brakes for the price of only 1 of the Maxima
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 That said, these look bad ass. Maybe the best lightweight motorcycle brake?
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 Buddy: Check out my stoppies!

Me: Oh yeah?
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 Best part of being 145 pounds, Guides with big rotors stop me just fine
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 I have saints!!!
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 Quite interesting but very much pointless by any other way. Why go into unknown when we have Saint/Zee?
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