Eurobike Announces Return in September 2021

Dec 7, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Brake Force One

Eurobike has announced it will return on 1-4 September in 2021 after the 2020 edition had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Europe's largest trade show was originally scheduled to run at its usual date in September for 2020 but was pushed back to the latest possible date on November 24-26. Later, rising case numbers, returning lockdowns and companies announcing stricter internal travel policies forced them to cancel the show outright for 2020.

For the show's 29th edition in 20201, he first two days (Wednesday/ Thursday) will be open to international trade visitors only, day three, (Friday) is a mixed day for trade visitors and end consumers, while the final day (Saturday) is a public open day with festival events, demonstrations, races and test rides.

bigquotesCovid-19 has turned the international bike industry and its events upside down this year. Despite the current imponderables and differing requirements from industry players regarding format, timing and target group, we are delighted to announce our plans for next year that include an even wider range of participation options. With our new Eurobike 2021 concept, we are making it possible to plan ahead with certainty and creating target group-specific, secure meeting points for an international audience.Klaus Wellmann, CEO Messe Friedrichshafen

More info, here.


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 Eurobike consults Magic 8-Ball, September 2021 came up "Signs point to yes" 3 out of 10 times, while "Cannot Predict Now" only came up once. It's on!
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 Stop...they have been doing that for years to determine if they should have Eurobike. This year is no special besides adding tarot cards to the decision.
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 Finally! I've missed out on 2 years of spandex fashion updates!
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 "For the show's 29th edition in 20201, he first two days (Wednesday/ Thursday) will be open to international trade visitors only, day three, (Friday) is a mixed day for trade visitors and end consumers, while the final day (Saturday) is a public open day with festival events, demonstrations, races and test rides."

Ya might wanna proof that third paragraph as well.
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 Hopefully Covid will be a thing of the past by then.
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 This is pinkbike...there is no proofreading before putting an article out.
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 29th edition in 20201
Long wait due to covid?
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 What are those BrakeForceOne brakes?
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 a stupidly expensive design relying on water as brake fluid
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 @Sethimus: Must be fun to ride them in winter
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 @Sethimus: I feel like the only single benefit would be the clean up when I inevitably spill fluid all over the floor when I bleed my brakes.
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 @Benjou: The best brake between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn (Avoid Kilimanjaro and Iztaccihuatl)!
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 Those are what we’ll all be running in the year 20201
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 @Benjou: Atleast you dont have to run a water bottle anymore...
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 @Benjou: "Hey, we're riding uphill why are you dragging your brakes?"

"Oh, I have to drag them just a bit so they stay warm and don't freeze"
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 @Benjou: the brake fluid is not pur water, but a mix of water and alcohol.
User manual says to use water with 20% or 40% Glysantin® G40 --> freezing point is -10°C or -25°C.

user manuel (p29):

Glysantin G40 data sheet (p3)
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 @Frok: So apple juice with wodka would probably work as well
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I only use Figi water in my disc brakes. Tap water is for losers. LOL
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You mean I can use White Claw or Zima?
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 @vjunior21: Bubbly drinks for "better modulation".
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 @likehell: Gin and juice!
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 @vjunior21: In fact that's the best use for WC and Zima.
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 @Benjou: they add some anti freezing stuff in there... In case you like the softest lever feel, where power is coming not from force rather from how far you pull, than this brake is made for you. But they are hopefully not selling this shit any more...
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 @Sethimus: I wonder if I can bleed them with blood...
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 @seraph: only at midnight under a full moon
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 Its an annoucment silly!
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 They are going to fix it and then have the last laugh as nobody will get it...*shakes fist
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 Sweet eBike updates
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 it will pretty much be all e-bikes anyway tho right? nonstory.
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 Yay Eurobike!
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 Unfortunately I fear this is wishful thinking on their part.
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 100% will not happen.
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 Are you planing on eating an infected bat?
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 If not, shall we just concede that life wont ever return to normal?

With a vaccine rollout imminent, 20 min testing, maybe some form of mitigating measures in place like limited numbers, masks etc why on earth cant it go ahead?

Are we due to live in a world where the risk of a single covid-19 case stops all normal activity, sod the other things that kill people?
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 I believe that vaccines won't be adequately distributed to make it "safe" to attend.

The primary reason I believe will be the big money exhibitors will realise they get less value from investment compared to other marketing channels. Especially when demand is at an all time high.

There are also going to be continuing supply chain issues well into 2022.

Of course I would like to be wrong, but I expect most exhibitions to not go ahead until 2022. I usually attend about six conferences and exhibitions each year. None this year and we aren't even bothering tentatively scheduling anything for next year.
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 We need waki back!!
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 Is this going to be the new norm? someone at the bottom of each article saying something about WAKI? Smile
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 Did he retire or something?
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 @extratalldirtrider: I have heard two things:

1): PinkBike kicked him out for being well... WAKI.

2): He left before he could get kicked out. Like that president that resigned because of a scandal before I was born.

Ask @Sewer-rat
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 He still lurks and posts his points of view in his instagram stories.
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 @rosemarywheel: oh wow, that’s crazy.
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 @extratalldirtrider: he went of his own accord, he got called out on some past comments made years ago during the BLM announcement, a witch hunt ensued and unfortunately he deleted his account. Funny thing is those that were making the remarks were as / if not more abusive than his toungue in cheek comments

Second comment down in first thread
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 @sewer-rat: I see. Thanks!

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